Living In A School Bus in Costa Rica // a day in the life

Living In A School Bus in Costa Rica // a day in the life

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❌Top10 COMMANDMENTS for Living in CostaRica – ExPat Life, Relocate, Retire, Move, Live Abroad

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If you plan on living in Costa Rica, these are it- The Ten Commandments for Living in Costa Rica. You follow these and your life living abroad in Costa Rica will be a slice of paradise. Thinking your the exception to the RULE (although you could be) could have you leaving Costa Rica broke with your tail between your legs. So it is written…. lol
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One just doesn’t move to Costa Rica. Spin the globe, close your eyes, and put your finger down. Living in Costa Rica. Retiring in Costa Rica. Starting a business in Costa Rica. Living the ‘Pura Vida’ in Costa Rica, takes preparation, homework and due diligence. I have hundreds of stories from folks who didn’t make it, didn’t listen, thought they were the exception to the rules of living in Costa Rica but sadly, most learned the hard way, they were not. You can laugh at these ‘Ten Commandments for Living in Costa Rica’. You can shake your head at these, ‘Ten Commandments for Living in Costa Rica.’ You can disbelieve these, ’10 Commandments for Living in Costa Rica’. BUT you better pay attention to them because trust me, the likelihood that YOU are the exception is between nil and none. OK, that’s a little dramatic, obviously there’s exceptions. Like the original, sometimes you just got to kill a fool….. lol. But these should at least be stored in the hard drive in the back of your head. Before you even consider Costa Rica you need to evaluate yourself, how is your mental attitude. ARe you a type-A personality. Can I adjust and adapt easily. Am I quick to fly off the handle. How do I deal with never-ending bueracracy. And you need to test drive Costa Rica first by living in Costa Rica for six to nine months. That way you will get an idea if Costa Rica and YOU are compatible. It’s important, trust me.
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How do you… transfer as a single person? How do you master your banking options before moving to Costa Rica? How do you move to Costa Rica and live the Pura Vida lifestyle. Costa Rica is a top destingation for expats in Central America. International living is a great experience. Anytime you move to a new country, your broaden your horizons. And what a travel adventure. But what about shipping. Should you ship all your household goods, bet a container or just chuck it all and bring a few suitcases and start over? You know you can just ‘rent’ a little space in a container (a palette)? Costa Rica is going to provide the freedom from the hampster wheel way of life. Costa Rica is a lifesyle but you can start a business here without being a resident of Costa Rica. Do you, follow your dream, live your most authentic self. Detox, live healthy, go on an adventure, vlog about it, bring your kids, or not but what a great place to raise a family. Costa Rica is a beautiful country.

Costa Rica, How to re-locate to Costa Rica? Pura vida life. Central America provides a lot of opportunity for any expat gringo looking for a change. Expat Life, how to expat live in Costa Rica on the cheap. Budget travel/living is very possible in Costa Rica. You can rent in Costa Rica before deciding if you want to buy something. Travel Costa Rica NOW recommends renting, renting, renting. Why? Watch the above video- ‘Top10 COMMANDMENTS for Living in CostaRica – ExPat Life, Relocate, Retire, Move, Live Abroad’ for the answers.
Costa Rica is not for everyone. But find out if it’s good for you. This video is a great ‘base’ for when you do decide to make the move to Costa Rica. Whether retiring in Costa Rica. Starting a business in Costa Rica. And the BEST option of all, living a more simple life in Costa Rica. Good luck and hope to see you down in Costa Rica soon. pura vida


  1. As an ad for this agency, I’ll not use your services. I think you need to change your kind of work &/or just get the "F" out of Costa Rica. FYI – I am a "white" American born & raised in So. Cal.,with mixed genetics & I do not think I am an "exception" to any rule. Only been outside of the lower 48 to visit Baja, CA Mexico. Mostly San Felipe. San Felipe will always be remembered by me as one of the BEST places to vacation & make friends with the locals.
    When in Rome…. as they say.

    Obviously this guy thinks he is the ceaser of the world & in my opinion he NEEDS a much longer & more aggresive lesson in attitude adjustment with emphasis on common courtesy towards others. Bottom line, I really don’t like this guy & never will.

  2. Very true! I’ve had my share of experiences with lawyers wanting some “chorizo” for something you’ve already paid for…

  3. Another XPat now an expert on CR. I’ve been going there since the early 80s. This is old news and really just common sense anywhere in the world. The people you want to stay away from are the know it all gringos in Latin America. They are not liked or trusted by the locals or those of us who know how things work there and we keep it to ourselves. You’re right about one thing, nobody from any country cares about how foreigners think.

  4. omg "just because somebody is white or from where you are from …. there are not necessary your friend" This is extremely racist wow I know what you wanted to say but read it again its a racist statement. This implies that if he is black you are not gonna trust him so there is no warning necessary. OMG

  5. I agree with some commandmebts but not all of them of course people can find their couple in any otber part of the world as well in CR. Evrybody is different you can not generalized about marrying in CR . I dont believe we have the same actions priciples and values no no that is not a good point. Ticas are good persons most of us proffessionals good wives helpers in any ways. If you gwt marry to a tica you really want just for thinking but things you loose it. As with any other person in the world.

  6. They are basic things to live in any country; In legal matters, each country is different, but what is the same anywhere is both parties lose and lawyers take everything.
    If you are going to hire in any country; do it according to the law, if don’t do that; you are breaking the law just like an illegal in the US.
    Building in Costa Rica is a hell even for the Ticos, the bureaucracy added to the fact that most of the builders are illegal immigrants from the rest of Central America.
    Marriage? Love? Ticas?
    Most foreigners are looking for a partner in places of fun, what kind of woman do you plan to find there? The other thing is that there is a lot of nationalized foreign women, I know that it is difficult for you to differentiate the country of origin of each girl, for you all are Latin and we are all Latin I know that it is difficult,
    It is like for us to differentiate the people of the US with the Canadians this is hard for us find the difference.
    And in matters of love anywhere in the world loses the one who falls in love.

  7. Now I gotta change it up…was seriously thinking g about building there and including a rental property like bed & breakfast or airbnb🤔

  8. So much yes! I had dreams of buying or building. I’m a chef and brought it all so moving always not so easy. But My lady and I said. No buy, just rent. So much easier and yes cheaper. Gonna sublet to travel around. I love the coast but i don’t surf, thinking Chirripo for a spell, got friends there. Def have roots in the southern zone. I was doing private chef work, then covid and I tore my shoulder again. So at 48 in Dec, I retired. I don’t buy I can last til I’m gone. 3 dogs, 2 cats……lots of chef knives. We good. Love yer vids!

  9. S300,000 to build a home? I can build a house in the us for $100,000 without lifting a finger. Im talking marble counters 3,000 sq ft.

  10. Sorry, I disagree about building. We bought property, built a beautiful home and had a great experience doing it. I am sure it has a lot to do with who builds for you. Just saying

  11. Seriously who is this guy 🙄 I love how a white man can move to a Latin American country and somehow become an authority on how to live out there what a joke!

  12. In Costa Rica is nice country is like seem in security 🇺🇸,

    some place not good and the other is so fantastic place 70percent the area is good people the 30 is care

    is just take information where your vacation and you leave for enjoy the live maximum! Can in the world 🌎 pura vida all people good you welcome Costa Rica 🇨🇷

    Maybe he don’t have money for buy a house 😅 in Costa Rica 🇨🇷

  13. I’m tica and I understood the practical nature of this video, I also love that the warnings have to do with us having great legal protection from our legal system! At the end, it is our country

  14. I used to live in Costa Rica but moved to Panama (nearly 20 years now and married my lawyer of all things). Your advice is spot on and not just for Costa Rica… Try most of Latin America. And your advice about being wary of other gringos…. Legend.

  15. I am glad they stick together and respect the women. Haha. And if I build I am going to have patience and build the nicest place I can. I see this all very differently than the creator but thanks for your opinion.

  16. I was recently in Costa Rica and won’t be back. The infastructure was the pits particularly the roads around Nosara and Samara. I nearly buried myself in the potholes riding my quad bike or choked on the dust from other vehicles. There are few street signs only landmarks for navigating, the food was nothing special and our beaches are still the best. Pura vida Australia.

  17. Everything he said is bullshitttt I have sooo many good stories,also look how Costa Rica is doing with what the world ,is having problems with cov19,for sure this guy has issues

  18. Shut up. This is the most biased bullshit ever. Thousands of foreigners live happily in Costa Rica. What’s the point ? Or else leave already you jackass

  19. I can see how some locals may be offended, especially with generalized comments but it’s two different perspectives. This is from a foreigner perspective vs the protected class (locals) perspective. I don’t know if he’s bias but he appears to just be transparent. As someone who has been burned badly, I completely agree with not marrying below your socio-economic level. You can’t just trust that someone is a professional, the girl I married was graduating as an engineer and just found a job at the electrical company but after marriage, it became "You’re the man so you’re provider". I decided to be "fair" and give someone a chance and paid I for it. I think that finding a partner with financial compatibility is just as important as spiritual compatibility. Money management and financial planning is so important when the sums are large vs small. People tend to only see things from their own perspective and therefore get offended, but put yourself in the foreigners shoes and imagine losing your shirt just because of ignorance.

  20. first 2 minites are a waste. WAY too many interuptive ads. He says "don’t get involved in any legal matters, NO lawyers"(7:50) (I’ve shortened that some) & then not much later he says "get a lawyer, advice of"(9:04)(9:36). From the things he says, he may as well have used those first two min. screaming about how he hates ticos & Costa Rica(along with other gringos)
    I’d like to know how long he was in Costa Rica, how badly he got his drunk ass whipped, was his visa stolen & where did he move to after Costa Rica. Then maybe I’d like to learn if he is really the assfucked jerk he sounds like, BIG MAYBE. This guy sounds like one of the biggest crybaby of a spoiled brat you could ever imagine. I can imagine him mouthing off on his drunken stumble home & think I’d have helped the ticos whoop his ass but good. This whinner would never make it as a friend of mine without a MAJOR attitude adjustment. I think he’s lucky that he hasn’t had his face destroyed & that he can still afford a new/clean T-shirt.

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