LIVING ABROAD in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica- Interview with an expat. Qu & Mawusi

LIVING ABROAD in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica- Interview with an expat. Qu & Mawusi

Interview with an expat. Puerto Viejo Costa Rica. Qu and Mawusi decided to pack up their life in GA, sell their “baggage”, and move to Puerto Viejo Costa Rica- Paradise. Listen as they explain the “why” and how they managed to live and grow in paradise.

Song: “She Wanna Run Away” by Fountain of Roots
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Location: Hotel Banana Azul- https://www.bananaazul.com/

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Disadvantages Or Cons of Living In Costa Rica -The Dark Side of Costa Rica Expat Life

I almost left after 13 years of living in Costa Rica. The downsides of living in Costa Rica were weighing too heavy on me. Find out my cons of living in Costa Rica and why I had a dark side in my Costa Rica expat life. These disadvantages of living in Costa Rica might be different to you of course but I want to share my story with you.

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I am a Dutch expat and I have been living in Costa Rica for 16 years. I always like to share my experiences of Costa Rica Living with you. The pro’s about Costa Rica Living and the cons of living in Costa Rica

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Thanks for watching: Disadvantages Or Cons of Living In Costa Rica -The Dark Side of Costa Rica Expat Life. https://youtu.be/atKQfehKykI

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  1. Hi! I’ve been following your videos, love all the info! I’m going to CR on Sunday and have been reading negative things about renting cars there. Can I have your opinion on that? Do you recommend any reputable car rental company?

  2. HOW RIGHT YOU ARE, WANDA ! During our 5 years in San Ramon de Alajuela, we encountered SO MUCH bureaucracy & duplication ! Since I am Tica / American, I had less problems. But my husband had to go thru the whole scenario with immigration, to get his "residencia" and "cedula". And DON’T even talk about CONSTRUCTION delays & problems ! Caramba !

  3. glad you have learned to deal with the frustration of day to day dealings in c.r…i have dealt with the banks as well there even though my tica wife has an account it is still a nightmare. they just don’t see why people get upset about all the run around just to do a little banking…they also are not multi-taskers at all or inclined to resolve minor issues on their own….anyways, pura vida Wanda…

  4. Ran into a lot of issues when my husband tried to open an account at a bank when we were there in July. We are moving there in a few weeks and will attempt to try again. Trying to be mentally prepared. Thank you for this video.

  5. Eso es lo que pasa, el maldito gobierno al poner tantos requisitos estúpidos y con funcionarios ineficientes lo que hace es alejar la inversión extranjera,
    Y la economía nacional se va para el carajo

  6. Thank you, Wanda. Although we are just beginning our own personal Costa Rica adventure, I am sure there will be times when our patience will wear thin. We are fortunate to have your videos to help us with the transition from what we expect while in the US and what to expect while in CR.

  7. Did you establish a relationship with your Banker? And what bank are you dealing with?
    I’m not there yet but I understand you need to establish a relationship with one agent , works best.

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