Dental Implants in Costa Rica – Testimonial

Dental Implants in Costa Rica – Testimonial

Ellis Berg, a retired employee of the Public Works Department in Stockton, California, speaks about his experience of getting dental implants (teeth implant) in Costa Rica. He also had other dental treatments done such as dental bridges and dental crowns. Implant-supported denture.
Ellis Berg accompanied his wife and daughter on their medical trip to Costa Rica for their gastric sleeve surgery. While there, he decided to check out the dental clinic. Impressed by the level of cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica, Ellis chose to have his dental bridges, dental crowns, and dental implants in Costa Rica at a much lesser price than that in the US.
Over the years, Ellis teeth had been deteriorating. He had gaps in his teeth, a dental bridge that was almost gone, forcing him to chew only with one side of his mouth.
He would be embarrassed about his teeth when he smiled. And he took twice as long as everybody else took to eat.
Ellis had a tooth with a dental cap that had broken off at the gum line. Ellis had asked his US dentist if it was possible to do a root canal, place an implant, and then cap it with a dental crown. But the US dentist told him the only option was to pull the tooth. When in Costa Rica, Ellis was delighted that the dental surgeon over there said that the chipped tooth could be fixed with a dental implant.

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  1. I had a very bad Experience with DentaVac in Costa rica, themade a very Disgusting Dentist work on me , after the treadment I tryed to contact and talk to the Doctors but nobody answered my question, I feel betrayed for my money . I can not recommend this Clinic to anyone !

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