How to travel in Costa Rica CHEAP! | You WON'T Believe it! | Costa Rica Travel Costs

How to travel in Costa Rica CHEAP! | You WON'T Believe it! | Costa Rica Travel Costs

Traveling in Costa Rica can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be! In this Costa Rica travel vlog we share our travel tips on how to travel in Costa Rica cheapl! You won’t believe it unless you see it for yourself! We had a fantastic time in Costa Rica and really experienced the Pura Vida lifestyle. During our time visiting Costa Rica we experienced some of the highlights of this amazing country, including the La Fortuna Waterfall, exploring the cloud forest of Monteverde, seeing some amazing wildlife and of course eating some delicious food!

In this video we share our full Costa Rica travel costs over our 25 days traveling in Costa Rica, including:
• Accommodation costs in Costa Rica
• Cost of food in Costa Rica
• Transport costs in Costa Rica
• Cost of Activities in Costa Rica
• Exit fees for Costa Rica
• Covid Travel Insurance for Costa Rica
• Cost of Covid Tests in Costa Rica

This video has captions in multiple languages.

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0:00 Introduction to Costa Rica Travel Vlog: How to travel in Costa Rica cheap
0:41 Why Costa Rica is a must visit destination
1:36 Costa Rica on a budget: Cost of Accommodation in Costa Rica
2:05 Cost of living Costa Rica: Long term rental accommodation in Costa Rica
2:42 How fast is the internet in Costa Rica?
2:59 Airbnb studio apartments in Costa Rica
3:22 Costa Rica Travel Tips: How to find cheap Accommodation in Costa Rica
6:33 How to find free accommodation in Costa Rica
6:52 How much does it cost to rent a fully furnished house in Costa Rica?
7:04 Budget Travel to Costa Rica: Cost of food in Costa Rica
7:23 Cheap eats Costa Rica: Casado lunch specials
8:01 How expensive is Costa Rica: Average cost of cafe and restaurant meals
8:39 Tax and service charge are included in the meal cost in Costa Rica
8:58 Cost of living Costa Rica: Grocery shopping in Costa Rica
10:06 Costa Rica travel cheap: Cost of transport in Costa Rica
10:35 Jeep-boat-jeep from La Fortuna to Monteverde Costa Rica
11:10 Costa Rica budget: Uber in Costa Rica
11:20 Cheap flights from Costa Rica to Miami USA
11:45 Prices in Costa Rica: Cost of activities in Costa Rica
12:25 Costa Rica Travel Tips: How to find the best prices for Activities in Costa Rica
12:53 Travel in Costa Rica on a budget: Free things to do in Costa Rica
13:52 Costa Rica costs: Exit fees when leaving Costa Rica
14:12 Cost of Costa Rica Travel Insurance if don’t have Covid vaccination
14:53 Costa Rica travel budget: Cost of Covid tests in Costa Rica

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The Vandersons – LUXURY BEACH VANLIFE FOR $0 A NIGHT [Santa Teresa, Costa Rica]

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Visit Costa Rica – The DON'Ts of Costa Rica

Pura Vida! Nothing symbolizes Costa Rica more than the catch all phrase “Pura Vida.” It symbolizes the free loving spirit and wonderful laid back attitude of the Ticos, the Costa Rican people. Costa Rica is a fabulous place to visit with many national parks, great beaches, tasty fruits and foods and so much more. This video covers what tourists and travelers should NOT do when they go to Costa Rica. The Don’ts of visiting Costa Rica.
Filmed in Liberia, Costa Rica
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  1. You did great!!!! Great tips for the tourist!!!
    I’m a tica living in the U.S.but I worked with tourists when I was living there. I miss my country that’s why I watched your video.
    Hugs and pura vida!!!

  2. Thank you. I would love to go to Costa Rica. I heard Panama was expensive as well. It’s hard for me to hike because I’m disabled great tips. I need to relax.

  3. You keep losing cause you keep seeing opportunities and letting it pass you by, I bring to you an amazing platform where you earn massive without stress..

  4. I have started researching retiring there and I enjoyed your video. It’s nice to find a helpful testimonial that isn’t full of smug gringos mugging for the camera, which are the kind of people I want to move away from. Good job.

  5. One of the worst things tho is the traffic, the roads aren’t the best, specifically anywhere else that isn’t the main highways. Going from Puntarenas to El Roble logically should take like 14 min but on bus it ends up being like 40 min. So yeah, do try and keep that in mind

  6. I’m going to La Fortuna this August…. I know it’s the rainy season. I’d like to know if it’s worth going with the family to that region. Should go more to the Pacific side or reschedule. I’m pretty excited for the kids to go I have a 6, 8 & 10 yr old. Looking for some advice. Also are yours still operating in that time of year?

  7. We are not used to "Pura Vida" lifestyle. It is good that you prepare people. I myself got frustrated at the airport; they only had one immigration agent, and the long line had about 60-70 people!!!
    I know you can’t say it because you would lose viewers, but I can…! NOT all Ticos are friendly. Any Tico in tourist business is not friendly at all. They can’t be! They look at tourists as "Walking Wallets". If you see someone in that regard, you cannot be nice to them. Adjust your expectations with the interactions you’ll have with different Ticos.

  8. This is very informative. Im going there with my family. Three questions. We’re going to three places, From San Jose to Punternas, and San Jose to Arenal and Arenal to Jaco and Jaco to Sanjose back.
    Question-1:- Do you recommend renting a car? or taking a taxi. We’ve lugggages to carry with us? Is
    Question-2:- We’re vegeterians, hope we get good vegeterian food choices?
    Question 3:- Presume Credit cards work there?

  9. What type of changes have you seen since covid? We are planning for September. My Uncle lives in Jaco, owns Ocean Ranch Adventure Park. We will stay with him but want to explore Arenal and other areas too.

  10. my advice to anyone planning to visit costa rica is to not just stay on the coast. The jungles and nature of the middle of the country are way more beautiful then the coast is IMO

  11. I’m already in love with this channel/your website!! Thank you guys so much!!! I want to go so badly, but I’ve heard getting around is hard and buses are hours apart. How do you recommend getting around?

  12. They don’t take dollars in the central valley for the most part so if you’re in Heredia or San Jose you need colones. In touristy areas near Liberia, however, yes dollars are taken at many places. But if you want to really experience Costa Rica outside of the touristy places, you’ll be using colones only.

  13. I’m a tico,and yes,sun is really strong,when I was like 5 years old I suffered a sunstroke,if my family didn’t find me and acted quickly,I wouldn’t be here telling the story,not a good experience I must say,also I’m a magnet for mosquitoes,back in childhood,whenever i went to visit relatives,we didn’t have bug spray,a total nightmare trying to sleep…

  14. my non by blood grandparents are locals. We live in non touristed areas when i went there, its beautiful, every local is nice when we pay they always say”Pura Vida!” and pops was great aswell.

  15. Pura vida Famous phrase used by Mexican actor named Clavillazo before Ticos they actuality got the idea from his movie made in 1955 checked facts.

  16. Noted conservationist and Jane Goodall confidant for more than forty years, who has resided in rural Costa Rica since 1993, and is credited with being the "realtor" who put Arenal on the map, has just announce plans for his swan song . . . creating a modern, environmentally sound eco-town in an exciting area of wildlife and forests. Modeled on the world famous Monteverde example, new technology shall allow much greated use of alternative and sustainable energy and buildling methods.

  17. I highly recommend not going to CR at this time (May 2022). Cr has lifted their Covid restrictions as of April 2022. There is a high number of tourists who test positive for Covid. CR has a quarantine period (7 days) and US wont let you fly back for 10 days. IF YOU STILL want to visit, make sure you get travel insurance that has a covid provision. Ty to avoid high tourist areas like Jaco, Limon, etc. As mush as I like staying in Hostels, don’t stay in a Hostel for the time being

  18. He is right on prices for places to stay, but have to disagree about food, drink, and stuff. If you stay in big tourist areas, you will pay those prices. Get away from those places. Don’t be afraid to drive. I can be nerve racking, but it is also a bit free to. Rules are just suggestions, lol. Eat at mom and pop stuff!! We took $700 for a week to spend. I came home with $300 and we didn’t skimp on anything.

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