Insider guide to the REAL costs of living in Costa Rica. Spoiler alert- it's higher than you think.

Insider guide to the REAL costs of living in Costa Rica. Spoiler alert- it's higher than you think.

Moving to Costa Rica? Or thinking about Costa Rica real estate? Please watch this first. Investing in Costa Rica is very rewarding, but go into it with all the facts. Even if you are just looking at Costa Rica travel for a vacation then this has lots of good information. This video is gives you the inside track on the real, no bull, costs of living in Costa Rica. I go through the costs of living for a normal, fun, relaxed expat beach lifestyle. I cover the costs of buying property, buying a car, supermarket shopping, gas prices and medical costs. I finish up with a brief chat about property management costs.

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How Much Does it Actually Cost to Live in Costa Rica? 💰 🇨🇷

Do you want to know how much it costs to live in Costa Rica? We break down our costs to live in Samara, Costa Rica with monthly and annual expenses. This is based on a family of 4 and our lifestyle, of course you can live cheaper or spend more depending on your level of comfort. We hope this helps in your decision to move to or retire in Costa Rica.

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  1. I always say "you can live much cheaper in Costa Rica"… but… "it depends on how you want to live and where". If you want to keep living with the same standard from US or Europe, there is a chance that life is more expensive here in Costa Rica.

  2. Great video guys. We’re also a family of 4 from Maple Ridge. We are getting out of Comada this summer for sure due to the Plandemic Genocide Tyranny. I am listing my house in June when the reno’s are complete. I’ve been considering CR but have never been there. We are probably very similar to you guys. 2 children ages 12 & 14. Are there english schools? Are your kids in a private school? Any info would be great. Thanks again!

  3. Hi there! Sorry for all the comments lol, have two kids crawling all over me. How do I set up a call with you? How much is it? Thanks

  4. So, you guys aren’t Costa Rican citizens? Are you staying on a visa? Do you mind if I email you for more information? My family and I are interested in moving from the US to Costa Rica!

  5. I’m traveling back to Samara tomorrow to look for long term rental before I buy. Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Is there any way yall could update this video after Covid changed things? If there’s any changes? Loved the video, it’s great info!

  7. Hi Dufresnes, I’ve been working my way through your videos and want to say how grateful I am that you put these together.
    We had been looking at Tamarindo but are now thinking of Samara as well. Also from Kelowna.

  8. If your Canadian ( like me ) – it costs a fortune due to the $$$ exchange .
    I was there in Feb 2020 for a month and when all was said and done I almost paid double due to the exchange w the US dollar …. Beautiful country but since our money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on – I won’t be going back .

  9. Thanks again for your knowledge a great book on expiates very rich and insightful intl publishers and Savy retirements. A global desire for knowledge. Coming from Ontario

  10. Can’t imagine the 100 thumbs down on this video, explain yourselves thumbs down voters! Great video giving us your experiences. Thanks so much!

  11. This is strange. You don’t pay the obligatory health insurance (caja costarricense del seguro social) while all of us locals have to pay it no matter what? Isn’t this illegal?

  12. Just found the channel. Love your production and the info you’re providing. So you moved down completely, from BC? I’m interested in your business model because I’d like to get out of the US and get to Central America where I can dive and live a healthier life. 🙂 I’d like to end up in a place that has nice ocean and reefs for diving / fishing andalso good amenities. Thanks a lot! Can’t wait to see the rest of your videos!

  13. hi Chris hope you and the family is well plus living in Costa Rica is a bonus 🙂 you should do conversion in euro and British pounds that would be pretty cool to know

  14. Great info….thanks for sharing! Any types of foods you eat less of or gave up bc the cost wasn’t justified? Are you doing any gardening? Such a short season in Canada but I still do it bc it’s healthy + fun. I bet things grow amazing there!!

  15. These depend on the area that you live in, in CR. The Caribbean side is cheaper. As for Medical, it’s 8-10% of your income.

  16. Could you guys give me some contacts for a property manager? My wife and I are moving to Costa Rica in December and we’re hoping to live in Samara. Worried about rent now.

  17. Thanks for this detailed breakdown. I like how you’ve got the summary at the end as well.
    We currently live in Nicaragua, due to the pandemic. Costa Rica was supposed to be the next country on our list and hopefully we can make it over that way at some point. Good to get an idea of how the cost of living compares to where we are now.

  18. Do u young people have a email or contact, I’m not good at computers but wife n I r looking to move there . I need some info for business or rental of rooms in a big home for income. We have 7 digits in Canadian funds 2 pensions ,one in Canadian n one in USA funds, my wife is dual🇨🇦🇺🇸 usa n Canadian, I’m only Canadian plz reply cheers!❤

  19. Been researching a move to CR from the US, cost of living is always going to be a top of mind, esp. with the utils. Seeing that CR is working on becoming a carbon neutral country, I would think that solar would be a more viable solution in costs/use.

  20. Great content 👍🏻
    Huge dedication and time for these videos.
    Canada is completely a rip off
    Escaping canada was like being reborn

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