How Gay Friendly is Costa Rica? Gay Travel and Gay Living in Costa Rica

How Gay Friendly is Costa Rica? Gay Travel and Gay Living in Costa Rica

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TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS (gay and straight) at http://TravelCostaRicaNow.com Hey Guys! Is Costa Rica really as Gay Friendly as they advertise? Want to know what Costa Rica really thinks of gay travelers? Ever wonder what it’s like living GAY in Costa Rica? It’s all here and all GAY. We did a similar video a few years ago- this is an update. And for you anti-gay BIGOTED types, we also have a great tip for YOU. So this video is a WIN-WIN for everyone.

USA will pay you $20,000 to move to Costa Rica 2021 (Life Hack)

This ONE tip is paying for my house in Costa Rica for the entire year. This is the time to escape the craziness and set yourself up to THRIVE. In this video, you will learn the secret tax break for travelers and how to save up to $30K. Come hang in Costa!

UPDATE SINCE FILMING: Costa Rica went a little CRAZY with the mandates, they took a huge loan from the IMF, and they are planning to do vax passes etc. I am a NO for anyone mandating what goes in my and my children’s bodies (duh). We MOVED TO MEXICO. A Little town called Todos Santos on Baja. We love it, had our child here, and plan to stay. For all of the people asking where to live during these silly times, we chose Mexico for a ton of reasons. I will do a video on them in the future.

UPDATE #2: Thank you for all the comments about the different tax situations people are in (like social security, military, etc). Even though I am a big fan of the FEIE, it is important to make sure it is a fit for you. Keep on suggesting how these videos can be better… that’s how I grow and get to contribute better.

***CHECK WITH YOUR ACCOUNTANT + TAX ATTORNEY to make sure this is right for you and works for your particular situation*** I am not a tax expert and am not giving financial advice.


  1. Are you still in Costa Rica if so how is it now with the covid situation. Is the cost of living low and how are the jobs out there

  2. may i ask you if it will it work for european ppl also? thank you, enjoy your choice. i wish i could do the same

  3. Just subbed great video, I’m 21 n that God I got my sister n her family helping me staying on my feet because it’s tough being young right now but I’m so glad I been investing and as soon i got enough I’m leaving the USA n never coming back, I’m trying to live comfortably I’m aiming for either Mexico, Costa Rica, or somewhere in Africa like Tanzania.

  4. There are some caveats to the FEIE, namely that if you become tax resident in any country you are living in during that year you are subject to their taxes which as in the case of Costa Rica are much higher than US taxes. You also if you want to work in most countries legally need a work permit & or residency visa which will get you into that nation’s tax system. Which will mean in many cases the foreign tax credit is more beneficial to you than the FEIE. There are some places with a digital nomad visa that are truly zero tax countries, ie the UAE, Anguilla, Bermuda, that may give you the tax benefits you are discussing without violating the labor laws & tax laws of your new home. The odds are quite good though that this advice will put you into hot water with the tax authorities and immigration authorities in a country you want to live in, unless you follow through with a lot more steps to avoid being a tax cheat in your host country, or violating their local labor laws. Costa Rica has been lax with their enforcement of the law, but realistically, this advice ignores the laws of the nation you want to live in almost entirely. While Costa Rica is a territorial tax country, if you are performing work in the country, whatever you have done to earn that money whatever service you have provided has made Costa Rica the location of a permanent establishment of your enterprise & that earned income is subject to Costa Rican tax, and likely Costa Rican socials ie their social security and healthcare taxes which are higher than US tax.

  5. Clickbait headline
    No usa employer gives feie
    if you are self employed
    Read carefully about coming back to usa tax resident rules

  6. My aunt lives there and will have to find out how she likes it. My family lives in CA and its a shit hole. Believe meeee…….can’t wait to get out of here

  7. Being forced to keep paying tax to your government everywhere you live in the world as if they owned you… it’s no wonder so many people give up their citizenship! You couldn’t PAY ME to become a US citizen!

  8. Hey great video, i am coming down next week for a month. So how do you stay there, you can’t go back to USA for any reason to get the 20K credit? I have testosterone and meds that I need to get not sure if I can get them from CR. Also any tips on how to stay in CR? Thanks

  9. With "western civilization" in suicide mode aren’t you afraid that your peaceful paradise will be over-run with people who are pulling the ripcord on tyranny?

  10. I have been thinking about moving to Costa Rica or Puerto Rico. Is Costa Rica better in your opinion? Would love to hear your opinion. I’m a surfer YouTuber and I love the 333 tatt 🤙🤙🤙

  11. Hello Taylor! I live in California and want to move back to CR. I have dual citizenship (CR/USA) and would keep getting an income from the state of California no matter where I live. Can you give me any information on how to pay my taxes from CR ??

  12. what a load of bunk.. this only applies if you generate income in the US. and the federal govt *WILL NOT* pay you (if you’re a US citizen) 20g to leave the country.
    if you are making your living abroad and getting paid by a local (non-US) company you are exempt from US income taxes anyway if you are under the $104k income level. if you’re dumb enough to continue to file a US income tax return while working abroad, well..

  13. I just returned from CR yesterday. They are taking C-19 very seriously there, Everyone wears masks everywhere & handwashing stations are at the entrances of all restaurants & stores. It’s really impressive how much they care about each other. It’s a great country.

  14. I lived a couple of years in the Middle East and about 13 years in Italy. I filed my taxes with the foreign-earned income exclusion for all those years. It’s an easy process.

  15. Great Vid. Jan 19th in 3 years here from Bellingham, WA Got a couple questions. You work mobile? I’m now doing residency but as a private chef cerca Dominical I can only work :by donations" I have a corp and bank account? How’s the tax credit work if I don’t work in usa? Pura Vida

  16. I have a question. My husband and I retired. I am on social security my husband has VA, native money as well. Would had help or complicate things?

  17. You are right on point with everything that you said … I want that lifestyle but struggling to figure it out. I realize the key is to find something to do online. Can you share how you make your money? Thank you for any information you give. ☺️

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