EVERYTHING You NEED To Know Visiting Costa Rica 2022

EVERYTHING You NEED To Know Visiting Costa Rica 2022

EVERYTHING You NEED To Know Visiting Costa Rica 2022

In this Costa Rica travel guide we address many subjects including things to see and do in Costa Rica as well as answer whether Costa Rica is Safe. We also discuss food and even talk about the Pacific or Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a diverse country with many animals and biodiversity from north to south. If you plan to go Visit Costa Rica in 2022 then this things to know about Costa Rica travel guide will assist you with your travel plans.

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  1. This is a surprisingly good account of Costa Rica for someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time here. I could nitpick a couple minor things, but well done overall!

  2. the comments sometimes it seems come from the tour agencies pseudo tour because they lie if you want to visit this country do yourself the reservation of hotel and rent a car the touris agencies are a fraud they charge you high fees and the only thing they do is to do reservation and to move you from one point to the next and leave you in the hotel like a package, really awful, also if you want to see nature my advice would be much better go to South America. costa Rica agencies exaggerate what you will see, also most of this you tube I think is full of lies. I just came back and was most of the things disappointing,

  3. This is one of the more accurate reports of this kind that I have watched, straight down the middle on the reality. I am CR resident for more than 20 years and know the country quite well. Some points could be better developed, but really quite on the money. One aspect missing however which is important, especially since renting a car is recommended, is Driving in Costa Rica, and tips re parking, valuables, accidents. etc. Good work!

  4. Hey thanks for sharing. What’s the lodging by the river in Quetzales? The one you mentioned for $85 a night I believe. Booking a trip and wanted to check this spot out.

  5. I have lived here in CR for 21 years and have learned more about touristic things in your video than all the time I’ve lived here. Hahaha, I go to Quepos to get out of San Jose. On the other side, I go to Arenal but rarely, it’s a long ways and the roads are horrible
    I agree with some of the things you have said and it always makes chuckle to listen to gringos pronounce Spanish words. I will read some of the comments and try to answer some of them.
    One thing I want to clear up is the fraise Pura Vida. It’s their fraise, it’s there way of greeting us gringos and especially to their Tico friends. We don’t say it to them first, let them say it to you.

  6. Can you please name the beaches you showed in your video? Particularly the one at the start of the video, and the one you showed a clip of while comparing the Caribbean and Pacific sides. Thanks!!

  7. thank you for this video, i’m planning a solo trip to Costa Rica!! all of your tips are super helpful and make me feel more confident traveling alone!

  8. Mostly accurate. Definitely speaking from his experience. A few points (from a born and raised Costa Rican):
    Costa Rica is not “very cold”. It can get chilly in certain areas. But unless you’re climbing the Chirripó, it’s not that cold even in the winter. Take a jacket. But nothing wintry.
    Winter in Costa Rica means rain. Temperatures stay basically the same throughout the year for each particular area.
    Crime is everywhere in the world. Just use common sense. Out of all Latin American Countries, CR is always on top, and definitely the safest in Central America. Be smart.
    Clear water. Yes, we do have that and the turquoise looking ones too. Many actually. Just have to know where to go. Many different types and colors of beaches too.
    As far as being charged more if you pay in dollars, yes. But, that’s because foreign currency in CR has a purchase and sale value. Merchants and businesses get paid less for their dollar when they deposit it or exchange it. And they have to pay fees. When I go, I use my credit/check card. It will automatically do the conversion and I found the fees to be lower than what they charge extra in Costa Rica. Or you can just get familiar with colones and just use that.
    Tip: Even if you’re just vacationing, make friends with locals. We love people and it’s easy for us to make long term friendships from short interactions. Then next time you go, you’ll feel like you have family there. Costa Ricans are extremely friendly and helpful and willing to go out of our way to make you feel at home.
    Try to memorize/learn the basics of Spanish. It means a lot to us when you see someone trying to learn our mother tongue. We will help you 🙂
    Don’t expect people to be in a hurry to serve you or get things done fast for you. It’s part of our culture to take our time. To have long conversations. To take a siesta at lunch. Etc. Be open minded, relax, and enjoy the Pura Vida.

  9. కోస్తా రికా అందాలు చాలా బాగున్నవి. మీ యొక్క యూట్యూబ్ వీడియోస్ సూపర్ 👍🇮🇳

  10. Question: Can you get departure COVID tests at Liberia airport or in Playa Hermosa my last stop..?.. I’m coming in early April. Thank you. Very helpful video

  11. I want to do some camping in the wilderness in costa rica neqr the areas on manuel antonio la fortuna and lots of other places qnd i wonder if its recommended to do so and if its safe, you know like opening a tent and starting a campfire and staying the night in some rain forest

  12. Costa Rica is an expensive country. Usually I shop at price smart when I’m there and groceries for the week for me is about $160USD, it’s basically the same for me in Canada. Restaurants in Santa Ana and Escazu are basically on par with American restaurants. I usually spend $4000 for one month in Costa Rica.

    Love Costa Rica and I’ll probably go one more time. After that I’ll probably check out some other countries.

  13. I just lost 2900 dollars in my vacation package to Guanacaste. Is discriminatory why Costa Rica asks for a tourist visa for US permanent residents if they are ONLY CUBANS with CU-CU6 on their green card (almost everyone). If you do not read the small letters like me then you will find out that it takes months and a lot of paperwork that frankly, I found illegal to ask for bank accounts, notarized background police reports, and a letter to Inmigration, etc. They play cat and mouse at the Consulate/Embassy and do not give you an appointment to discuss your case or hold any secure deposit (another ridiculous option you can read in their website). PURA VIDA? Really. I do not recommend traveling there at all. Shame on them.

  14. Some interesting information, but the pronunciation is way off for so many different places and words. It would be helpful to name some of the specific beaches on each of the coasts and what makes each so unique.

  15. Jurassic Park’s author picked an island off of Coast Rica to base the story on because it’s so wild, so full of life. Heck that’s where I’D build a dino park.

  16. wanna know a people, look at the street dogs. are they friendly or do they shy away. if they are friendly, people are good. if they shy away, be wary. street dogs in cr are friendly 🙂

  17. I highly recommend not going to CR at this time (May 2022). Cr has lifted their Covid restrictions as of April 2022. There is a high number of tourists who test positive for Covid. CR has a quarantine period (7 days) and US wont let you fly back for 10 days. IF YOU STILL want to visit, make sure you get travel insurance that has a covid provision. Ty to avoid high tourist areas like Jaco, Limon, etc. As mush as I like staying in Hostels, don’t stay in a Hostel for the time being.

  18. some great info from this guy……costa rica is COLD AS HELLLLLLLL..during the rainy season ..when the winds blow..and it rains for extended periods…..though its only in the sixties at night ..the combination of rain and chill sucks big time..the coast is not so bad..but most of san jose and the higher elevations can get down in the low 50s at night and with the humidity lack of heating etc ..you will freeze your butt off at night..the average iq in costa rica is eighty two..duh…you wont realize it if you dont speak spanish..just smiling and overcharging for everything makes them think youre even more mentally deficient and will believe anything..duh..DANGER CRIME most of the women you see riding bikes around at night are nicas illegal nicaraguans riding stolen bikes…petty theft assault etc is rampant on a relative scale everywhere theres a tourist..they just cant get around to everyone ..even if you report it to the cops it will just go in the trash..colluding with and taking part in crime on every level is a proud part of being a cop in costa rica… ..

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