Expats in Costa Rica – Real Estate Developer – Nosara, Costa Rica

Expats in Costa Rica – Real Estate Developer – Nosara, Costa Rica

Expat Interview with Josh Linnes – Real Estate Developer – Nosara, Costa Rica

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Josh is a resident of Nosara and a partner in the real estate business, Viva Tropical, one of the best sources of real estate information for Central and South America. In his interview, he shares information about real estate investment in Costa Rica as well as a lot of general information about the country.

Here are the questions he answers in his interview:

00:33 What brought you to Costa Rica long-term?
00:50 What are the positive things about living here in Nosara Costa Rica?
01:42 What are the negative things about living in Costa Rica?
02:08 Do you ever worry about crime other than petty theft?
03:17 Do you have international health insurance?
04:38 Is healthcare in Costa Rica affordable?
05:43 Can you tell me about visas in Costa Rica?
06:14 Are attorneys very expensive in Costa Rica and do you need them often?
06:53 Do you have recommendations for finding a good lawyer in Costa Rica?
07:07 How do you generate income in Costa Rica?
07:35 What would you tell a friend about investing in real estate in Costa Rica?
09:28 What do you think the Costa Rica real estate opportunities are?
10:53 Outside of real estate, do you think there are business opportunities in Costa Rica?
11:46 Do you buy your home or rent your home in Nosara, Costa Rica?
12:22 If someone is moving to Costa Rica, how important is it to know Spanish?
12:45 Can you tell me about the Costa Rican people?
13:24 What’s the hardest thing about moving away from the states?
13:54 How does someone decide on what town to live in?
15:53 How does someone know what a good price is on a property in Costa Rica?
16:58 What does it take to be a real estate agent in Costa Rica?
17:55 What are the right reasons to move to Costa Rica?

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what i've learned living in COSTA RICA (day 7)

it’s officially been one week of living in costa rica, so here are 3 things i’ve learned since moving!

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