Hospital Clinica Biblica San jose: Medical Tourism Costa Rica, Health base

Hospital Clinica Biblica San jose: Medical Tourism Costa Rica, Health base

Clinica Biblica Hospital is a JCI accredited hospital and is the largest private hospital in Costa Rica. It is located in San Jose. The hospital boasts a 50 million dollar infrastructure and can handle anything from life-threatening emergencies and leading-edge procedures, to medical checkups or a facelift. Check out the video to see the facilities, patient wards, operating rooms, etc. of Hospital Clinica Biblica. Healthbase arranges affordable medical tourism trips to Hospital Clinica Biblica for uninsured and undersinsured Americans, Canadians and others seeking low cost high quality treatments such as facial plastic surgery, breast surgery, liposculpture, cosmetic dentistry, weight-loss surgery, hip replacement, shoulder arthroscopy, knee replacement, lap band, gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, etc. The cost of care at Hospital Clinica Biblica is a fraction of the cost of similar care in the United States with the quality on par or superior to what is available in the United States. For more information about affordable treatments log on to http://www.healthbase.com.

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