Goodness Dental Patient Testimonial: Marcus

Goodness Dental Patient Testimonial: Marcus

“I want to tell you about my experience with Goodness Dental. Six months ago, I had an infection my lower jaw and had to have all of my teeth removed. The infection had also spread to the top. In America, they were telling me that my dental bill was going to be $65,000. I didn’t have that and looked at other ways to get my teeth fixed. I did a lot of researching Goodness Dental consistently came up as the number one place to get your teeth done in Costa Rica. And I am so glad I came.

It took about six months from beginning to end — first getting my implants and temporaries, and then my final ones which I got in today. I cannot be happier with the experience here. Everyone from the receptionist to the dentist and the surgeon are incredibly professional.

I had the lab tech come several times to look directly at my teeth to give me a customized fit. They didn’t give me a one-size fits all solution. If you are on the fence about who you come to see when you come to Costa Rica to get your dental work done, please, please, choose Goodness Dental!”

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