Finding the Cheapest Properties in Costa Rica – Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica

Finding the Cheapest Properties in Costa Rica – Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica

When it comes to buying a piece of property in Costa Rica, without a doubt, odds are you will pay too much! Sad but true…and it is because MOST TICOS believe that every Gringo or foreigner has way more money than sense. Most Ticos will ask 2 or 3 times more…what they would if they were selling that same piece of property to a local Tico.

There are 2 (two) reasons WHY you will pay too much for real estate in Costa Rica but if you know this one important tip, it can save you thousands of dollars when you are ready to purchase your property in Costa Rica.

Today, I’ll show you how to save thousands of dollars when it comes to finding property for sale in Costa Rica.

Most real estate in Costa Rica is NOT listed on some website. Most Ticos don’t even have a computer.

Enjoy this video on “Finding the Cheapest Properties in Costa Rica – Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica”

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
Allen Rich

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  1. If I can make a suggestion, can you put your web site info on your videos? I’ve been trying to find your group and sites and I’m not having any success locating you.

  2. Buenos dias;a lot good info that is exactly how it is especialy in the country but allways the need to investigate the property;I seen some cases of the littler nice people making multisale of one property and try sale property that they have no title;because the government gave the land for agriculture and they wont owner for 15 to 30 years

  3. The problem is, if there is one, is that many of these properties they’re talking about are often a long way from civilization, other than a tiny village. Of course if that’s what you’re looking for then great, if not the price climbs a lot if you’re closer to a sizable town.

  4. Asking prices are one thing selling prices another. Check out what they’ve sold for in the area recently if you can. When it comes to negotiations my golden rule is always be prepared to walk away – remember you can always walk back again! Oh, and keep smiling!🙂

  5. Been visiting CR since 86.
    I’ll have to live there for at least a couple yrs. Before I buy. CR price not gringo price lol

  6. We are going to have a good time learning how YOU can find the best deals on Property in Costa Rica. I’m talking Dino-Mite property deals. 😀

  7. Nice video mates! So how much do you think is a "normal price for 4 hectares in Costa Rica. I Know depends of many facts but can you give an estimate of what have you seen? It will help me a lot to prepare a budget because everything I see online is bit expensive some properties are even more expensive than here in Australia 😅.

  8. those lots in the neighborhoods are way too small..they basically took the family plot of an acre or so and hacked it up to less than 1/10th of an acre and want $50-60 k for it..crazy ..you can buy an acre or more for far less and some with a house on it….10 years ago i could have bought acre with coffee for $8-10,000 but the real estate agents screwed up the market with greed and this b.s. 5-51/2 % commission..also all you need is an real estate attorney no agent involvement…due diligence…why would you pay an agent ….

  9. Hi we are looking for some help to buy a land. Would you have any advice or would know anyone who could help? Perhaps personally know of someone who is selling? Thanks

  10. I have dogs. I like the idea of renting before buying. Can you rent if you have pet animals?

    Do you have any tips on how to ship/move dogs or other pets to Costa Rica from USA?

  11. GOOD ADVICE regarding "cruising" the countryside for vacant land. Lots of Ticos never advertise or post "for sale/se vende" signs. You really have to ask the neighbors, find the owner, and start negotiating !

  12. I know this video is a little old I don’t know how much you upkeep these. If a person is to buy a lot down there. Do you know approximately how long it takes to build a 1500 to 2000 square-foot house? And do you have any idea what an average building cost is to build an American style home in Costa Rica?

  13. I enjoyed this episode , it is the same for most things in life. The more time and effort you put into a project the more you will benefit.. Keep up the good work ..

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