DISADVANTAGES OF LIVING in Costa Rica 2020 – Living in Costa Rica Pros and Cons

Living in Costa Rica Pros and Cons

DISADVANTAGES OF LIVING in Costa Rica 2020 – Living in Costa Rica Pros and Cons

DISADVANTAGES OF LIVING in Costa Rica 2020 – Living in Costa Rica Pros and Cons

DISADVANTAGES OF LIVING in Costa Rica 2020 – Living in Costa; Living in Costa Rica certainly has its advantages, but there are also a few disadvantages that one should consider. One of the major drawbacks is the high cost of living, especially in popular tourist destinations like San Jose and the coastal areas. Housing, utilities, and groceries can be quite expensive, making it difficult for some individuals to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. Another disadvantage is the limited job opportunities for expats, as the job market is highly competitive and most positions are reserved for Costa Rican citizens. Additionally, while Costa Rica is known for its natural beauty, the country also faces environmental challenges such as deforestation and pollution, which can affect the overall quality of life. Finally, the healthcare system, although highly regarded, may not meet the same standards as in some developed countries, and accessing quality healthcare can sometimes be a challenge. Overall, while Costa Rica offers many advantages, it is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding to make it your home.

It is important to know the DISADVANTAGES OF LIVING in Costa Rica 2020. Regardless of where you live, you will discover Pros and Cons.

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Life in Costa Rica is like living in Paradise, however, just like any place in the world, there is always something you wouldn’t like. BUT…in my opinion, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Life in Costa Rica is often described as living in paradise, with its breathtaking landscapes, pristine beaches, and a vibrant culture. However, like any place in the world, there are always aspects that might not be to everyone’s liking. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the advantages of living in Costa Rica far outweigh the disadvantages. The country’s emphasis on environmental sustainability, friendly and welcoming locals, and its commitment to preserving its natural wonders make it a truly remarkable place to call home. Despite the occasional challenges, the sheer beauty and positive aspects of Costa Rican life make it an unparalleled experience.

DISADVANTAGES OF LIVING in Costa Rica 2020 - Living in Costa

Depending on your personality…some things will drive you crazy while that same thing is no big deal for others.

Depending on your personality, certain things can either drive you crazy or be of no significant concern to others. Each person possesses unique traits and preferences that shape their reactions towards different situations, circumstances, or behaviors. For instance, a highly organized individual might become incredibly frustrated when faced with a disorganized environment, whereas someone more laid-back might not be bothered by the same disorder. Similarly, an introverted person may find large social gatherings overwhelming and mentally exhausting, while extroverts thrive in such settings. Understanding these individual differences is crucial for promoting empathy and respect towards others, as what may seem trivial to one person can be a major source of irritation for someone else.

Learning the pros and cons of Costa Rica, or any place for that matter, is a wise thing to do.

By understanding both the positive and negative aspects of a destination, one can make informed decisions before embarking on a journey. In the case of Costa Rica, knowing its pros, such as its stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and welcoming locals, can help travelers appreciate the country’s unique offerings. On the other hand, being aware of the cons, such as the high cost of living, occasional language barriers, or limited healthcare facilities in remote areas, can help individuals plan and prepare accordingly. Ultimately, understanding the pros and cons of a place allows for a more balanced perspective and enables travelers to make the most out of their experiences while minimizing potential challenges.

We’ll discuss at least 10 of what we think are the greatest disadvantages of living in Costa Rica.

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We’ve been living in Costa Rica since Nov 2013 and we’ve traveled and visited most of Costa Rica.
We’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly.

With all that we’ve experienced, we still choose to live in Costa Rica instead of any other place on earth.

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
Allen Rich

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  1. A Gringo is from the USA accoriding to the Ticos in our village, they tell us Canadians about cheap USA gringos.

  2. Cost of imports: This may be a moot point since your video was uploaded in 2020 and you may have figured this out already, buy I learned that people go to Golfito, in the border with Panama. Allegedly prices there are MUCH better. I’m not in CR yet, so I can’t say anything about it other than what I just told you. And, from what I understand, people there are used to working with Ticos, and have delivery services after you purchase. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for sharing your impressions guys! Funny about pura vida :). Re internet – that’s a huge drawback for someone who does 1on1 counselling / therapy / coaching online as well.
    Q: how different Spanish there is from other spanish-speaking countries?

  4. sounds like a place to visit but not ideal to live with all the crime , hi import tax bs, and everything being so expensive if you wanna live nice.

  5. I lived in Costa Rica for college (while studying abroad) at Finaca La Suerte. Now that Im getting older, the consideration of retiring there has crossed my mind. Just wanted to see the changes since I was there in 1999.

  6. Manana = later…whenever. Whenever I think of CR, working (esp on a computer) doesn’t come to mind so may be doable. Thanks for excellent info.

  7. RECEIVED my residency a year to the day from arrival. 10 years ago. Just hired the right people and Never made a border run

  8. Living in Germany is not safe anymore. The rate of crime is so increasing and high. It is unbelievable. I do not feel safe anymore. Visited CR 6 times and always felt safe. Hopefully, one day, I could leave Germany and move to CR

  9. Hey, nice video tour! Never have been to Costa Rica, planning to move there for a couple of months… any recommendations/ information around Uvita? Or maybe some sites to visit to get more info?

  10. Very disagreed with “gringo” price versus Tico price! I’m Costa Rican but can’t stand this bad practice. I’ve always send my husband or his parents to ask for a price, then of course I got my price, usually half of the price. Most disadvantage of Costa Rica can be blame in the governments who can only favor the rich and steal in the most shameless way! No one have been govern for the best if the country. Third world mentality of getting rich by sacrificing the poor. Also, the obsolete laws which can applied to many of the crimes. I general great information guys, thank you and Pura Vida! Sending you love, good vibes and blessing 💙🦋✌️😃

  11. Opportunistic crime is prevalent in CR and other places (including many places in the US). I actually had my flip flops and towel and wax stolen twice while surfing in CR. Weird.


  13. I live in southern california suburbs (Ventura County), I never worry about locking my doors / windows and often leave things outside. That is a deal breaker for me, I could never go to a place where I have to lock things up or they will get stolen. Very sad…

  14. Dont use DHL, UPS, USPS or the like. Use mailforwarding companies such as CargaTica, AeroPost or Jetbox. I would recommend Cargatica. You will have an address in Miami and have everything shipped there and usually 2-3 days later you will have it in CR and you will not have to pay thouse outrageous admin and storage fees. You will have to pay the import taxes yeah, but just that and well the fee that the mailforwarder charges from Miami to CR

  15. If its such a huge problem with internet this country not gonna work for us. My husband’s job really depends on internet speed etc as he is trading on the market… we were thinking about moving to Costa Rica but can’t deal with this nonsense like pura life or manjana… we had enough of this in Florida been leaving there for 5 years, where also too many Spanish speaking people that just impossible to deal with

  16. The background is exquisite! Just gorgeous. I like your show. I wonder how many people have come down as a result of your show? You’ll probably become celebrities of sorts by the tourists.

  17. Tell me about lack of service! I was once in Panama, where it’s the same thing, and I had to wait in line at a Burger King until the two attendants finished their conversation. I was looking to trying a burger they dont have in the US, and was being released in Panama only.

    I was warned about this so I waited patiently, but only after I remembered. I was fuming at first. I was going to say something, and then I decided instead to run a social experiment by watching them. It got quite amusing after that.

  18. Great points you made! My husband and I are now here in CR and may have to reconsider our plans to relocate here because he is having such a difficult time adjusting to extreme humidity. We were surprised that the humidity factor was not mentioned. Maybe this is not a problem to most people? We spent a few weeksful in Sabalito, where the humidity was over 90% practically every day, our clothes were damp when we put them on, but we had no air conditioning. While in Jaco, the air conditioning seemed to help, but just a little. Any comments? You are so right about the internet! We are in a hotel in Panama at the moment, and have better internet here than since we left states! We have heard that there is consistent, reliable internet pretty much anywhere in the Central Valley, but we do not know this firsthand yet. Will let you know if we find out! Thank you for your time,energy and insightful information!

  19. I’m tico and I’ve always disagreed with the "gringo pricing", the fact that a person is doing better (economically-wise) than someone else doesn’t mean you’re all of sudden entitled to overcharge a ridiculous amount of money, in the end it’ll be up to you guys whether you’d like to give a little extra tip or not. If we as Costa Ricans don’t treat everyone equally that says a lot about our integrity, trustworthiness and "pura vida" mindset.

    Some ticos think that they can get away with it and act like it’s funny but it really isn’t, it damages our reputation as a country and it even feels disrespectful to tourists in general (Europeans,Americans) , we’re doing fine today but what if you guys stopped visiting our economically depressed country due to constant extra charges and gringo pricing, I bet they wouldn’t find it funny anymore would they?

    PD: Excuse my broken English, I haven’t practiced in a while.

  20. *_Make sure to Post your questions below…_* .for the 30 min to an hour after the *_Premiere of the video_* , we are LIVE on our side waiting for your questions so we can answer them immediately. Enjoy this video and share your input, commnet, questions and more.

  21. It’s not dishonest pricing if they offer you a price and you agree to pay it, even if they offer a different price to someone else. Negotiating a price is just basic capitalism. Or maybe you want the government to set prices?

  22. Some commenters on this video want to know WHY you moved to Costa Rica…..Jesus, just look at the view they have there!

  23. Hi . Thank you for your videos. Would you be so kind to recommend me some online careers I could obtain here in the US in order to be able to work in Costa Rica? ( believe it or not I am tica, but my single mom brought me to the 🇺🇲 when I was 14 in 1996. Anyways I’m living in the States, but I still feel limited here as a DACA person. Have not been able to return to my country😭but I really need stability and to think about my retirement. God Bless you and Thank you

  24. the only disadvantages is the gringos want change the culture of costa rica with the fast food and a lot of another things the gringos are destroyng costa rica

  25. So as firearms in general. I am a former and retired Officer and have guns and a carry permit here. Do you know if I can actually have them there? Also, what is the more safer and cheaper housing areas? Say around 1500 to 1800 square feet with 3 bed and 2 baths? Any sites to look at home and property for sale?

  26. Helpful advice, suggest more context. Certainly found much more violent crime in Chicago, New York, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico, than in Costa Rica.


  28. Hello What would be the best place for a family with two children moving to Costa Rica from Canada and not have a very big impact of culture change or I should say Technology wise as well? Thank you for your response.

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