1. You know if a retired, educated white gentleman in Florida is saying dental work is too high in the states, it is a real problem.

  2. Someone please email me if you’ve done this. I’m researching a well renowned dentist to go to. Too many scams, need first handers, thanks.

  3. It’s funny how salty the Tampa dentist is, but can’t come up with a good reason why he’s superior to Costa Rican dentists.

  4. Every doctor that does procedure will have a mess up every now and then, U.S dental prices are outrageous and they are way to quick on wanting to do root canals. I have had 3 over my lifetime and all 3 have come back to haunt me 20 or 30 years later because they didn’t get the whole root. Probably don’t need to be hating on dentist in other countries.

  5. Dr. Obando is amazing! I still have my implants from almost a year ago. Haven’t had any problems since. Beautiful country too. Alot of the people are smart as well. LMAO, the dentist hatin’ on Costa Rican dentist is funny. Up your skill man! One thing about implants is your have to keep them clean atleast 2 to 3 times a day and flossing too. Either water or string.

  6. Some professions today are way expensive because of the massive college costs. I know Veterinarians who say that. Imagine the savings for such pros IF college was less expensive.

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