Exploring Modular Homes – Cheapest Path to Net Zero?

Exploring Modular Homes – Cheapest Path to Net Zero?

Exploring Modular Homes – Cheapest Path to Net Zero? Owning a home is an important life milestone for a lot of people, but the ever increasing cost of construction materials and affordable housing is a major roadblock. And on top of that, traditional construction methods and materials cause a surprising amount of gas emissions and waste. But there are some really cool trends around more sustainable building practices that may change that … if you can get past some preconceived notions that pop into your head when you hear, “modular homes.” Can modular homes keep the dream of home ownership alive, as well as make a positive impact on the environment?

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  1. I am very interested in passive house, I took a course for self building and they strongly recommande to meet twice or double the insulation norms. That will provide huge energy saving. Beyond that point the increase cost is not that good of a return on investment.

  2. You’re now looking at around a 150% increase in building costs. IE Plywood is up to nearly 50$ per sheet – it used to be around 4$, last year rose to 20$. It is a created shortage, not a real one.

  3. please talk a little slower. your podcasts are excellent, but i have to track back to absorb everything lol

  4. My husband and I would love to follow your progress. We currently live in Indiana but I want to move back to Bellingham, Wa. and this is just the type of home we would want for our retirement home:)

  5. I don’t buy that lesser price argument for a second. Every time I price out a modular home I am floored by the high cost.

  6. Hi Matt, I love your presentation style and subject matters. Now, you’ve really got me interested! My partner and I have dreams of our final home. We built one that we sold during the Pandemic because of relocating due to a new job position. It was to much house, size wise and mortgage wise. We purchased again, but under duress because of relocating and housing shortages in the new location.
    We have looked into Unity Homes. We really like them. My partner is currently working from home, his industry looks like it might be able to take us up to and beyond his retirement in a WFH position. If that option continues, we could possibly even move into New England to be close to Unity Homes factory to help reduce transportation costs of our home.

    Our country needs affordable housing solutions. Modular is a bright spot in an area that needs significant improvement. Plus ideas pertaining to Green, Net Zero, and healthy building options seem to dovetail perfectly with modular home concepts I have read about.

    Socially, economically, environmentally coupled with affordability, modular innovations offer hope to what is currently a pretty horrible situation in the world, millions of people needing housing that have little hope under current circumstances, perhaps even, billions of people. THAT, is at best, an untenable and dark place for all of humanity to be in. I really hope modular housing companies offer all of us answers that currently seem out of reach.

  7. Imagine if you hired 8 or 9 mechanics to come to your driveway every day for a summer and build you a car from the ground up. The inconsistency, inconvenience, and cost are hilarious to think about, but we do that with homes

  8. Modular homes here in NC are becoming unaffordable. I was told by the builder that the reason for the price increases, is do to the Westerners, and the Northerners moving to NC in droves with plenty of cash. If it is or isn’t the prices are no longer affordable unless you go with a smaller house.

  9. Big fan of your videos, Matt. I recently started to look into this and I’m happy you are making a video on this subject. Have you heard on Cover? I’m wondering/curious to hear your thoughts on them

  10. The Housing Bubble is ready to burst. No one will be buying homes soon. Following trends it will be 8-10 years before buying starts again. Get ready for the crash!

  11. I just found your channel because I am currently planning/trying to plan for building a home & I am looking for environmentally conscious strategies for both building & sustaining the home. I would absolutely love to hear more about your experience & what you have come across. I am currently searching for grants or any kind of incentive for building the home & a sustainable small farm. Any information you might have would be awesome! Thanks and I love the channel!

  12. interesting, would enjoy hearing how it goes for you. We try to be more green at the same time as we like a lot of space and use a lot of computers etc.

  13. F Net ZEero. Fart more, eat more red meat, own multiple dogs and livestock and drive that 69 Big Block Chevy pick up every day. Also use that fireplace with and use real wood and cook thos steaks on your Wber Kettle. Make little Gretchen and AOC cry.

  14. We live in Maine are about to rehab a farmhouse but would like to build a modular or panelized home after the farmhouse project. Would love to follow your project and learn from it.

  15. Great stuff, yes, do more, take us with you as you go through the processes; super interesting and well done! Thank you.

  16. I know it’s likely too late for you by this point but I would suggest for any other viewers to consider speaking with an architect as well (at least for a consultation). A lot of architects are quite knowledgeable about sustainable technologies/strategies (especially any leed ap accredited ones), and could help you figure what the best option for you within your budget is.

    Currently studying architecture. I can tell you the good ones are very honest about what’s best for you as a client and respectful of the environment .

  17. Stupid. I want to maximize my CO2 output. The trees need the food (plants eat CO2, surprise!) and the Earth is presently cooling. Manmade CO2 has zero effect on the climate. When one volcano erupts it emits more CO2 than all the people’s efforts to stop CO2 emissions in all of history combined, nothing you can do about it. Trillions spent in VAIN just because of one volcano, and they erupt all the time. And China is the biggest polluter and also has the most carbon emissions and they do not comply with your climate regulations so even if you believed the lies about climate change then all your efforts are in vain and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  18. Really interesting video thank you…
    The UK example with starting price of 124000 pounds- damn this is quite a cost for a simple 2 bed home… I like the modular home concept and the energy efficiency objective, but it’s by no means cheap!

  19. awesome, more please. I grew up in a modular home built in the 70s and if felt like a nice house inside, just looked… like a giant mobile home on the outside 🙂 I hope this trend picks up since all the energy efficiency is built in, people won’t have the option, I hope? to opt out of those the way they can in new home construction.

  20. No one ever has, or ever will be net zero. You want to eat? Guess what ~ all of your food is delivered by diesel guzzling trucks and YOU are PART of it!

  21. Dude you are so adorable and you know so much I am so glad I come across your videos they’re so educational and I learned so much from you keep on with the great videos you’re awesome and keep doing what you do you’re a world of information God bless you💋♥️👍

  22. Matt, I’m curious to see what buildoption you will choose for you and your wife when deciding on your new home!

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