LEGO BUILDING STORIES | 15 Years of LEGO Modular Buildings

LEGO BUILDING STORIES | 15 Years of LEGO Modular Buildings

This year we’re celebrating 15 Years of LEGO Modular Buildings. Learn about the history of the much-loved series and discover the easter eggs hidden in the detailed models! Let Creative Lead Jamie show you the whole Modular collection as he goes inside the secret LEGO vault, hidden beneath the company HQ in Billund, Denmark.

Check out the full LEGO Modular Buildings range:

Look out for more LEGO Building Stories videos where we’ll show you everything you’ve always wanted to know about the brick!

00:00:00 – Greetings from Jamie
00:00:26 – Into the Vault
00:04:46 – 10182 Café Corner
00:07:00 – 10190 Market Street
00:09:02 – 10185 Green Grocer
00:11:12 – 10197 Fire Brigade
00:12:59 – 10211 Grand Emporium
00:14:23 – 10232 Palace Cinema
00:16:25 – 10218 Pet Shop
00:18:04 – 10224 Town Hall
00:19:42 – 10246 Detective’s Office
00:22:23 – 10251 Brick Bank
00:25:00 – 10264 Corner Garage
00:27:32 – 10243 Parisian Restaurant
00:30:06 – 10255 Assembly Square
00:32:36 – 10260 Downtown Diner
00:34:28 – 10270 Bookshop
00:34:28 – 10270 Bookshop
00:36:50 – 10278 Police Station
00:39:00 – 10297 Boutique Hotel

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  1. Why does the video have such a low quality in resolution? Such a milestone video should be way better than this. I love Jamie all the time, big fan BTW.

  2. I am happy to own 5 of these.
    They look awsome with old fashioned road plates and extra pavement tiles. 💛
    Love the stories.

  3. Amazing. Any chance of a higher quality upload please LEGO?

    (Oh, and while we’re at it a reissue of the early Modulars that have been discontinued 😉)

  4. I got em all! Love the OG 3 the most. Can’t wait for my modular Lego Store and Venitian houses to come in from the designer program!

  5. Awesome showcase of all the modular buildings! Just wish this video was available in higher quality (at least 1080p) so we can see all the little details.

  6. Great video Brickmaster Jamie is the man!!!!Love all these builds appreciate a little lesson on each one.Can we get a rerelease of the Town Hall so I can afford one 🙏 🙏 🙏?

  7. Now realising that the 25th anniversary will also be the Lego group’s centenary, I am very much looking forward to 2032’s addition!

  8. Its also interesting to hear the comment that the Cafe Corner didn’t have access to windows and doors and they made "new pieces" but I have sets from 1982 like the 6272 Townhouse that has full size windows and doors, The motorcycle shop 6373 from 1984 again with full glass windows and doors, and of course the 1985 airport set 6392 again with full size windows and doors. Odd comment? Anyone else remember these old 80s sets with windows and doors?

  9. Crazy that Lego a company that sells plastic blocks with a profit of $3.4B in 2021 still cannot upload in 1080p!

  10. I’m only missing the first 3 modulars… their price nowadays is completely ridiculous, but I really wish I could add Green Grocer to my collection…

  11. You’d think for the lego vaul that contains every set ever made it would be in a larger space or warehouse type of set up, not some basement utility room lol.

  12. Great video! I love the backstories of all the sets. Jamie is so natural on camera, I could watch and hear him tell stories for hours especially with all the amazing details about the designers, builds, techniques, colors, and minifigures. May I recommend you show more of the details of each build. I would love to see these builds up close especially the details of different building techniques and the interiors of each set. Zooming in to see the details would be amazing. Otherwise, more videos like this please 🙂

  13. lego with billions in revenue but can only manage a 480p video. pls reupload in at least 1080p to do justice to this otherwise wonderful video

  14. I have all of the modular buildings. Fell in love as an architect with the buildings and tracked down each one. Do not have the Factory one and sorry that one is not a modular building… nice try, but not official.

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