LEGO BUILDING STORIES | 15 Years of LEGO Modular Buildings

LEGO BUILDING STORIES | 15 Years of LEGO Modular Buildings

This year we’re celebrating 15 Years of LEGO Modular Buildings. Learn about the history of the much-loved series and discover the easter eggs hidden in the detailed models! Let Creative Lead Jamie show you the whole Modular collection as he goes inside the secret LEGO vault, hidden beneath the company HQ in Billund, Denmark.

Check out the full LEGO Modular Buildings range: https://www.lego.com/15-years-lego-mo…

Look out for more LEGO Building Stories videos where we’ll show you everything you’ve always wanted to know about the brick!

00:00:00 – Greetings from Jamie
00:00:26 – Into the Vault
00:04:46 – 10182 Café Corner
00:07:00 – 10190 Market Street
00:09:02 – 10185 Green Grocer
00:11:12 – 10197 Fire Brigade
00:12:59 – 10211 Grand Emporium
00:14:23 – 10232 Palace Cinema
00:16:25 – 10218 Pet Shop
00:18:04 – 10224 Town Hall
00:19:42 – 10246 Detective’s Office
00:22:23 – 10251 Brick Bank
00:25:00 – 10264 Corner Garage
00:27:32 – 10243 Parisian Restaurant
00:30:06 – 10255 Assembly Square
00:32:36 – 10260 Downtown Diner
00:34:28 – 10270 Bookshop
00:34:28 – 10270 Bookshop
00:36:50 – 10278 Police Station
00:39:00 – 10297 Boutique Hotel

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  1. My first modular was the detectives office which I got in 2018 it immediately got me hooked on modulars and I had to get the perisan restaurant since in 2014 I had entered a lego club contest to actually win one did not win the contest so it was always on my wanted list since 2014 I finally got it in 2019 when I went to my closest mall which also happens to have my local lego store for a school trip my senior year of high school. Then in 2020 as a way to celebrate getting my first real job I saved up my money and got a palace cinema for my lego city off ebay which allowed me to have my 3 favorite modulars of all time in my lego city. Pet shop would had been a nice one but when it was out I was just starting to get into lego and was only 10 when it came out also hadn’t even heard of the modulars at that point so unfortunately I missed out on it but I have since made a moc pet store for my lego city that follows the modulars only lacks the details also my pet store is a corner since I only have 3 ofical corner modulars. Palace cinema, corner garage and boutique hotel.

  2. I just got back into LEGO last year with the Treehouse set. Now I’m building Assembly Square and can’t get enough of it! I love the modular buildings collection 🙂 Thank you for showcasing it here.

    I just need either a full mini modular set to display, or a new real, non-LEGO house to store all these full-sized buildings in! lol

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