How I Moved to Costa Rica & What I Wish I Did Differently

How I Moved to Costa Rica & What I Wish I Did Differently

Some of you have asked how I ended up in Costa Rica… here are the steps I took to make the move to Costa Rica before, after, and a few things I wish I had done differently!

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Pura Vida!

❌❌ WORST Thing Living in Costa Rica

TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at TravelCostaRicaNow.com Hey Everyone! So, my personal PET PEEVE living in Costa Rica…. I hate this shit….. BUT let me be clear,,,I LOVE COSTA RICA…..so please, don’t go there…Just CHECK out the video and see what I thing the WORST thing is about living in Costa Rica.


  1. Hey Mike Would you happen to know Jack and Donna Osborne? The Osbornes have lived in CR for more than 20 years, based around Flamingo Beach area?

  2. Mike I don"t know if you remember before the internet but you had to go on sites where people just wrote things, I used to subscribe to international living, i would hear of horror stories from expats properties being taken over by the locals and such. Now I am getting close to retirement and love watching your and expats videos, you are providing a great service for anyone who is thinking of going to Costa Rica. so Thank You so much for all the great information you provide.

  3. Hello, I’m from Costa Rica and yes we go about doing things differently and I love that… but for the love of God, dont stant in front of a camera to speak about things that you don’t quite agree while wearing a Nicaragua shirt smartguy.

  4. POLACIES and law, is like something made in china it is designed not to work so they can keep screwing  you over . Remember when cars and fridges lasted 50, 60 years .

  5. I live half of the year in Central America and the other half in the US…. Let me tell you something: "Central America" is getting GLOBAL! You will find anything that the US offers right here. The only thing that hasn’t change is that in C.A. people are " effective" but they are not "Efficient"
    on legal paper work and it has to do with the fact that people are resistant to change. Makes them that that’s not the way things are….
    That really bugs me a lot! because as an American we don’t see that in the US…. which makes everything easier and faster…
    Hopefully with the internet, technology and knowledgeable younger people in charge things will change…

  6. Nice video. What you mention about the number one thing you don´t like is common to everyone including Ticos. I would also add that type of situations is mainly with governmental entities including state-owned utilities. Thanks.

  7. Pretty sure this is the most viewed video with 25% negative thumbs I’ve ever seen. This guy must have Google pull or something.

  8. Seems like the lulling pulse of living in a tropical paradise has that effect on most island dwellers in that they become too laid back to the point where it effects their ability to do business in an impeccable and timely fashion. Bummer.

  9. I absolutely appreciate your perspective and truth. I dislike sugarcoating. I lived half of my life in Germany ( we don’t sugarcoat anything ) and the other half in the USA. I want to live the last half in Costa Rica. The last point that stresses you out the most, oh boy. I’m German, and we are even more ABCD oriented. But I have adjusted to the USA, which was very hard for me in the beginning. I will adjust again. Looking forward to visiting next year.

  10. Sounds to me like Costa Ricans are not very intelligent people.
    When I travelled across Africa, people there will milk you whenever possible, this is the most they capable of, and stealing of course.
    I have never experienced "Greengo prices" in Asia or Europe, it always happens in a place where people are not smart enough to earn money in an honorable way.
    In the past, I was contemplating to visit Costa Rica, well, I am glad I did not.
    I do not tolerate easily people who live off the scam and engage in a racist selection of those who they target selectively in accordance with ethnicity their victim represent.

  11. can’t get a straight answer.. of course you can’t, it’s a socialist country! Be nice if the whole dems party would move there. 😁

  12. sadly costa rica is not even close to being a self sufficient entity much less a country.whose only industry is selling money laundering credits under the guise of tax incentives to industries seeking to legitimize their endeavors under do gooder third world nation building feel good eco feckless brainfarting..industrial windmill jousting …the only country so totally corrupt and mentally deficient that that its exposure would simply not be comprehensible to normal intellectual capabilities and therefore invisible as anything but a delusional bereft punshline for underachievers and their grovelers ..the perfect foil for the corrupt idiocy flocking down from northern ignorance gilded and euro peon climes..you gotta love these guys ….

  13. awe.. could have savaged had it been a bad day l reckon less thought out might have been more visceral.. slash colorful.. ha ha!, ~ there are plenty of larger picture perspectives to enlighten north american/europeans which may help and empathise ..ahh we do arrive "top of the heap" headed but oh do we mellow after a while… lol. . letting the truth shine about who is running things regarding money and corruption and so ineffective responses to problems not suffered by the well off.. it may be related to a %22 portion of gdp is money in laundering, or not ? l don’t know…but l do know that is fact.
    the ubiquitous high end vehicles driven by young people who do not appear to be lawyers, the exception.. they make you wonder.. hmmm.. but l digress.. naw.. pura vida.

  14. Worst thing in CR is the crime. Every house in this country is covered with metal bars and barbed wire. Just drive around and see for yourself

  15. That’s a very typical South American thing and get prepared to wait. I always start a conversation with someone waiting as well. Okay I speak fluent Spanish and I have phenomenal talks with the people, but if you read a book in the meantime it’s not a waist of time. Immigration is always a bother and for the US immigration process in particular I went through quite some shit and it worked out after almost 5 years. So just face it and come up with a plan as long as you are not a criminal you will get what you need to live in Costa Rica!

  16. As a business person, I know how crazy it gets. The amount of red tape you get to cut thru to do business here is very costly and time consuming to deal with.
    You can´t just inherit your home to your children without paying a tax on the home´s value. If your home is worth $100K, you get to pay 13% of that in IVA, plus other tax, plus layer fees, plus whatever. That´s why we have so many homes owned by the dead. Very few can afford changing ownership.

  17. I feel your pain. In addition to that, there are the crappy roads that I suspect result from gov’t corruption and the people who like to drive right in the middle of them.

  18. I have been here 16 yrs-I love it here but I do agree with some of your comments. I am getting used to it but I really do not like tico time, probably because I worked as a Capt *barcos( andd it seems you can not always get a straight answer about anything, other than that I will never leave here. The ticos, ticas are great people, you can get what ever climate you want except snow, I have one familly there kids think of me as Abuelo which I love and them, only suggestion I have.is if you come here do not try to make like the place you came from. Learn to live by there tules. I have as much if not more freedom here than the US.. PURA VIDA

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