Jaco Costa Rica | LITERALLY everything you need to know

Jaco Costa Rica | LITERALLY everything you need to know

Want to know about Jaco, Costa Rica? This will cover a lot about Jaco. Things to do in Jaco including El Miro, Playa Jaco, Playa hermosa, how to get to jaco from San Jose, what hostels are in Jaco, jaco’s nightlife, things to watch out for and more.

Went on the croc tour, video here:

Bus website:


Music by SmithTheMister, go buy his music!

Crocodile man tour footage here:

Cheetah and Crocodile footage here:

Intro 0:00
Getting to Jaco from San Jose 0:55
Getting to your hostel 2:24
Hostel Overview 4:09
Other places to stay and what’s in Jaco 6:34
Playa Jaco 7:15
Playa Hermosa 8:32
El Miro 10:05
A word of Caution 13:13
Paque Carara 15:24
Crocodile Bridge 16:47
Crocodile Man Tour 19:07
Things you NEED to know about Jaco 20:02

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  1. I highly recommend not going to CR at this time (May 2022). Cr has lifted their Covid restrictions as of April 2022. There is a high number of tourists who test positive for Covid. CR has a quarantine period (7 days) and US wont let you fly back for 10 days. IF YOU STILL want to visit, make sure you get travel insurance that has a covid provision. Ty to avoid high tourist areas like Jaco, Limon, etc. As much as I like staying in Hostels, don’t stay in a Hostel for the time being.

  2. Definitely harped on the professional women a little too long. The wife and I went there and one massage parlor lady waved at me one time and that was it. I wasn’t getting propositioned or harassed every time we visited the strip or anything even close to that. Just my experience.

  3. I pushed your that button mainly because your video is informative and second your a decent good man, that deserves praise.

  4. Great video, very informative. I’m going next months and I realize the weather is gonna pretty rainy. Any recommendations on bars or places to chill and watch the rain?

  5. 20:00 is the reason why 98% click on the video.. Doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in. 2 things are for certain. #1. Men choose women for who they are. #2 Women choose men for what they have. A woman in American would not look your way if you are a bum and have nothing. Thanks

  6. I’m taking my family in July (wife and two teenage sons). My in-laws have a timeshare we can trade for in Jaco (Jaco Bay Premium Towers). I’ve heard some things which you discussed after the 20 minute mark about Jaco. We are not going for nightlife obviously, and I’m sure we’ll be doing excursions in the day (hiking, national parks, rafting, ziplining, etc.). But I’m sure we’ll want some downtime at the hotel and we’ll want to go into town for shopping and a bite to eat. Will we be uncomfortable there as a family? Our other idea is to stay near Quepos at a resort (althought we’d have to pay for that, no timeshare there), close to Manuel Antonion NP. Any suggestions?.

  7. love your viedos bro, ill be dowe there next week for a few days. I heard its been raining up there and im planning on checking out El Miro depending on the landslides. Thanks for the info

  8. You hate girls seeing you as a dollar sign try going to Colombia that’s probably worse.

    I was going to get an Airbnb but after hearing the $16 a day I’m kind of curious now. Also I know you talked about the bus but I was wondering if it’s better to rent a car. Do you know anything about people being forced to pay for a third party insurance you have to get in CR when you rent the car?

    I was recently in Costa Rica and on on my trip to Jaco, I decided to stay in the Room2Board Hostel again. I met the owner and I have to say….he was an absolute d#*k. I literally cut my stay there short. I won’t blast him all over the internet but I can’t in good faith recommend people stay there after that experience. The hostel itself is nice so I understand if you’d rather still stay but I simply wanted to remove my stamp of approval. There is a Salina Hostel down the road from there, that is also on the beach and it is very nice as well. The link is here

  10. Hello Thanks for this interesting video. I`ve been to Costa Rica 9 times over the years and I always stay in Jaco. . One place I think you mentioned the El Cocal Hotel. I like going there to watch the sunset and have a beer or two. Yes there`s prostitutes and they will come onto you. But if you tell them politely No Sexo they will leave you alone. BTW prostitution in Costa Rica is legal but pimping is not. Like I said I love going to Jaco but I have no interest in spending time with the prostitutes. Did you go to Manuel Antonio park about an hour or so south of Jaco ? It`s far more interesting than Carra and you will see 4 kinds of monkeys two kinds of sloths and tons of parrots and other birds.

  11. I grew up in KC…graduated from SM South! Heading to Pochotal in July with a 4×4. Looking forward to exploring all of Costa Rica! Thanks for the video!

  12. A Costa Rican native friend of mine – his mom back in the 80s was forced into prostitution and he’s the product of that. His mom died young from aids and he doesn’t know who his father is – sad.

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