LEGO Boutique Hotel 10297 modular building review! "Classy" is the word of the day

LEGO Boutique Hotel 10297 modular building review! "Classy" is the word of the day

Independent, #NotSponsored, unscripted fan review of the LEGO Boutique Hotel modular building with 3-story main structure & small art gallery.
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  1. I haven’t watched the video yet; why is every comment about tree colors; we here to look at a building right?? Right???

  2. Originally I wasn’t planning on getting this, but now that I’ve seen it in depth, I think I’m gonna shell out a couple hundred to get it. Great vid

  3. 10:37 is there a ghost that says "lime green" in the background? lol. Amazing set and amazing review Jang. Personally I am satisfied with the lime green color on the "palm" tree.

  4. I think my one problem with this set personally, is that since inside it is a hotel it doesnt feel personalized. So I feel like I’m missing out on some details.

  5. Picked this up in the UK for £139.99 on sale from John Lewis.
    Love the build, only ruined by that tree and the corner showing which was pointed out.
    The drain pipe idea is a good one to fix that.

  6. what i love about this channel is not only jang and his wonderful, thorough reviews but also the community. i see a lot of people are disagreeing with jang’s opinion about the palm tree, but they’re not being rude about it they are politely disagreeing. wholesome community!

  7. I do think the lime green color for the palm tree gives the building freshness and openness as opposed to a darker green.I like it.

  8. i actually prefer the lime green palm leaves! it adds a pop of color that works really well with the other colors in my opinion 🙂

  9. Tbh the set looks way better without the tree and art stands. It’s less crowded and feels more serious. However, it still maintains that fun, whimsical Lego charm.

  10. I built mine with another tree, adding a bathroom on the first floor changing it in one single room and adding a lift 🤗. Otherwise I like it very much 😁

  11. Maybe the tree was meant to be fake instead of the real. It deffo looks better with the normal green leaves. It’s nice to see a bathroom for a house/living space again too (looking at birch books with two houses, 0 toilets and only one kitchen space😕) really drags that set down for me

  12. Great set, i just think it needed more floor space to add more rooms, bathrooms and elevator. And I also think the palm tree looks out of place

  13. I personally like the lime green old man palm / sable palm not just for the contrast but to set the feel, it makes it feel like a more tropical themed hotel set in miami in the 60s or so. A nice notion to my home state 🙂

  14. 5:50 pretty sure that’s a reference to galidor. Specifically the Nick Bluetooth sets and tge Nick Bluetooth McDonalds abomination -I mean set

  15. OK, I know no one at Lego will see this, but they need to make a matching lamp for the typewriter, like in the middle sized suite. Green glass, gold drum lacquered arm and base, pure class.

  16. I think the tree adds contrast and some color, moving it from a little bit of a serious look. I wish there was not a bar though. It seems like something else would have been better for what this is.

  17. I just finished making this boutique hotel.
    What are the purpose of the hinges on the different floors ?
    I thought that they might open up the floors.
    But they don’t.

  18. I feel like the tree just doesn’t fit. I don’t hate the tree, but this structure says “Western Europe” to me, and that doesn’t fit in any palm trees. Also, that space where the tree sits has some cute detailing that looks great opened up.

    Aside from that, I see you have some gunpla, which I just recently got into. I’m not surprised, but I am happy to see it.

  19. Don’t really care about the tree. My big question is: Do the floors lift off? If I can’t see all that intricate detail, it’s a deal breaker for me,

  20. Hi I am looking to get my first modular set and I’m between this and the police station what one do you think is a better first modular

  21. I quite like the light green palm. I think if I were to make any changes it would be to replace that tree with something more local to where I live but I think it works fine as it is

  22. Two thoughts:

    1.) the actual printed “painting” in the art gallery seems to be a cubist rendition of the original Nick Bluetooth Happy Meal toy from Galidor
    2.) every time you did the lime green (lime green) thing, the Bionicle nerd in me wanted to shiver!🤣

  23. I agree the tree is a terrible color. Stand out like a sore thumb. Hopefully I can buy darker leaves like you changed out. Kudos – great video.

  24. Rewatching this, I didn’t catch that the removable 2×4 printed painting in El Cubo is Nick Bluetooth from Galidor. They reference that line far more than I’d ever expect.

  25. Saying the cramped stairwell and rooms are not realistic really shows you have not travelled in Europe. I once stayed in a UK hotel that had a toilet in the cupboard, so when you sat on it your legs would stick out with your knees touching the side of your bed. Despite this it advertised itself as having an ensuite.

  26. I honestly love the tree, the colour gives it some sort of Mediterranean flair. In generally it’s a beautiful set, I love the flesh colour, and of course sand green (which might be my overall favourite colour in the Lego world…). I am currently building it, and as you say, it’s not very difficult or challeging, but perfect for me to relax after a hard day’s work ^^ Of course, 200 € is a lot of money. I bought it with two GWP (Vintage Taxi and Chines New Year’s tiger), so it was ok.

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