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  2. Nice follow up video Matthew. I appreciate you taking the time to document your experience. I’m in the UK and I can’t afford private dentistry which is not a problem. However, I’ve had some roots extracted for teeth that were previously crowned and later this year (probably much later now than planned!), I will be fitted with a partial denture for the missing teeth. At the moment I’m at the stage where my gums and teeth need to heal and settle and it’s best to wait 6 months if I can. I mention all this because videos about experiences with this kind of NHS dentistry are few and far between. There’s plenty of videos by people who have private treatment, but not NHS treatment. When I had the first root extraction, I was expecting to have a denture for a single tooth. I didn’t know I would end up with 5 roots being extracted and planning a partial denture. Listening to what you said about starting your YouTube channel, I might have done something similar if I’d have known how things would turn out.

  3. Hi I need a lot of work done on my teeth do you have a website or anything for the dentist you used ? Also about how many days does all the work take ?

  4. Another thought provoking post my friend.👍🏻
    Mine got messed up many years ago as a youngest I went in for tonsils and when they jacked open my mouth it busted two teeth one went into my lung
    Now I can’t afford to have them done but I agree it does make you very self aware and shy about smiling so I tend not to and after going to the states and being ridiculed for ( bad British teeth) I would be reluctant to ever go back even if I had the money to do so .
    Funny how a cosmetic look can impact your whole life.

  5. People with gaps or wonky teeth have gorgeous smiles, it’s the people with unwashed yellow teeth that i find offensive, obviously if you can’t afford to have them fixed, it can’t be helped, but rich people with yellow rancid teeth, i just can’t be dealing with,
    i would rather have white Stonehenge teeth , then to have good teeth that look like they have been dipped in luzozade, just my preference.

  6. Dental work isn’t expensive in the UK unless you want cosmetic work that isn’t necessary for your dental health.

    That said, everyone under 18 has free dental treatment – that covers things like braces to straighten teeth. As well as the unemployed, people over 65, those on low incomes, pregnant women etc… You don’t get an inferior service from an NHS dentist – they all have private patients as well. I

    This video won’t be popular with Brits, because we don’t judge people on wonky teeth – as long as they are healthy and clean, we don’t really care.

    The whole ‘false ‘ incredibly straight white teeth thing is seen as an American vanity thing.

    What’s wrong with a gap between your front teeth, that would make you so self conscious? I guarantee that if you had grown up in the UK, you wouldn’t have even thought about it.

  7. Hey Matthew. I’ve watched your dental video a couple times in the past. I was always impressed how you filmed and edited that video and how you got the balance just right with being informative plus showing what your experience was like. It’s like your new teeth opened up your personality and they just look so natural and suit you when you talk and grin. Thanks for the update Matt take care mate.

  8. Hi, Matthew, very interesting, I never knew people travelled for dentistry , but saving that amount of money I can understand why it’s done. Looking forward to your next video soon.

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