Dr. Aragon, A Med Dir,Clinica Biblica Costa Rica Hospital

Dr. Aragon, A Med Dir,Clinica Biblica Costa Rica Hospital

Interview of Dr. Juan Manuel Aragon Assistant Medical Director from Hospital Clinica Biblica in San Jose, Costa Rica by MedicalTourismCo.Com. The discussion was on hospital quality, staph infection, patient satisfaction, medical benchmarks, quality benchmark, infection control, infection control, American hospital Standards, hospital mortality rates, nurse to patient ratios, patient satisfaction, blood band, lab certification, the advantage of Costa Rica hospitals, clinic & surgery centers. He also elaborates how the hospital prevents illness, disease, virus, bacteria, germs, sickness from within. Tip on choosing or selecting an international hospital or overseas surgery center. Comparison to US medical standards. Malpractice laws in Costarica and more. Clinica Biblica is leading Medical Tourism in the Latin American area. Costa Rica hospitals are a popular destination for foreign tourists as well. Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates health to travel to Clinica Biblica, Costa Rica & other world-class hospitals abroad (India, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore). Costa Rica hospitals are known for inexpensive low-cost Aesthetic( cosmetic & plastic) surgery. Video also addresses concerns of infections from Foreign Medical Tourism hospitals.

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