Living Around Wildlife in Costa Rica

Living Around Wildlife in Costa Rica

Wildlife in Costa Rica

If you like nature and wildlife, Costa Rica is an amazing place to live. Here’s some information about what it’s like living around wildlife in Nosara, Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Nature Facts
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Living in Costa Rica as an American, what's it like!?

Living in Costa Rica as an American – TRIAL Costa Rica

In this weeks episode of TRIAL Costa Rica – Know Before You Go, Adam sits down with Justin DeBoom as they discuss all things Travel, Relocation, Inspiration And Living in Costa Rica with a focus today on Costa Rica’s beach, party town of Jaco!

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Justin first came to Costa Rica in 2004 with some friends. Being from Florida, it was an easy trip and after that first trip he started coming back a few times a year. 12 years ago In 2009, he closed down his business in the States and decided to move to Costa Rica and learn Spanish for a year. Over a decade later he’s still here… He is Costa Rican Vacations resident fishing expert and lives with his wife in the beach of Jaco with their newly born son.

If you are looking to relocate to Costa Rica this is the channel for you!

To know more about Justin click here: http://bit.ly/Justin-TrialCR
You can reach out to him directly at justindeboom@namutravel.com

0:45 Justin’s Intro
2:15 What’s it like living in Costa Rica and Jaco!?

3:10 Did you move straight down to Jaco?
4:30 What made you relocate to Costa Rica?
5:40 What specifically did you go to Jaco? What can you do there?
6:20 What are the main difference between the key beach location sin Costa Rica?
7:45 The importance of infrastructure where you live
8:45 What are the expat communities like in the regions you have lived in?
10:00 Do you think Jaco’s reputation has affected people’s opinion about the town?

11:45 What advice would you give to someone looking to relocate to Costa Rica?
13:00 Monthly rentals in Costa Rica, what are the costs?
15:00 Whats the cost of living in Costa Rica? Is there a difference between different areas?
16:45 Are there good medical facilities in and around Jaco?

17:55 How many years did you rent before buying in Costa Rica?
19:25 How safe is Jaco?
21:00 Whats it like living as an American in Costa Rica?
22:25 What are your tips for moving down to Costa Rica?
24:30 How long did it take you to get used to Costa Rica culture?

25:35 How’s life changed for you as a new father? Has it changed your opinion about living here?
26:30 You would recommend Costa Rica for families and or couples?
28:00 What would you tell yourself 12 years ago now, before you left for Costa Rica?

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Presented by Adam Baker
Produced by Tempest Pictures


  1. Or just don’t. I moved to u.s.a from Costa Rica because tourists make videos like these and people go buy property and that drives prices up for locals. Go visit please do really but don’t make Costa Rica like your Hawaii where it’s impossible for locals to make a living

  2. Instead of cliche stuff or how great life is and painting the perfect picture, why not go straight to the wife and how good she is or how crappy the pay is? I mean I want a comparison and contrast discussion the next time.

  3. Thanks for the very informative video Adam and Justin. My friend Carl and I had the pleasure of meeting Justin and his beautiful wife a year ago February at the gorgeous Villa Calitas for the sunset . Hope to get back to Jaco this coming Winter depending on the covid situation , Cheers 🥂 guys .

  4. Hi! I’m a musician looking to set up a mini tour down in Costa Rica sometime in the winter months. Can you suggest an area that would appreciate original music?

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