Ecuador: What to Know Before You Visit Ecuador

Ecuador: What to Know Before You Visit Ecuador

Hey there fellow travelers! Welcome to Ecuador! Whether you are visiting the Galapagos Islands, the historic city of Cuenca, the Amazon Rainforest, the capital of Quito or adventure tourism in Banos or Mindo here are the most important things to know about visiting Ecuador before you visit. From food to safety to sights and culture. Tourism information on Ecuador.
Filmed in Ecuador
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  1. yea internet hot spots are trash, same with hotel wifi. but if you get wifi service for you house its just as fast as in the usa.

  2. Have a condo in Salinas, anyone want to rent, let me know, just had a renter leave-sometimes weekly, normally we try to do a month or more.

  3. I’m glad that I many people that are already know that our of Ecuador that are already rented there that I am a how long how years and how many times better to have a road trip and it is that at the trouble that the president in United South America that it in Ecuador and including that of our many of you people that if you wanted to travel to Ecuador that you wanted to know something about it always started to look in the website YouTube and including data or you could go to your agency of a travel guide instead of how much data of you want to know of Ecuador it is and specially that afore made many of you that up obituaries and toys that are come to visit to Ecuador and you going to enjoy that something is well I know that many of you like to ride a bicycle like a travel and to the mountains to the Amazon to the beach or even in the suburbs of a neighborhood that are from to the mountains including data over many of you that the beginners that are brought to Britain in Ecuador I just suggesting that I do your homework first before you go in Ecuador and I hope that a data of a you could bring over your your love funds your family is your relative or anyone that I wanted to visit and even that I we have a how to say this a translator that up for me English and Spanish Spanish and English and that you will understand and you will learn something about it it’s like a rubber classical engine ancestors and including the other most.of a beautiful it is that how you going to take a picture and then with your friends your family and loved ones or anyone of you that going to take a picture is for it’s going to be so excited for you and specially there for all of you right now I got to say this. Do your homework first and you will be well fine

    I speak of English to Spanish Spanish in English and but 2022 is going to be back in opening especially that a safety of a follow the guidelines. Album any of well everyone know this that assist the pandemic and it’s like everyone need to know there’s always that I have the safety and Abby caution that at your head make sure that are you going to be safe travel and you can be Drivin travel and even for visitors and tourists that are that to all of you and good luck

  4. I feel sad for anyone who has been to the Galapagos Islands and comes back after Covid to find the famed rock arch gone. RIP

  5. “Pay attention” when crossing the street? That is an understatement. When you go to the crosswalk at the signal light, wait for it to signal for you to walk, look both ways, step out, cars will still drive into you, though they will likely honk at you first, because they don’t respect pedestrians, or bicyclists, or motorcyclists or other cars on the streets here. It’s pretty much a free for all. Especially watch out for the buses, they don’t give AF!

  6. Love your videos so much. I like how you speak really quickly and don’t waste time. Only the facts. You also seem like a super nice and personable dude. Great work. Question for you: Would you say there may be better places for Canadians to go? I’m thinking more about exchange rates. My husband and I have begun researching places to expat, and it feels like most of the more popular places are better for Americans due to US dollar.

  7. the. way. you. express yourself. a bought. ECUADOR. tells. alot. about. you… I. visit. Ecuador. and. people. are. very. friendly. and. is. a. very. safe. place. to. visit

  8. When you said locro de papa and canelazo, I trust all your advice!! From an Ecuadorian this is all very accurate advice!

  9. I am from Ecuador and now live in the US. I wish I can find a reason to go back there. But I find my self bored when I go there. When I want to see mountains I go to VT and I can snowboard there. Beaches here in the US are great as well. Food here in the US it’s so diverse. And visiting churches and mountains there doesn’t call my attention anymore. I did visit the Galapagos islands in the year 2000 while I was in college there. It was great.

  10. Have been there twice..’93/2004
    love white cheese and plantains cooked over bricks..corn on cob..over a fire..and huge bowl of ceviche..tangy and hot..

  11. In addition to not drinking the water, do you do the whole "brush your teeth with bottled water" thing and not eating produce because it’s been washed in the water?

  12. Hi, an Ecuadorian here. I loved this anglophone videos talking about my country. Nice video. Some information I didn’t know.

  13. Im traveling next month how is the weather? Is it hot enuf to be swimming in the beach? How much cash is allowed to bring it in the airport ? Which is the best beach in ecuador thank you so much

  14. I love your videos. Very informative and well presented. You seem to be very well traveled and have done your research. My wife and I are considering moving to Latin America within the next decade or so. I was hoping you could share 3 recommendations to start looking at and 3 places to avoid. Our preference is a coastal location with but we’re open to inland locals. Thus far, Cartegena , Colombia, Merida, MX and Costa Rica are places we’re very interested in checking out. But your insight would be helpful. I look forward to your feed back. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  15. Aloha Wolters World… If you have a chances to living in Ecuador with your loving family would you move to Ecuador for good?? or retiring in Ecuador?

  16. Important thing though if you’re going to San Juan or Guayaquil or any place like that don’t bring any valuables out the place your staying as in places like that there is a higher crime rate

  17. We learn a lot of Spanish by osmosis in the US. We should know enough to get around. I would still get an lawyer for anything legal.

  18. One thing I want to disagree on is YOU CAN DRINK TAP WATER IN CUENCA! That’s one of the things we are most proud of, it’s one of the best treated and purest waters in the country!

    We are so happy for anyone to come! If you’re thinking about it, you definitely should! 😊😊😊

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