Entry Requirements Costa Rica Update 2022 – Facemask Costa Rica

Entry Requirements Costa Rica Update 2022 – Facemask Costa Rica

In this video titled “Entry Requirements Costa Rica Update 2022 – Facemask Costa Rica” — Allen from “Living in Costa Rica” will explain the entry requirements and face mask requirements you need to know before going to Costa Rica.

A lot of people are saying that you are not required to wear a Face mask in Costa Rica, BUT…that’s not the whole truth.

The new President of Costa Rica announced on his first day in office, NO MORE FACE MASK, and no Mandatory Covid Vaccinations…but that didn’t go over well.

While his decision did last about 7 days, you are still required to wear a face mask in some places.

I will discuss the latest updates and Entry Requirements for Costa Rica and exactly…when are you required to wear a facemask?

Costa Rica entry requirements change often and it’s important to stay up to date on the latest Entry Requirements for Costa Rica.

While it seems we are getting closer and closer to what was normal prior to the pandemic, Costa Rica is not quite there and you will see a lot of people wearing the face mask in many locations.

While most Costa Ricans do NOT want to wear the face mask, it is still mandatory for many locations, but NOT mandatory for travelers…depending on certain requirements.

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  1. Neither of our Pharmacies where we are here in Guanacaste are requiring you need to be masked when you enter. No one is wearing masks where we are. Now when we go into Nicoya you see Costa Ricans masked. But by choice. Not a requirement. Our Local Ebias neither is requiring Mandatory Masking. Maybe this is more the Capital San jose?

  2. Love the videos! What do you recommend to rent or buy in Costa Rica, my plan is to live 6 months in the US the rest in Costa Rica. Gracias Pura Vida!

  3. Thank you for continuously providing such helpful and interesting videos about life in Costa Rica. It is our dream to retire there. We’ve visited many times and love it. Perhaps one day we’ll have a cafe together!

  4. You heard the new variant is spreading in the US? Masks not mandated but recommended. I expect that in the fall, mandates may come back into play here..

  5. Great information. I’ve watched a lot of your videos. I was just wondering, let’s say I want to live there and I drive there how would I go about the return ticket thing?

  6. Hi! Thanks so much for all the information this channel puts out there. Me and my family have watched many of your videos and have learned a lot! We are seriously considering moving to Costa Rica in the next couple of months and would love to see it first hand for our selves before we make a HUGE decision like this. We are looking for a safe place close to the beach (and I’d like to be close to the mountains) with a low cost of living. I know low cost of living relative and we are asking a lot. But I have faith that it’s possible to find this in Costa Rica. I have a 13 and 15 year old kids. We are looking for a family friendly environment and to make new lifetime friendships. Please help us with your wonderful gift of the vacation. You have no idea how much it would help us with our decision. Do you have any other things that we should know or things we should ask when we move? Thanks again for all you do and I hope you choose me and my beautiful wife (and our kids) to come see beautiful Costa Rica for ourselves.

  7. I appreciated you pointing out that Costa Rica cares about the health of its people, however, I found your comments about Ticos somewhat condescending. The Ticos (and extranjeros like me) that you see wearing masks are mostly people who understand that COVID is airborne and we are still in a pandemic and do not want to get themselves or their friends and family sick. Even though the new president removed the mandatory masking decree, all health authorities still recommend masking to protect ourselves and those around us.

  8. Hello Alan, Always Enjoy your video with yourself and your wife. I am so jealous so I’m gonna do something about it. Coming to Costa Rico in October. What I’d like to know more about What’s the best site to find long term rental away from airbnb?? Keep doing what you do, thank you

  9. Just to point out one important information that people tend to not get or understand.
    It is (since quite a while back now) a well known scientifically FACT based from countless scientists and experts ALL AROUND THE WORLD that face masks do NOT IN ANY WAY protect you from covid.
    Actually face masks will increase your risk of getting sick in many ways )that we do not go into here and now).

  10. Why don’t you go in business with a local pub since everyone wants to have apple juice with you! Make that 2… one with a view of mountains and one on a less touristy beach!

  11. Thank you for sharing this info Allen, you are helping many people learn about the ins and outs of living in that beautiful country!

  12. My mom, my daughter and I are planning to move to Costa Rica within the next couple of years. We will be vacationing there later on this summer and want to scout out some areas to move to, however, I am having a hard time trying to nail down where to live. Obviously, the prices are reasonable over all in Costa Rica and it seems pretty easy to find beautiful pieces of property with nice views and whatnot, but it’s the other details that I need help with. I would like to use need-based location waypoints to triangulate some areas to look at. Can you give me some advice as to any cities/areas that you think will fit these criteria?

    I understand that we can’t get everything, but our magical wish list is to find an area that meets the following:
    Clinic – 30 minutes max
    Hospital – 1 hour
    Airport – up to 2 hours
    General Food Market/Store – 15 minutes (not to be confused with large modern grocery store)
    Large Modern Grocery Store/Dining/Shopping/Entertainment/Services – 1 hour
    Beach – 45 minutes to 1.5 hours is ideal. Can be longer – not a deal breaker
    **BONUS**Town/Village square/Park – somewhere to socialize with locals or expats within walking/biking/ATV distance from our residence is ideal

  13. Love your channel. My husband and I both just quit our jobs and we are packing up our home getting ready to move to Costa Rica. Can’t wait to start our new life there!

  14. We just went to Liberia side end of May. Face masks were not mandatory, except for the testing site for re entry to US, which that got dropped the week after we left 🙄

  15. coming to Costa Rica to check it out for potential, possible retirement residency. happy to have found your channel
    Q: is costa Rican govt adhering to vax mandates? coming from Canada seeking a country that is not requiring that. thank you have a great day

  16. My son is visiting for the 90 days.. im a little concerned as he is traveling alone. I would love to visit him within the 90 days he is there! Thanks for all your information he defiantly chose a great country to visit!

  17. Min 5:00 says Tico’s will follow the law to the letter. It’s hard for me to believe they are so obedient to the president. On my 1st and only visit to CR the vibe I got from Tico’s from traveling around and in San Jose they use traffic signs as suggestions not law of the road.
    great video btw

  18. We are coming to CR for first time, with a plan to move there in a few years. We’d really like a video on how to scout the best living areas while also enjoying a vacation at same time.

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