Is modular construction the future? | Hard Reset by Freethink

Is modular construction the future? | Hard Reset by Freethink

Is modular construction the future? | Hard Reset by Freethink

Is modular construction the future of buildings?

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We live in a world surrounded by homes, shopping centers, and office buildings built to withstand the test of time, but there’s a problem with this focus on permanence.

In our dynamic and ever-changing world, permanent structures often end up generating massive amounts of waste, whether through demolition or abandonment. In fact, global construction waste is expected to reach over two-billion tons per year by 2025.

That’s why modular construction, a building technique that dates back to the 1800s, is starting to pick up steam once again. The modular construction process involves transporting multiple prefabricated buildings which are connected on-site to form a complete structure.

It’s like LEGOs on steroids, using cranes for assembly rather than your fingertips. Because of the ease with which modular buildings can be disassembled and transported elsewhere for reuse, they could lead to exponential increases in efficiency and sustainability.

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  1. The only problem with this approach is in high seismic zones, where you need foundation to make the building stable.

  2. Ideally, children could become more enlightened in beautiful "not boxy" architecture that is inspiring.

  3. there is also the possibility that modular structures will drive the market for ornate interiors and distinctive exteriors .

  4. It isn’t new , and modular buildings are ugly, they can be useful for temporary needs, but what is temporary 40 years, more? Cities need to be nice, we live in them!

  5. Nice, but all of this is going to cost money. It’s not going to be cheaper than the alternative, in fact, it’s more expensive.

  6. With this amount of reuse it’s not only helping environmental but also costly hope it becomes mainstream within the construction industry

  7. I like modular structures over 3D printed structures, unless those modular structures are 3D printed as well.

  8. Love this concept… it is something that I have thought about too. To complete the story of green though, I would like to see manufacturing localized/onshored instead of shipping to the US for completion. But a very cool concept and I wish that everyone could start thinking more sustainably. 👍😃

  9. It makes the facility look like a prison. This prefab idea sucks especially in that there in only one shape and size. Cringe.

  10. Or we could use trains to transport people from where they are to where they need to be, and change zoning law, so housing can be affordable.

  11. This technology will eventually go to lower class, as mass production is always created to satisfy the demand of majority, which is basically lower and some mid classes, and in the future top class will still be enjoying their highly customized home, while the majority will live in lego home built with cheap costs. We are seeing probably the biggest dividing of human beings, but not many notice that.

  12. lego is is a GEM (no doubt) ,, but the flow of the vedio was amazing,,,, was hooked up till the end,, with that piano tone and that lovely voice

  13. Pretty niche product that can’t actually fill no big stake in a huge construction market. Plus it seems like utopia, we can’t customize it well and evr will be identical, idk what about USA, but in Europe it’s a big issue. Here we build (customized) modular housing for decades now, but it’s not being reassembled, idk any examples. When smth gets built it is here for many many years if it of course not a mistake like everyone made in 70th.
    For large factries and warehouses it’s another question it’s far simpler to use modules
    We have to remember that if smth is universal it’s not really the best actually
    Maybe it’s a good variant for some purposes like temporary hospitals, maybe for some schools and educational facilities, for army and temporary housing but it in the end have to be replaced with smth better if required

  14. lets not forget that modular and made to gauge and assembly line is what made ford a world leader in cars in the first half of the last century. simpler the standardization, greater the opportunity .

  15. This is excellent – another huge advantage would be how structures could be built close to the coast and then easily moved when sea level rise makes regular buildings uninhabitable

  16. For commercial buildings sure, but for living spaces, not likely. Where do they put the stairs and swewge pipes and electrical utilities? And windows? Plus how is the insulation for notice & heat? I am betting this will NOT catch on any time soon in modern cities.

  17. Done manifested cocreated now worldwide also make the building support structures out of titanium metal cheap strong light Doesnt break down

  18. So basically this innovation is a shipping container frame?? What am I missing? No thank you in my city. This a further step towards homogenization. Everything becoming the same lowest common denominator. Like everyone around you wearing Gap or H&M tshirt and jeans. Life is beautiful because of its variety, diversity of colors, shapes, flavors.

  19. I think that as long as utilitarian components of many different businesses are considered, including the height necessary for warehouses (which this model does not support) or the width necessary for hospital halls to be able to transport patient beds and stretchers at high speeds, then perhaps a bigger model would be best if there is to be a standard model. Honestly, there could be a standard model for office space, hospital space, and warehouse space, with increasing sizes, respectively. Having three types would not muddy the waters too much at all, but might optimize the utility of these modular spaces.

  20. That is the environmental cost of assembling, disassembling, relocating and reassembling a building 9 times?

  21. While this concept seems extremely pretentious or just another grifting scam, this modular approach to buildings can be cost effective, shorten construction time, completely eliminate the need to demolish and clean up the rubble, and actually provide opportunities for housing, commercial real estate, and even provide shelters and facilities for things like hospital space during the pandemic-
    *Why did the US or any country not do this sooner?*

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