Live in Costa Rica but Don't BUY Property in Costa Rica πŸ‡¨πŸ‡· wait..what? but You're a Real Estate Ch.πŸ€”

Live in Costa Rica but Don't BUY Property in Costa Rica πŸ‡¨πŸ‡· wait..what? but You're a Real Estate Ch.πŸ€”

#liveinCostaRica #buyingpropertyinCostaRica #CostaRicarealestate Live in Costa Rica but Don’t BUY Property in Costa Rica πŸ‡¨πŸ‡· wait..what? but You’re a Real Estate Ch.πŸ€”’ Thinking about moving, relocating, living a life in Costa Rica? Starting a business in Costa Rica and live the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle in one the happiest places on the planet? How do you know if Costa Rica is right for you? You don’t really, which is why this video, ‘Live in Costa Rica but Don’t BUY Property in Costa Rica πŸ‡¨πŸ‡· wait..what? but You’re a Real Estate Ch.πŸ€”’ is so important. What about buying property? If I find real estate in Costa Rica that is cheap, should I buy land or property right away? Moving to Costa Rica from USA or just moving to Costa Rica from anywhere is relatively easy. Many people decide to retire in Costa Rica because of its natural beauty, simple life and laid back living. People need to understand theres’ pro’s and con’s of living in Costa Rica or living abroad anywhere. Living in Costa Rica as an american expat is many people’s dream life. Moving to Costa Rica with family can also be very rewarding for the entire family. Retiring in Costa Rica, living abroad or living overseas one always needs to do ones research and homework. You should not buy real estate when first arriving in Costa Rica. Costa rica residency, buying a home in Costa Rica ,buying property in Costa Rica needs to be a well thought out plan before just diving in. Please before thinking about buying land, property, pre-existing homes or any real estate in Costa Rica, please check out this video, ‘Live in Costa Rica but Don’t BUY Property in Costa Rica πŸ‡¨πŸ‡· wait..what? but You’re a Real Estate Ch.πŸ€”’

Planning on moving to Costa Rica with family? Move to Costa Rica for a year? Relocating with a pet? Traveling to Costa Rica with kids? When you first came to Costa Rica don’t make these 4 big mistakes. Living over seas can be stressful enough without adding more stress by buying things you don’t really need. Starting a business in Costa Rica is doable but give it some time. How to move to Costa Rica is a fairly simple process. You can live the pura vida life style in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is in central America. International living can be affordable. How much Does It Cost To Move To Costa Rica? Costa Rica Expat Life. How to expats live in Costa Rica on the cheap? Finding a rental property is easy in Costa Rica. I got a million people that want to leave the United States for Costa Rica.

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Wondering where the gringo’s live, where the expats are? Here’s few favorite places and areas US, Canandians and Europeans like to live in Costa Rica- La Fortuna, El Castillo, Nuevo Arenal, Tiliran, Tamarindo, Samara, Nosara, Mal Pais, Montezuma, Manuel Antonio, Jaco, Dominical, Uvita, the Osa Peninsula, Grecia, Atenas, Santa Ana, San Ramon… just to name a few πŸ˜‰

Hope you ENjoYed this video, ‘Live in Costa Rica but Don’t BUY Property in Costa Rica πŸ‡¨πŸ‡· wait..what? but You’re a Real Estate Ch.πŸ€”’ and hope to see you in Costa Rica soon. Pura Vida from Travel Costa Rica NOW.


  1. Literally the only reason not to buy that is stated is β€œbecause you won’t be able to judge what it’s really like to live here till after you’ve been here for 20months”. Stupid. The same logic applies to ANY location. Can you give some respond that actually related specifically to Costa Rica or the title of this video? For buying for myself or as an investment?

  2. That is a long a$$ video for a short (but good) message. Get a script next time, be clear and short and i d suscribe

  3. Hi, don’t know how well your brutal honesty is going to translate into sales, but it is appreciated – even it does make some rethink and carefully consider moving to Costa Rica.

    Question though, I have noticed a huge difference in condo costs around the Tamarindo area. I am carefully considering a winter property in the Tamarindo area but wont realistically be ready to buy until about this time next year. I am looking for a loft style condo with 2 bedrooms within walking distance of the Tamarindo beaches. My budget is $200,000 . What am I looking at in this price range ? I want to visit a couple of times first and might just rent for a month or so first before deciding. The area seems to have (without visiting it first) to have everything I am looking for (the crime rate seems to be exception).

  4. yeah man when your a plant lover the obvious place is costa rica. Tell annika to hook garrettk94 up lol you referred me to her. cant wait for my vacation

  5. Great video. Im the one that has been coming to CR for almost 20 years now. I have bought and sold 4 properties I’m that time frame. I have finally settled into a property that we are now getting ready to break ground and start to build. But I know what you are saying about the intoxication. Can’t wait to move down there. Oh and by the way people. I am very fortunate to have married a Tica which makes things Soooooooo much easier. And her Dad is like the mayor. Knows every and everything.

  6. But…we like living a in place for two years and then selling! We always make money on our properties…Why would Costa Rica be any different? It seems like a lot of people are buying there.

  7. I think that advice should apply to wherever in this world someone thinks about moving to. Again, as you said it…. visit or try to live in that place for a good 2+ years. Great advice and keep up the good work πŸ‘.

  8. somewhere close to the end of this, I said something like, ‘…..a know a many of you don’t give a rip about Costa Rica’. I meant to say, "don’t give a rip about real estate in Costa Rica’. my bad.

  9. also people with capitalist mentality, need to understand that CR is a socialist country and not a capitalist one. don’t try to make it fit something it is not. don’t purchase and don’t 100% commit. rent in different places too!

  10. Hey bro! Great video! Just wondering what the status of Covid is in Costa Rica specifically in terms of Freedoms/Liberties/Rights? Things are getting a little hairy up in The West and considering a move

  11. My friend and I are looking to either purchase or rent, but we will only be living there May through September and then lease it out from October through April. No residency. Can you help….? If so, contact Micheal Odom in the US at (512) 461-5222. Hope to hear from you soon.

  12. I will be renting when I come, but it’s scary to hear that because, at least where I’m coming from, renting us a BAD experience. So many rules, so much money. It takes $2000, at least every time you checks,job checks.. it’s crazy! So when you find a place you want to stay as long as possible. Very different from renting down there I see

  13. I put 5000.00 down on a piece of property in Arenal. I was only there a month! He’s telling the truth! Omg. You become hypnotized!! Lolz. I was lucky my bank would not send , transfer me the money! (75,000) they told me to fly back to California and transfer the money personally!! Wow. They saved me! I went home. Went to the bank. Set up the transfer after setting up an account in Costa Rica. Just as the banker was preparing the transfer, just before she hit that button. I remembered all the giant roaches which are inevitable. And the giant snakes that will come set up housekeeping in even the most expensive neighborhoods. Bugs and snakes absolutely everywhere. Just like ants ,rats and little bugs we have? No these are huge. I stopped the transfer. You can rent a place down there so cheap still. No credit checks at all. Just have the money. Money talks in Costa Rica. Your credit is not the issue.

  14. I love your tone on this! It is so spot on! It was about a year or so into staying/living in Costa Rica that my wife started thinking that it might not be right for her – roughly around the same time I decided that there was no where else I would rather be. This kind of dilemma is another reason that the 20 month rule is so important!

  15. What you say is correct.
    In my case, my goal is to live there in autonomy. Renting is not a good idea. Trees and plants take time to grow… I don’t want to lose 2 years.

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