Introduction to Advance Dental Costa Rica

Introduction to Advance Dental Costa Rica

Dear Patient:

At Advance Dental Costa Rica (http://www.advancedentalcostarica.com/) we are focus in providing you with a personalized approach to your needs. We want our patients to feel comfortable and secure in a professional and safe environment

We want to offer you a prompt answer to your questions and concerns, that might arise during your dental procedures. Our team will be looking for ways to comply with your needs in order to achieve the best dental care that we can offer to you

I did a 4 year full time residency at Loma Linda University, which allowed me to be in contact and learn from some of the most recognized and best dentist in the world, as part of this training I am able to provide you with the most modern and predictable techniques in dental treatments

As part of our responsibility with our patients, we have trained our staff in different continued education programs, with the aim of having the latest techniques in all the aspects of our dental practices

We have an state of the art dental office and we offer high quality dental options that have been approved by international standards that allow us to cover the necessities of our patients

Our office does not only have the accreditations of the Costa Rica Health Department and the Costa Rican Dental Association, but he have gone an step further and achieve international accreditations of the AAAASF and the American College of Prosthodontist, this is prove of our commitment to excellence and compromise to each of the patients that come to our office

We are based at Hospital CIMA, in Escazu, this location is known for being a safe, and convenient place with the capabilities to host a modern dental clinic

We are sure that in Advance Dental Costa Rica we can provide you with solutions to your needs, contact us and we gladly will provide you with more information.

Best Regards

Dr. Eugenio J. Brenes, D.D.S.

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