I'm Living in the Jungle of Costa Rica…

I'm Living in the Jungle of Costa Rica…

About 3 months late but nonetheless here is a video of my time spent in the jungle of Costa Rica. I volunteered at a farm for the first few weeks and then a hostel on the beach.

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Dominical Costa Rica Tour – Dominical Beaches have Great Surf and Great Places to Live in Costa Rica

In this video, we’ll take a road trip and tour Costa Rica.

Today, we’ll tour Dominical Costa Rica. Playa Dominical or the Dominical Beach Town is a small but great little community on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. This is one of the Best Places to Live in Costa Rica and some of the nearby areas are really safe.

This town has pretty much everything you need as far as the basics for everyday living.

On this Dominical Tour, I’ll start with showing you a map of Dominical Costa Rica and show you our exact route.

We’ll ride through and show you everything on both sides of the road, show you the rocky Dominical Beach and the Dominical Surf.

Dominical has plenty of hotels, hostels, and places to learn how to surf if you are a beginner.

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More about this video:

Let us know if you think Dominical Costa Rica would be a Great Place to live in Costa Rica for you.

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
Allen Rich

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  1. This video is way too fast I can’t even make it past 11 it gives you a headache. I feel like I’m on a motorbike trying to catch everything that goes by. What a waste because it seem like such a good video very detailed.

  2. Is the new construction apartments? We are coming in April and looking to rent until we move down in a couple years. Please send me any info please

  3. Dominical is much smaller than I had envisioned, though quite beautiful and quaint. Here and Uvita are my 1st choices pre-exploratory trip (the month of May 2021), but it does feel quite… Over-touristy for it’s size, but perhaps that’s just the effect of being 1000 miles away and watching just a fly-by view.

  4. I’m trying not to loose my mind but the is no trash. I’m tripping 🎼 I’m tripping 🎼 no graffiti in sight 🎼🤗🤽

  5. Nice Video!! i would love to see one on Ojochal places to live and the area there. I am leaning to ward the lush area more so than previously.. So gorgeous ! Thanks so much for bringing this to us.

  6. Dominical is beautiful, I think I’m heading there this winter. Looking back into the mountains with the birds gliding into the clouds, is probably the most epic view I’ve had on the water. The surf is not to be taken lightly though, big barrelling monsters when it gets going. I don’t think I’ve ever been as scared surfing as Dominical on a big day. lots of people drown there, be very careful. It’s worth it though, totally tropical. Looks empty, is that the same everywhere at the moment?

  7. You know when we visited Dominical the brick street was full of vendors and was a highlight of our vacation. Our favorite restaurant down that way was La Parcela which we called the Monkey Restaurant. We loved it there. Thanks for the journey.

  8. Whooo Hoooo…..I think you will enjoy this video. Dominical is a Great Place to live and after seeing this video….you’ll understand why!

  9. Love that you guys give these real life tours!! For for those of us thinking about going to Costa Rica or relocating there this is an amazing tool that you’ve given us! I lived in Hawaii for 2 years, and this is similar of some areas and so beautiful! Thank you so much for all the effort that you put into your videos they’re really awesome! Just came across you guys about a week ago and so glad that I did!

  10. *You’re a great narrator Allen, with a rich voice, which makes it such a pleasure watching and listening to your videos. You could have a career as a smooooth jazz dj!*

  11. awesome video to see current domincal full spectrum . I have a place in between perez and domi and lived there for 10 years but haven’t been there much over the past years. It’s amazing how much dominical has not changed. super cool actually

  12. I’ve really liked your video, Dominical seems to be a nice place with the typical exhuberant nature of Costa Rica. It would be good, though, to have a bit of musical variety on the video. To listen to the same song for 19 minutes is a bit annoying.

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