LEGO Boutique Hotel Modular Building Review (10297 | 2022)

LEGO Boutique Hotel Modular Building Review (10297 | 2022)

Take a detailed look at the 2022 LEGO Modular Building the Boutique Hotel 10297 in this review video.

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  1. I think the cube in the art gallery is a reference/Easter egg to the one that was on the older creator expert set boxes

  2. Colour is called light nougat I think. It used to be flesh on BL, but when Lego bought bricklink they thought it wasn’t very inclusive to labil one colour as the "normal" flesh colour. I had never thought of that, but it makes total sense and it’s great to have a more neutral name! 😀

    I was very excited about all the new light nougat pieces, there have only been very few pieces made in that colour before.

  3. Can’t wait to get this set, I think I’m going to build it as a mirrored version of itself so the art gallery is next to the diners stairs

  4. It’s a well built set but I’m a bit underwhelmed, it is very small for a hotel and doesn’t really fit in a city environment.

  5. The back of the box shows the Boutique Hotel in between the Police Station (10278) and the Bookshop (10270).

  6. I love the exterior, but they could have done more with the interior.
    The lobby is so very big and empty… and a hotel really needs more than just 3 rooms 😉

  7. I dislike the nougat color and overall color scheme. One of the few modulars that I am not excited about.

  8. Hey Bricksie… could a person build that on two plates with the angle of the hotel facing the street? It would really accentuate the amazing shape of the building and that way it wouldn’t need to sit on a corner? (Like how it looks on the front on the box.) Just a thought…

  9. Really a beautiful building 😻. Can’t wait to see you struggle finding a place for it in your city haha.
    I wonder if the Musical Hall reference is a hint towards next year modular 🤔
    Also, that nice minifig with the glasses reminds me of Mrs Bricksie! Is it just me?

  10. Don’t get the hate this set has, this thing is really good! Sure, it is quite smaller than other modulars, but is is really cool!

  11. The scene on the TV in the top room looks like it could be another scene from the b&w movie starring Minnie Figure from the movie theater set!

  12. This set is really small but costs a lot more than other modulars! Such tiny rooms and tiny building (very short) . The new lego modular building style since the last year’s police station looks more like a MOC style from alternative brands.

  13. rather disappointing for an anniversary set. i’ve never seen palm trees with vertical leaves.

  14. Beautiful building however I was hoping for a larger art gallery floor to add to my lego city. 😭

  15. Really hope there’s a modular skyscraper like building in the future but in a way that keeps the older theme

  16. I love the modular buildings that have the round corner on one of the corners. It makes it so satisfying placing one floor on top of another one, and the shape fits perfectly

  17. The exterior looks nice, but I really don’t like the light nougat color used on the second floor… 😱

  18. Buddy just a heads up… im from Edmonton to and all i have to say is stop being rude to the employees at the lego store WEN and southgate. And im being really polite atm

  19. somehow videos about the placement of new lego sets into your lego city intrigues me more than these type of reviews :). The tighteness of the room causes difficulty for you but I think the placement of them takes much more attention than classical revievs. We also wait the placement video 🙂

  20. Can we praise Lego for finally giving us a modular that might go well when placed to the right of the Parisian Restaurant?

  21. Is it me, or does that giant box lead you to believe the assembled unit would be much bigger then it really is? I like it just the same. 🙂

  22. Where can I find a part list per bag? I think I’ll get the bags for the second floor and modify the smaller hotel room into a hotel bathroom for all guests.

  23. I like the design but not sure about the color scheme specially in the second floor and I think the palm tree does not match well in this set but is a great build

  24. This set desperately needed an elevator. Not only is the luggage cart completely pointless without one but also i cannot think of any pop culture or real hotel without a elevator

  25. It’s a shame the snake fence thing on the roof doesn’t go around the side of the building too, hopefully it won’t look too odd next to other buildings

    Other than that, it’s an amazing build. Can’t wait to pick it up eventually

  26. I am disappointed with this set. All the gorgeous details on each floor are not really visible unless you remove the floor above. Which isn’t too difficult to do, I guess there is no happy solution.

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