Escazu, Costa Rica – Cost of Living

Escazu, Costa Rica – Cost of Living


Living and Retiring in Cuenca, Ecuador

Living and Retiring in Salinas, Ecuador

8 Great Places to Live in Costa Rica

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In this video, you will see what it cost to live in Escazu, Costa Rica a suburb of San José. A wonderful destination for ex-pats and location independent entrepreneurs. We’ll discuss the Cost of living in Escazu and the cost of living in San Jose for budget backpackers, full-time retirees, and digital nomads.
This video will help you figure out your living in Costa Rica budget and we’ll also give you the costs of transportation in SanJosé Costa Rica.

Video table of contents:

00:00 Intro to Escazu
00:20 Best San Jose Costa Rica Suburbs, Escazu Neighborhood
00:41 Escazu Costa Rica Climate, Escazu Costa Rica Weather
01:00 San Rafael de Escazu
01:14 Old Colonial Escazu
01:32 Cost of Living in Escazu
01:42 Escazu Long-Term Rentals, furnished apartments for rent in Escazu
02:00 Utilities in Escazu Costa Rica
03:02 Escazu Restaurants
03:11 How much Spanish do I need to know in Costa Rica?
03:23 Do they speak English in Costa Rica?
03:37 Food Costs in Escazu Costa Rica
03:52 San Jose Costa Rica Airport
04:04 Getting Around Costa Rica.
04:08 Taxis San José Costa Rica
04:20 Bus Fare in Costa Rica
04:31 Escazu Costa Rica Things to Do
04:46 Costa Rica Healthcare for Expats
05:00 Escazu Costa Rica Day Trips

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VAN LIFE Nightmare… The Tipping Point | COSTA RICA

What’s your van life nightmare? If this goes wrong our journey could be over.. Surely our luck has to turn around sometime!

Following on from “VAN LIFE in the COSTA RICAN Jungle”, todays video shows just how we got ourselves in such a predicament and of course the outcome.
We also hear a little more from our new friend Cahil!

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  1. Kyle sums it up pretty well: This isn’t just about van life – but all that goes with van life. Plus, if I didn’t like you two, I wouldn’t be watching. So, you are also, in a way, selling your personalities…especially Occy!

  2. If you or anyone you know is thinking of harming themselves
    🇨🇦1-833-456-4566 or text 45645
    🇺🇸 1-800-273-8255 or text TALK to 741741

  3. I *love love love* your channel ❤️!
    Did i already said that i love your channel? 🤔
    Send you good vibes from Germany 😊

  4. 20/20 hind sight. Always evaluate. Adding counterweight to the fulcrum was good. Should have opened the passenger door and both stood on step. Better weight farther out and mostly you could have jumped free easier if the ground gave way and it started to go over the edge.
    Glad you’re safe

  5. You need a come along and tow cable with shovel. Bury a tire for a dead weight. Would be worth while to install pipe bumper and winch when traveling in rural area. Ten ply tires with spare inner tube . you have a bumper hitch place hitch platform that carries 500# with metal box for tools and spare parts. Have rig inspected every 1000 miles in rural travel. I would filter your water.

  6. Time for a think…
    If you are doing this lifestyle on these kind of roads, you HAVE to be prepared, period.
    You must have a winch, either electric or hand powered, and tow straps. Make sure you have at least thirty meters of length too. Also you should have a jack to help you out or that ditch. You can’t always rely on locals and disaster can strike at night too. Keeping situational awareness and having a spotter in tight areas is an absolute must. Sorry to rant, but the point has to be made. You gotta be prepared or don’t go, it could cost you…


    Bryan from Vancouver

  7. Auto accidents my brother was run over by a logging truck at age 17. He had a skull fracture and was never the same. My sister was t boned by old lady who should have lost her license years ago. Her kids are orphans. So please don’t complain about poor driving skill in a third world country you choose to do. A winch on your vehicle tow hooks and pipe rack bumper should be necessary for rural road driving.

  8. So did max catch Kyle and the scrubber at it in the sprinter. My mate Dave didn’t knock as the van was a rockin. Dave 2d.

  9. What a scary video being stuck and the van almost rolled over in a ditch.🥺 Thank ,God it all worked out.Having a friend / guide from Costa Rica to get first hand experience what Van Life really is Iike.Thanks, for sharing.All Blessings to everyone. Amen!🙏❤🙏🤗

  10. Where I come from dogs can become a cougar snack. Some can smell food a long distance. Get a small metal garbage can for trash . bears can do plenty of damage looking for food

  11. Max – Lee, we need you for this.
    Kyle – Did you see my scared face?!
    Lee – I was trying to be unrealistically optimistically positive.

  12. Y’all need to invest in a winch of some kind. There are a lot of options nowadays, and you don’t necessarily need a huge Warn winch, but they’re the most convenient by far. You can make em discreet into the bumper / secure. For as much as you guys get off the pavement….seems like something that would be well worth it. A wire rope that can pull 10,000 lbs….and a tree strap. Would take care of most situations. Obviously, need to properly install it….so a little extra work & $. Synthetic rope is less weight if that’s a concern.  

    Or can get a Deadman kit (about $350 and lightweight / takes up very little room / can get out of sand easily with no trees nearby. Just need a shovel. @t . Or there’s another one that can do 2 pull locations in case you lean or top heavy etc….and rather lightweight as well. ​@t – I think they’re less than $400 as well, but you’d need to make sure they have one that fits your rims. Hope y’all got out of that situation alright w/ no additional issues. Cheers from Portland, OR ; )

  13. What’s the saying, "All’s well that end’s well." I’m glad things didn’t end on a bad note. So glad there were good people around to help you guys out! Stay safe and happy trails.

  14. no nightmares. Broke down in France once (2016) and the garage was so slow so we hired a car, drove home to the UK and I flew out a couple of weeks later to drive the van home.

  15. Just posted a video about a situation like this about an hour ago, then I see this. Wow, crazy coincidence??

  16. Great that not much damage to the lovely Van. Safe and happy travelling guys! Kyle is a great friend. Hope I can meet u guys somewhere one day👍

  17. Given the nature of your particular destinations, have you considered installing a winch and, possibly, a grill guard for the front of the vehicle? People in urban settings don’t need these things, but you seem to be a different kind of traveler. I have only glanced at a half dozen of your videos and you smash your nose into a bus in Bogata and here you are stuck in a ditch. Oy. For the record, I am a carpenter in Colorado. As a tool geek, it seems like that would be a good thing to have. I have included a link to the type of thing that I am talking about (not as major as a roo guard). The winch and the guard would give your front end an additional buffer and it would provide you with extra security when you are out in the back roads. Hell, I saw some other van lifers stuck in the sand in Mexico–this would solve their problem, too. Good luck. https://www.autoanything.com/grille-guards/77A10450A4150225.aspx?kc=ffsku&k_clickid=_k_Cj0KCQiAmafhBRDUARIsACOKEROkOGMNeDcFXiooVGmJYYf7gUhGs4UHJ1YWl57ZlP2x6jGb_HMpop8aAtSNEALw_wcB_k_&adgroupid=16239&k_trackingid=274x&kpid=10450-4150225&DZID=PLA_g_822786716_43349129718_10450-4150225_c&utm_source=g&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=822786716&utm_content=43349129718&utm_product=10450-4150225&gclid=Cj0KCQiAmafhBRDUARIsACOKEROkOGMNeDcFXiooVGmJYYf7gUhGs4UHJ1YWl57ZlP2x6jGb_HMpop8aAtSNEALw_wcB

  18. I did the same thing years ago with a 1979 Pontiac Catalina. I was trying to back down our driveway and went up the side of our embankment which was mud!!
    I sat there in the car looking at the driveway which was a out two feet from my face! I bawled like a baby until my husband could get the tractor out of the machine shed to pull me out!

  19. Hey Max and lee. You guys do a great job putting together these amazing videos. It kind reminds me when i was on a cruise back in February with my park district to the carribean islands of San juan Puerto rico, Barbados, san Lucia, St. Thomas

  20. Pura vida!! New subscriber here also from CR, you guys are great. Kinda making me want to buy a van. Saludos ciao.

  21. Perhaps it’s time to let Lee do all the driving. Or maybe Max can find a van driving course on skillshare? Just a thought.

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