Immediate Load Dental Teeth Implants Costa Rica

Immediate Load Dental Teeth Implants Costa Rica

Costa Rican expert dentist discusses the benefits of immediate load dental implants in Costa Rica.
Immediate load dental implants (also knows as same-day teeth implants) have been around for about 10 years and traditional dental implants have been there for about 30 years. Same-day dental implants are easy on the patient, they save time on the procedure. They are easy on the dental surgeon as no real surgery is required.
Thus, it is great for patients who are afraid of going into a dental surgery. It takes less than 10 minutes for the procedure, it is painless and also easier to adapt to.
The immediate load implant procedure is completed in a day. We see the patient a week later to check on the dental crowns. The next appointment is on the next day to confirm proper bite and address any other concerns that the patient may have. So, the entire dental trip will be done in less than 10 days, which is another advantage of same-day dental implants in Costa Rica. A full mouth restoration can take up to 12-18 months in the US and it can also cost about 70% more than what it costs in the US.

Teeth-in-an-Hour, teeth in a Day, same-day dental implants are all the same.
Anyone can be a candidate for immediate load dental implants, as the procedure is so easy unless there is a lot of bone loss. But most people are eligible for immediate load dental implants as the beauty of this procedure is that it requires much less bone strength than delayed dental implants. Also, people with certain health conditions may not be eligible. For instance, diabetics who do not control themselves.
People are often surprised by the quickness and ease with which these instant implants can be placed. Unlike regular dental implants, immediate load dental implants in Costa Rico painless and are also quite affordable.

Implant dentistry is a fast-growing dental tourism area in Costa Rica.

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  1. I had a very bad Experience with DentaVac in costa Rica, the messed up my teeth and charged me over $ 6,500 I can not recommend DentaVac !

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