Drawbacks of Living in Costa Rica – More EXPATS LEAVE than stay?

Drawbacks of Living in Costa Rica – More EXPATS LEAVE than stay?

In this video titled “Drawbacks of Living in Costa Rica – More EXPATS LEAVE than stay?”
Allen from “Living in Costa Rica” will break down WHY more ex-pats leave Costa Rica than stay and why most of them leave within the first 2 years!

If you are aware of the drawbacks of living in Costa Rica and you have plans to move to Costa Rica, build a house in Costa Rica, or buy real estate in Costa Rica…I have good news for you!

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MORE INFO about this VIDEO: Drawbacks of Living in Costa Rica – More EXPATS LEAVE than stay?

I’ve been in Costa Rica since 2013 and I’ve seen “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

I’ve experienced a lot of the drawbacks of living in Costa Rica…just about all the CONS of living in Costa Rica and I’m still here!?!?!?

So, you have to wonder…WHY more expats are leaving than staying and WHAT is different about the Expats that STAY in Costa Rica and HOW they are enjoying their slice of paradise?

I’ll share a lot of my struggles and what I’ve done to overcome them and hopefully give you advice that you can apply in your life!

I’ll tell you the MOST important thing YOU can do…in order to not only SURVIVE but Thrive in Costa Rica.

Thanks for watching this video: Drawbacks of Living in Costa Rica – More EXPATS LEAVE than stay?

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Life in San José, Costa Rica with Anastsia McCulloch

Looking to explore San José? Click here: https://goo.gl/3ecjai
Adam Baker visits San José with our very own local Costa Rica Travel Expert Anastasia McCulloch! She’s been living here for over 8 years & helped over a thousand guests experience #CostaRica!
Follow her adventures at: https://www.facebook.com/AnastasiaCRVacations/

San José is a Costa Rica’s capital and offers plenty of interesting highlights with exciting food, music & shopping scenes. There are plenty of museums rich with art and design to explore, as well numerours local markets.
To learn more about San José see our travel guide: https://goo.gl/3ecjai
To explore San José Hotels click here: https://goo.gl/rs4NPr

Produced, Presented & Cut by Adam Baker
Shot by Carolina Bello

Special Thanks to Anastasia McCulloch

Additional Thanks to Salon Isabel, Estacion Atocha & Cuero, Papel y Tijeras


  1. Thank you for this video! :Could you recommend some nice areas to live in if you don’t have a car? Thank you for any recommendations!:)

  2. San Jose is a bombed out city.One wonders why that tourist revenue isnt put to use beautifying San Jose.Someones skimming off the top….what else is new!

  3. This is one beautiful side of Costa Rica, however, San Jose is much more.

    As Costa Rican, I think that there are other places to consider, as any city, San Jose is a place full of contradictions and paradoxes.

  4. Dear friends,
    We`ll be glad to receive all the tourists after this pandemic times, hope all you stay safe!
    If you need a guide for vocabulary and phrases in Spanish (Tico-Spanish), you can take a look to my book, it will help you 😉
    US link
    United Kingdom link
    Canada link
    Australia link
    Germany link
    Netherlands link
    India link
    France link
    Italy link
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    Japan link

  5. Hi what shutter companies would you recommend to see the amazing things in Costa Rica? Some place near the San Jose Airport would be nice.

  6. If you’re thinking about coming to Costa Rica I strongly advice you to visit our beaches and national parks instead of San José. Sure, it does have important museums and historical places, but overall it is a dissapointing city. It’s dirty, loud, smelly and dangerous if you’re not paying attention.

  7. My home town is underrated, the Gold Museum is an architectural gem, the Parque Morazan area is really nice, la Sabana is cool, the neighborhoods up in the mountains get you great views, Brutalist architecture everywhere, nightlife in La California is great for the youngsters, weather temp is almost ideal. Of course there are crap parts, but it’s a vibrant, exciting city: not monotonous like many cities in the States.

  8. Holaaa
    Gracias Anastasia
    Muy lindo el video
    Haciendo referencia a ciertos comentarios negativos
    Es cierto también tenemos lugares no tan " agradables" donde desgraciadamente se ve mucha pobreza
    Pero en todos los paises del mundo pasa lo mismo hay pobreza robos, gente sin educación
    Y hablo de países grandes y con poder adquisitivo !!
    Pero nosotros CR. Pequeñito .pero es un país q gozamos de tranquilidad,buen clima y sobre todo la gente Tica educada y amable
    A veces el Turista tiene ha tenido mala experiencia con gente aquí, podría asegurar que no es gente de CR es de otros países pobres como el nuestro q vienen huyendo de sus países donde han sido maltrados !!!! De diferentes formas
    En fin me gustó mucho el video de Anastasia y q siga disfrutando de nuestra patria !!!! 🇨🇷

  9. I lived in San Jose, near the Sabana park, for about half a year in 2004-2005. I have many good memories from that town. It changed my life. Probably my favorite place in town was the Mercado Central. I used to eat lunch there fairly frequently.

  10. 0:51 “Good Morning, America…to keep up with what happens in the USA”…wow. No wonder Americans do not know what is going on in their own country.

  11. I want to update my last review of Anastasia and her company. She has now responded to me and has been very giving and cool about actually helping us….Yeah!!!! Now she is spending time to help us and that is great….Good job and it nice to see you have a big heart again thank you for helping us.

  12. Hi. I am planning to move to costa rica I was in mexico but it seems dangerous. My kids are in a Jewish school and I am looking to relocate in San Jose. It seems a beautiful country. I am afraid because I am a single parent of two children 9-7 and we live in a peaceful country tooooo quiet for my mood after 14 years in China. How can you assist me ? Thank you

  13. Loved it! She’s good at her job and living life. I won’t even fault her for one of the strangest ways of jogging I’ve ever seen. The video was stellar. Now, I can’t wait to go to San José!

  14. be careful of gentrification…. it ruined the United States…. we became inundated with Bolshevist communities…..

  15. Nice..fantastic video about great county. I need a franchise online partner around the world. Weekly earning more than 300 USD. Come join my Whatsapp group learn and set a business kingdom on your region. search in you tube about Sct 30 cures all type of sickness. We could help our family, relatives, friends, well wishers. I need ‘ONLY ONE’ business mind and helping poor heart person from Costa Rica. Msg only. Whatsapp +60163902985 Mr.MRB. God bless

  16. Hi dear,
    Can you share where you work? I am planning a relocation to Costa Rica and I would be very happy to work at a job of your kind.
    Many thanks in advance

  17. Good video. Thanks for sharing. I would love to see that soccer stadium. I want to see a volcano. San Juan looks great.

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