Living in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Jamaica 🇯🇲 Growing Up in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Jamaica 🇯🇲 Growing Up in Costa Rica

#livingincostarica #expatsincostarica #Jamaica Ramoy is from Jamaica. His dad brought him to Costa Rica about in the 2000’s in hopes of a better future. Ramoy did not know Spanish. Did Ramoy ever suffer discrimination in Costa Rica? How was the schools? Does he have his residency? What’s Ramoy’s future plans? He does work in Nayara, one of the BEST hotels, not only in Costa Rica but the world…. really. Is skateboarding in his future? Basically, yo, michael alan from Travel Costa Rica NOW shoots the shit with Ramoy from Jamaica and how he has adapted to life in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is right for Ramoy,,, but is it right for YOU?

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Making the move to Costa Rica, live in Costa Rica can be quite the adventure, possibly stressful but definitely an adventure. Nothing can be more annoying, frustrating than learning things the hard way because you really don’t understand how it is in Costa Rica, especially in the gringo community. The trick is to try and not make too big of mistakes the first year or two you are living in Costa Rica. For example, gringo pricing, which is a real thing, happens to just about everyone who makes the move, even when they’ve done the research, go figure. But eventually we all learn. 2 things I recommend you don’t do the first two years of living in Costa Rica is buy property and jump into getting your residency, especially when you don’t even know you will really like living abroad, overseas, international living in Costa Rica. So in general those are two good rules to follow. Yes, obviously there are exceptions but that doesn’t mean you are one of them. Another general rule is to not jump into a small business that you really had no intention of getting into in the first place. But friends here have a way of separating gringos, expat community, from their money. Pick your friends wisely in Costa Rica. Wait to start that business. Observe your surroundings and the people in them before making fast friends with anyone in Costa Rica.

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Honest Cost of Living in Costa Rica (Our Monthly Expenses)

In this video we share with you our HONEST monthly expenses in Costa Rica! Is this amount more or less than what you expected? 🫢
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0:00 Intro
1:10 Rent
2:57 Internet, Electricity & Water
4:53 Groceries
5:57 Restaurants
6:35 Cat & Dog Food
7:21 Gasoline
8:34 Phone Data & Subscriptions
9:35 Health Insurance
9:52 Taxes
10:43 Maintenance Fees
12:57 Conclusion

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  1. Hi, I’m from India and have been married to a tica for the past 9yrs , we just came to Costa Rica for some months.. I don’t like the difference in product prices here in different super market as the government has not placed a mandatory MRP (maximum retail price) for any of the products , the same products sell for different prices at different stores .. and I’m talking about the daily essentials !!

  2. Saludos!
    As a local who has property for rent, a cabin with services and big land in it, for 200 USD, it doesn’t sound like business, perhaps the owner is making exception or it really is faaaar away, anyways congratulations!
    Marchamo at 25? Really?

  3. You can live here for much less if you do not dine out so much, own animals, and live on a bus route with half hour service. With Whatsapp and Messenger you don’t even need to use your phone. You don’t need the $70 per month for online gatherings. There are so many fees mentioned here that are not necessary, we live on less than $1,000 per month.

  4. Costa Rica is a captured country. It’s been captured by the modern day conquistadors. They’ve driven up the land prices food prices the cost of everything it’s made it incredibly difficult for the local people to survive. It’s actually distortion. A place for people to go to escape reality they created

  5. As a Canadian living in Costa Rica and married to a Costa Rican woman, my wife does not allow me to go shopping anywhere that things are for sale without price tags. If it is necessary to ask what the price is, my face makes the price higher for me. This most definitely includes farmers’ markets.

  6. Is there a house tour that you’ve done? My, wife and dog are interested in moving there for a year and would love to understand what areas we should consider

  7. Spot on with the rent stuff… 400-500 is maximum anybody should pay for rent in costa rica. If you are paying more you are harming the economy and encouraging rich tourists to come in and make it impossible for locals to live. Locals pay 200 ish for rent but they also don’t have luxury items like AC and full kitchens etc. If you want the works you will pay closer to the $500 mark.

  8. Costa Rica is expensive AF but there are a lot of ways to lower expenses, like shopping at Pali, cooking your own food, buying a cheap and reliable car; a 4wd is great and will let you explore all of CR but obviously CR is not all jungle so a car like a Corolla will get the job done. Gas is still expensive regardless but we are used to it

    Living abroad is as expensive as you want it to be, but obviously minimizing costs come with experience living in the country

  9. What CR bank should we consider using once we move? Our rentista residency is requiring a monthly deposit of $2500 per month in a CR account. How do you move money into that account Wire transfer?
    Great vids! Thanks for all the info.

  10. My two older brothers retired there a few years ago, one in Playa Grande the other in Samara both complain about how much prices have gone up in just those three years. I spent 6 months there in 2021 and left to save money during the high season, I went to Medellin based on a recommendation from some friends I had met and never went back. Costa Rica was nice but it lacks just about everything I would like access to especially food diversity and entertainment. That is one of my brothers biggest complaints it’s either the same old local Casado meals or very expensive restaurants in the tourist area’s where they live. Colombia is dirt cheap, beautiful and just as tropical although it is lacking on the beaches throughout most of it’s coastal regions. Whatever kind of food your are in the mood for you can find in Medellin and a beer at the bars costs between .50 and a buck unless your in a high end tourist area. I enjoyed my time in Costa Rica but I couldn’t live there.

  11. Man that car tax is high. I feel like you might consider doing a high-ticket option for your course that includes, say, six 1 hour consultancy calls that can be used to ask specific bespoke questions. Or a Voxer add on for 6 months access with reasonable voice note access to ask your specific questions as you go through the move. Or maybe instead of a public offering, it’s an upsell to those on your email list after they’ve been through your course and are REALLY committed to the move but feel nervous. Many different options I can see to make that dream tiny home a reality sooner and to offer deeper support for your people ☺️

  12. Do you have any examples of how foreigners can make a living there? I lived in CR in one of the many sustainable communities as a volunteer for a few months and it was SO amazing… But I couldn’t really see a future staying there that could be sustained by the local economy. Are you guys planning to make money in any other way than YouTube/exterior means? like will you be involved in the local economy? Or is the plan just to get off grid and live simply as you can?

    Sweet videos by the way thanks!

    PS: I am an architect a builder and would love to come help build a little cabin or treehouse on your land if you ever have the time and space for such a project. (maybe you want help with your first little cabin or maybe you’ve already got it all figured out)

  13. hello! i’ve been watching your videos lately. Its interesting and full of information. Maybe you can make a video how to process a permanent residency in costa rica too! that would be a great content. thankss!

  14. Less than expected😮 Love Costa Rica so much! Not a day passes that I don’t think of that beautiful country. You two are living my dream! Tuanis🙌🏼🤙🏼🇨🇷

  15. Hey y’all. I’m currently in San Antonio Texas and thinking seriously about coming to Costa Rica to live out my life. I’m 71 years old.
    Thank you for all the good information btw.
    What is your elevation where you live? I have some breathing issues so lower elevations are better for me.
    Thank you again for your generous giving of great information

  16. Ciao ragazzi, prossimamente mi trasferirò in Costa Rica, ho 2 gatti e quando arriverò affitterò un alloggio nella provincia di Limon, possibilmente in una zona sicura…
    … voi che link avete usato per cercare l’alloggio?
    Purtroppo in Encuentra vi sono pochi alloggi pet friendly a prezzi decenti… il mio budget mensile, per me e i miei 2 felini è di 1400$…
    Secondo voi qual’è il prezzo massimo che dovrei spendere per l’alloggio?
    P.S. sono Vegano quindi se prendo una casa con possibilità di tenere un orto potrei abbattere i prezzi del cibo!

  17. Wow im blown away well i known that i am very Budgety but that i and my girlfriend are spending 300€ less in Germany is crazy in my mind because I thought Germany was freaking expensive (well let’s hope I didn’t speak to early winter is coming 😅 )

  18. Wow im blown away well i known that i am very Budgety but that i and my girlfriend are spending 300€ less in Germany is crazy in my mind because I thought Germany was freaking expensive (well let’s hope I didn’t speak to early winter is coming 😅 )

  19. To list all monthly spendings is a good reflection and the first step to optimize. I didn’t expect you guys spending so much but after your explanation it’s much clearer. Thanks for sharing these insights. Can’t wait to see you guys building the tiny house.

  20. My hubs and I will be traveling to Costa Rica, Philippines, Puerto Vallarta, and Thailand for 3 months each. We will then choose our Retirement destination. I can’t wait!

  21. Nine year resident of CR…I gave up my car..l found that the Dec Ins was costly..Also you neglected to mention yearly registration ( RTV)..Not only is it required, some people must travel a long way to get the inspection and tags..Roads are hell on vehicles here… Consensus here is it cost $200 per month to own and maintain a car..More if you have difficulty finding a qualified mechanic…Gringo pricing is real..Your other info is spot on..l find that avoiding Imported foodstuffs greatly reduces my grocery bill…

  22. I have lived here since 1990. I will agree there is a local price and GRINGO price. The learning curb and mistakes. I have also became a citizen of CR. My Espanol is passable. I our household is 3 plus 3 rescue dogs. My expenses run $1800/ month as well. No mortgage, no car( I use bus and Uber) now live in San Jose more for the convince. I had to return and work in the states for a time before I could fully retire . You as a young couple may also have to do that as well. I don’t know how you can do it though you tube here with enough content. Good luck and enjoy I hope your dream develops and becomes a reality.

  23. Thanks for sharing! Nice to see nomads that aren’t in either in Thailand on Bali. I lived in Costa Rica for 3 months in 2021 and paid $600/month for an Airbnb in Puerto Viejo. Really beautiful country but I did find it to be pretty expensive there, especially when compared to the neighboring Central American countries. Glad to see you are living your best life 🎉

  24. Great video. I think where you are is more about learning curve and less about mistakes. I can’t emphasize how important it is to do your due diligence when it comes to buying a car. It made more sense for D and I to buy a cheap, new car versus gambling on a used car. We ended up driving 1600 miles for the whole year, as most of the things we do are walking distance. And finally, Uber is great in a pinch as it is really cheap compared to the rest of the world. Pura Vida!

  25. You guys are really quite basic and remote however. A normal family with 2 kids, cars, rent, and private schools (the norm for foreigners) is going to be $5000/month +.

  26. Thank you for such a beautiful video. I am looking for a place in CR currently and would love to know if your cabin is going to be up for rent? If so can you please put me in contact with the owner? Thank you so much.

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