Costa Rican Food: What to Eat in Costa Rica:

Costa Rican Food: What to Eat in Costa Rica:

What to eat in Costa Rica, heading to Costa Rica and not sure what to expect to eat and drink? Well here we cover more than just rice and beans (which you will have a lot of in Costa Rica). We talk about Costa Rican snacks, breakfasts, and a whole lot more.
The food of Costa Rica
Filmed in Costa Rica
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  1. A small detail for the "casado" typical plate, it has a couple origin stories about why it’s named that. The first theory states that men would ask the women who typically cook at the sodas for more food and to treat them as "married men" or "casados" in the sense of a home cooked meal like their wives would make (mostly portion size). Another story says that the food is "married" to each other as it’s all served together on one plate. Another theory states that a "casado" is the first meal as a married couple has, which has many small dishes to complement the rice and this way the wife will find out on the first day what her husband likes to eat.

    Something fun to think about a typical and traditional Costa Rican lunch dish’s name.

  2. I’ve been watching you for four 4 1/2 years and your suggestions are always so great. I can’t wait to travel again.

  3. I recommend to try hanfcrafted beers called "artesanales". Much better than Imperial. There’s always wide variety.

  4. As someone from Costa Rica, adding French fries to the gallo pinto, just seems wrong idk, but there are other crazy combinations and to each their own, as long as you like it.
    Also yes lizano is the best.

  5. Costa Rican living in the US here! 👋 I really miss our food! Thanks for sharing this wonderful video, you only missed "picadillos"!

  6. Pops. Mango. Mmmm. Ceviche…sigh.

    It’s likely to be a while, so I consoled myself by ordering a bottle of Salsa Lizano from a well-known online retailer. 🙂

  7. Found myself chuckling through this… Lizano sauce- Literally on everything… BEST fruit- dare I say even superior to Hawaii? and interestingly I NEVER drank coffee until I went to CR! Now I am several nearly black cups a day! ( I like to order from Cafe Milagro). Appreciate this while we are locked back down in CA!

  8. You made me so hungry and thirsty watching this. I’ve traveled to Thailand many times but living in Florida I should have traveled here and not have to travel 28 hrs. To get to Thailand. I think its a 3 hr flight to Costa rica from here. Nice video’s!

  9. I love his videos… But there’s a mistake about our dish known like "casado" and "married" aren’t same. So "casado" is just name of dish but some restaurants write "married" typical food just have a name and it’s "casado" that’s it. Dish couldn’t be known like "married" there isn’t translate😊

  10. Everyone should try the tres leches cake! Also, beer drinkers should have one of the many beers. My favorite was Imperial. Now that I think of it, I think I’ll pick up some at my local liquor store. I hope it’s authentic and not "brewed for export" as so many beers are.

  11. There’s a lot of overlap between food in Costa Rica and food where we are currently living in Nicaragua. My husband is addicted to refrescos!

  12. Great video! We’re headed to Costa Rica tomorrow. What did you end up using the most to pay for stuff? The local Colones or USD?

  13. We are a costarican family used to many years of explaining tipico food to travelers, at home or at a soadita with an open menu. Our guests love it. You did a good job in this video.

  14. Pura vida mi amigo great review I prefer gallo pinto with red beans hahhahaa . Also in Costa Rica we are bless with fresh vegetable every months or day

  15. I was just in Costa Rica and had almost all of this. Had gallo pinto every morning, ceviche, Casado 😋, chifrijo and arroz con camarones. I wish they had more Costa Rican food in the states!

  16. Don’t sleep under the tree you are standing in front of. You may not ever wake up. A big tourist scare is of getting scopolamined in south america, that’s the tree it comes from.

  17. *_confusing idioms_* – At 5:20 Mark meant to say "white whale" not "white elephant." _White elephant_ is essentially useless and unwanted but _white whale_ is the ultimate goal or an obsession in this case referring to CR’s fantastic seafood.
    *_Chan_* – "kinda like drinking brains or snot" 😂 I almost spit my beer! I’ve had lots of chia seed drinks but not chan. Definitely will keep an eye out.
    I haven’t had tons of CR cuisine but this seemed really comprehensive. Well done. 👍

  18. Had 6 days in CR last Oct 2019 and made sure 3 of those 6 days had Imperial in it. Made sure to get my last Imperial at the airport when returning to Belize, my home.

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