Take a detailed look at all of the LEGO Modular Building in the city! This includes OVER 30 BUILDINGS! They include the LEGO Creator Expert sets, custom builds, re-MOCs, and custom creations! Take a look at the Fire Brigade, Ghostbusters HQ, Avengers Tower, Town Hall… the list goes on forever!

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  1. I may not have any Lego modular buildings myself, but this downtown city is breathtaking and incredible! The custom models are interesting too. Keep it up!

  2. Hey Bricksie, could you maybe make a short video showing all of your city? Asking because I couldn’t watch you in the past weeks and I wonder how much has changed

  3. My family loves watching the updates and reviews of your city. Regarding your Disney costume shop, perhaps the new hidden Mickey element from the 4+ sets to replace the Mickey head on the front of the building would do the trick. Keep up the great work!

  4. I love modular builds, both the official and moc ones. Something about the entrance way to the town hall looks odd, is a part on backwards?

  5. Your LEGO city is awesome !! The minifigures are great . You out in a lot of work and your content is really fun and entertaining.
    You just gained another subscriber

  6. Hey Jordan is there any way to PM you? I have a question about the Sit-Complex Tower. I am sourcing parts for it now. If you can assist me I would greatly appreciate it.

  7. Thos is like a dream. I just see no lego space, miss that! But you have achieved a nice city. Like the way you ajusted those buildings with the roads, linking them is not that simple (like I saw that with my kids at the first confinement)

  8. Hippo watch..
    So is hippo number 1 playing Pool or visiting Al’s
    And the Ghostbusters have some work to do trying to zap hippo number 2 out the door..

  9. Great video, love the modulars. Only recently started collecting them myself – I have the current ones and also the diner. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

  10. Found the Hippo in two locations. Enjoyed the tour of the Modular buildings and the way you placed them. Looks really great. I do like it when you give tours of the your city. Looking forward to more videos.

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