Legally Blind from Canada to Costa Rica – Plastic Surgery Medical Tourism

Legally Blind from Canada to Costa Rica – Plastic Surgery Medical Tourism

#legallyblind #Canada #PlasticSurgery ‘Legally Blind from Canada to Costa Rica – Plastic Surgery Medical Tourism’ Roxanne is from Canada. She is legally blind. She listens to Travel Costa Rica NOW videos. She saw videos with our medical/dental tourism guy, Johnny. She filled out the quick form on our website. Johnny got a hold of her, they consulted and then she flew from Canada to Costa Rica by herself to get plastic surgery and some dental work done.

Johnny has helped many folks come to Costa Rica to get their health needs met. The testimonials are stacking up. What everyone seems to say, is Johnny goes above and beyond.

Thinking about liposuction, breast augmentation, stem cell therapy, hip replacement, cosmetic surgery or anything dental like implants or veneers? Want to contact Johnny and inquire about how he can help you? GO to our website TravelCostaRicaNOW.com scroll down a bit a fill out the quick form and I will shoot it over to Johnny ASAP.

START HERE to find out if Costa Rica is right for you or not, so if you really want to get a good idea if Costa Rica is right for you- Check OUT these videos and you will know within the hour if you should pursue a life in Costa Rica or NOT. If you decide Costa Rica might be a good fit, maybe now is the time to contact us at- info@travelcostaricanow.com

-The Ten Commandments for Living in Costa Rica- https://youtu.be/u4vo-5Thgzc
-Living in Costa Rica The Top 10 Things You May Hate- https://youtu.be/Lkc17tGhnQY
-Oldy but a goody. Still relevant- Living in Costa Rica Culture Shock- https://youtu.be/Fou20wUrVpI -Costa Rica 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Move There- https://youtu.be/uvMp2DG-Yr8
-Living Cheap in Costa Rica- https://youtu.be/ptUOjTpsAWY
-Living in Costa Rica 10 Annoying Things Must See https://youtu.be/xn1NjfFdJDc
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-Moving Retiring to Costa Rica BEST Expat Interview (Must SEE) https://youtu.be/So_2yOemch0

Making the move to Costa Rica, live in Costa Rica can be quite the adventure, possibly stressful but definitely an adventure. Nothing can be more annoying, frustrating than learning things the hard way because you really don’t understand how it is in Costa Rica, especially in the gringo community. The trick is to try and not make too big of mistakes the first year or two you are living in Costa Rica. For example, gringo pricing, which is a real thing, happens to just about everyone who makes the move, even when they’ve done the research, go figure. But eventually we all learn. 2 things I recommend you don’t do the first two years of living in Costa Rica is buy property and jump into getting your residency, especially when you don’t even know you will really like living abroad, overseas, international living in Costa Rica. So in general those are two good rules to follow. Yes, obviously there are exceptions but that doesn’t mean you are one of them. Another general rule is to not jump into a small business that you really had no intention of getting into in the first place. But friends here have a way of separating gringos, expat community, from their money. Pick your friends wisely in Costa Rica. Wait to start that business. Observe your surroundings and the people in them before making fast friends with anyone in Costa Rica.

Travel Costa Rica NOW is a travel agency. GO to http://TravelCostaRicaNOW.com FILL OUT the 4-minute form and you’ll be that much closer to the vacation of a lifetime. Travel Costa Rica NOW is like you having best friends who live in Costa Rica, who know Costa Rica, totally hooking up your Costa Rica vacation.

Questions/Comments? Email us- info@travelcostaricanow.com


  1. wow, what a touching and heart warming video….everyone needs a little help now and then…just being a good person to everyone defines who we are….kudos to johnny

  2. Thanks Mike for this video. I admire your guest’s pluck in traveling to Costa Rica on her own. As a person who has been totally blind for 51 years now and one who has traveled the world, I can assert that the biggest hurdle to travel is getting over fear of the unknown.

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