Easy home exercises- part 4 – For pain in leg and foot

Easy home exercises- part 4 – For pain in leg and foot

Easy home exercises- part 4 – For pain in leg and foot

Also will help with varicose veins, ankle swelling, blood pressure, etc. And also good for morning walkers, golfers and people who stand a lot at their workplace.

A special series for senior citizens to improve immunity, flexibility and fitness in general.

Note – Everyone will benefit from these exercises.

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  1. Nice information. Thank you. My MIL is 79 and diabetic patient, having same problem, can it be useful for her also?

  2. Helo mam i follow you whole heardly you are a queen 👸 of diet and yoga .
    Please share few workout fot thigs.

  3. Thank you,Thank you ,Thank you…so much….I hv started problem of vericose veins ….my only left calf is paining…visited doc. But, yet not started any medicine….just now i saw your vedio ..after doing that exercises …omg..am feeling relief..no pain…will keep doing this 😀😀😀💞..pliz share more information for this ..pliz 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Beautiful video .. 🥰 Thank u so much .. can u show some exercises to strengthen d heels & calves ? Will highly appreciate.. luv again 😍🌷

  5. Love you loads! Great info about stretching the gastroc and soleus muscles… found extremely useful… thanks a lot and God bless you! 🙂

  6. Best wishes Mam for helping us! Being yourself a celebrity your are rendering us such social service. Please show some breathing exercises for patients of COPD etc

  7. Wow दीदी सुपर , हिट खूप छान समजावून सांगितलय los of love 😘😘😘

  8. ताई खूप छान आणि सहज तेने हे व्यायाम करता येतील कुठेही बाहेर जाण्याची गरज नाही धन्यवाद हे व्यायाम प्रकार दाखवल्या बद्दल

  9. I am Chandrakala aged 66 years, when I stand for 20 ,25 minutes, after that unable to walk I mean feel stiffness and pain at backside of left knee unable to lift while walking. Please suggest particular exercises.

  10. Mam i need a .help can u please suggest me c5 c6 c7 protrusion me mujhe bahut jyada head diginess neck nervers pain aur reeling problem hai

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