How Much Does Land Cost in Costa Rica? (Our Homestead Land Price)

How Much Does Land Cost in Costa Rica? (Our Homestead Land Price)

How much did our 1 Acre Homestead land cost in Costa Rica?? Find out here ☀️ Learn a new language with Lingoda using https://try.lingoda.com/Sprint03_NaomiandMar or our code MARSHALL2022 for $25 off! Enjoy 😉 #Lingoda202203

In this video we answer your questions you asked us!
➾ How are we able to buy this land?
➾ How do we earn money?
➾ Are you able to get a residency as a foreigner in Costa Rica? And what about a citizenship?

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  1. Good video. Any particular area you would recommend? Not exactly looking for off grid, but have some space. Mountains or cooler weather is priority

  2. We are thinking of buying land in Costa Rica I been to southern side in San Isidro Perez and I know the weather is much cooler, you mentioned you went north how is the weather and how far north did u go. Congrats! Thanks

  3. Great video, it shows, you guys have found your paradise on earth. I will be moving to CR this year, also. so hopefully our paths will cross some day. thank you very much for all the information.

  4. So … undeveloped land, i.e., forest, you should never pay more than $2k an acre. Pasture, you should never pay more than $5k an acre. Price discovery in Costa Rica is almost non-existent. Costa Ricans and latinamericans in general typically have a ridiculous sense of value and will usually ask triple the closing price. If you’re patient, it’s a great time to buy in Costa Rica because the economy has been bad since 2018.

  5. So excited for you guys!
    Since I can’t give you a land-warming present <3 <3
    Costa Rica is one of my favorite places. This makes me so happy and I can’t wait to visit you some day!
    Much love,

  6. As a Costa Rican it is funny how she says that is amazing how a country allows you to just go and buy land. Well that is the problem, with a lot of people from other countries moving here, the locals are being kicked out of the land because of the high cost of living that this situation produce. Specially because you buy in dollars, not in our local coin. For you is a paradise, for locals is, having to relocate elsewhere. I hope one day, can be establish more regulations about buying land if you are from another country. Same thing is hapenning to Hawai.
    Not hate or anything, is good that you are happy here, but is sad as a Costa Rican to see how we are losing our own land.

  7. Nice, we bought some land in south Costa Rica (Pérez zeledon) 30 minutos from the beach (dominical) and very affordable… we are like you guys super happy 😊

  8. Hello! Thanks for the awesome video. Im curious did you guys get financing in the country you are from or in costa rica? Thanks

  9. I want to purchase land in Costa Rica, but the question that’s in my mind is how would I be able to live in Costa Rica without being a Citizen. I’m a New Zealand Citizen @New Earth Homestead

  10. Thanks for your social!! Haha I’m from the states and from here in Costa Rica. I wanna buy some land next my mothers property and I’m having a hard time getting ahold of the owner. It’s a real boots on the ground type deal just like you said. Thanks for the awesome video!!

  11. Do you know if these kind of prices are possible in a region like Domenical or close to Nosara? I am looking at those regions for land with water to build a retreat-permaculture sustainable home and business. Also, if you have any contact that you know could help me in my research that would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  12. I do have a question how long does that residency last and how much does it cost. Thanks in advance I’m so happy for you that you found your dream land how exciting

  13. Oh man. Thats def expensive land btw. Even in the US. You can get 10 acres for 50k very easily.

    But really cool video!

  14. This is a very informative video! Thanks for sharing. My wife is Argentinian and I am from the U.S. She still does not have a visa to be able to come to the U.S. We recently visited Costa Rica as it’s a beautiful place we can both visit visa-free. We really loved the warm and welcoming pura vida vibe and the cultural and societal emphasis on protecting and cherishing the natural world. We are interested in potentially buying a small piece of land in the mountains within an hours drive of CR’s South Pacific Coast and setting up a sustainable homestead in Costa Rica.

    We would love to meet up with you two when we return to CR. Cheers!

  15. So practical and down to earth! Thank you so much for sharing this! My wife and I are looking to move there and buy land and small time farm. Currently selling our home in the states. Hoping for the best

  16. So happy for you guys. I am surprised about the cost though – it is higher than I expected. Where I live in TX, USA land is about $25000 an acre with infrastructure. Is there a general sense in the community of what land is worth/market rate? I would think with communication and internet it would be hard to keep that information private.

  17. Could you share your sellers info can we come down and get introduced? We have been to Costa Rica a few times and have friends in matapalo region of guanacasta.

  18. Be sure and tell people if they are not residents that they will have to leave the country every 90 days. I am a permanent resident and have lived here 12 years. You have a lot to learn.

  19. Can you send me the coordinates of the land that had the river… I’m looking to go off grid and that might just be absolutely perfect

  20. I don’t get it, how was that too much space? I have 8 Hectar at 2000 meter altitude, I never once thought it was too much land… its not like you have to do something with all of it right away…

  21. Great video guys. Thanks for sharing. Cute couple. Since your investment is lower than the residency requirement, how are you able to stay there long term? Do you have to do a visa run?

  22. Squatter’s rights and long term renters in Costa Rica
    It might be very annoying to deal with a situation involving land invasion or people refusing to leave your property. Despite the fact that it is technically illegal and very much frowned upon to make someone else’s property yours while the owners are away, squatters have rights. Even in a situation where the renter is staying in the property after the lease has been terminated, there’s certain factors that could make the squatter acquire rights to the property.

    Squatters usually prefer properties located in rural areas that have the perfect conditions. In other words, properties with absent owners who usually live outside the country, properties without a fence and no appropriate maintenance or security. They simply occupy the property peacefully because the owner neglects to look after his investment properly, the land is left “abandoned” to a certain extent and next thing you know, squatters take over.

    Considering that a person can prove they own the property, it is logical to believe that getting rid of squatters would be as simple as demonstrating ownership over the land; but that is not necessarily the case. Article 279 of the Costa Rican civil code separates ownership from possession, and establishes possession rights over a property by means of occupation. A person can acquire rights to the property if the owner allows that person to use or maintain possession of said property for more than a year. Article 317 of the Civil Code states that possession cannot be taken away and therefore the claim must be made in Court as a regular lawsuit.

    During the first three months of occupation, the eviction can be done without the need of going to court. The owner simply needs to notify the local police about the situation, and ideally have proof of the invasion, (photographs, witnesses, etc.). At this point, the police have the obligation of proceeding with the eviction. If it’s been more than three months since the occupation, but before one year, the owner will need to file a complaint for trespass and start an administrative eviction complaint with the police. One of the best thing to do in order to avoid problems with squatters is simply to buy within a gated community, with 24h security. You will also avoid the risk of being robbed when you are not in the property.

    It is a similar situation when you own a rental property. If the lease expired and the tenants refuse to leave, they can become squatters of your property. If the tenants have a lease and don’t pay their rent, they also can become squatters. Tenant laws in Costa Rica are pro-tenant so renters can continue to live in the property for an extended period of time until the landlord exhausts all of his legal hurdles to evict them, a process than can take years in the worst case scenario.

    While we discuss renters, let’s mention that a lease in Costa Rica is for 3 years minimum, meaning a renter who duly accomplishes his obligations can legally stay for the period of time, no matter what the contract says. If the contract has a term beyond three years, the higher term rules. The contract can be either verbal or written. For obvious reasons, a written agreement is always better to clarify the specific obligations of each party. A renter cannot be evicted for any reasons if he pays his rent in time every month. Fortunately for the tenants and unfortunately for the owners, Costa Rica’s tenant law was designed to protect the tenant. There’s a good article written by the Costa Rica News about it with more details.

    If you are planning to sell your property that is rented long term, talk to your attorney and real estate agent about it so you can get prepared and terminate the lease with the renter 3 months ahead of the lease’s expiration. If the property title gets transferred into a new owner, the renter has the right to stay until the term of the contract finishes. Evictions can’t be requested based on a change of ownership. We also always recommend the buyers to buy properties that are vacant of long term renters to avoid any future legal conflicts.

    It is important to take all the measures needed in order to avoid squatters or difficult tenants. If you were to be in a situation where a matter like this ends up in court, having your property taxes paid and all ownership documentation up to date will help you get the legal assistance that you need.

  23. I had to subscribe. Your pure hearts pour out and this info was so valuable. Thank you I will continue to watch and support as well as I will maybe soon reach out 🙂

  24. Great video. I would like to buy land live partly off grid. As I don’t know anything about living off grid and perma culture, I would like to learn about it from like minded people. Do you have a suggestion where to look?

  25. Haha good luck building your house, I think I’d quite like to buy a lot of land somewhere even more remoter like Corcovado. Become self sufficient with a few acres of cultivation and keep the rest wild before the rest of the world starts sinking its greedy capitalist hooks into costa rica

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