Living in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Sunday in La Fortuna Learn the In's and Out's of Life in Costa Rica FREE!

Living in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Sunday in La Fortuna Learn the In's and Out's of Life in Costa Rica FREE!

#livinginCostaRica #CostaRicalife #talkwithmichaelalan ‘Living in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Sunday in La Fortuna Learn the In’s and Out’s of Life in Costa Rica FREE!’ michael alan (me) has lived in La Fortuna Costa Rica for 15 years as an expat from the United States. For the last few years on most Sunday’s at 9:00 (mas o menos) I have my cheat day breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe. I have met literally hundreds of folks just like you and discussed living in Costa Rica, life in Costa Rica as an expat. The in’s and out’s of living abroad in another country. I have shared secrets, hacks, you name it, I can give you the skinny on whatever as it pertains to living in Costa Rica as an expat. Residency tips, where to live, good/honest real estate agents, car salesman that you can actually trust, lawyers. I know things and I don’t mind sharing them. One of my favorite things about having a YouTube Channel- Travel Costa Rica NOW, is that I get to meet YOU. I am just as excited to meet you and hear your stories. It’s fun chillin’, eating pancakes and bacon and shooting the shit. Sunday’s are great. Normally, I have to schedule something to meet up but Sunday’s I am almost always there around 9 and whoever shows up, shows up, I am there regardless. ‘Living in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Sunday in La Fortuna Learn the In’s and Out’s of Life in Costa Rica FREE!’

Living in Costa Rica is great, the beauty, the people and the simple life. Costa Rica life in general is much more laid back than in the United States, Canada, England, Germany and places like that. Costa Rica has been one of the top destinations for expats and gringos from all over the world. La Fortuna is the home of the Arenal Volcano. Living abroad takes some planning and homework but is very doable as there are many expat communities around the country. Residency can be difficult to get for some folks but still there are many options available if you are trying to become a resident. Where to live in Costa Rica is one of the top questions people ask me. Finding a lawyer isn’t hard, finding an honest/good lawyer is difficult. michael alan has breakfast at the Rainforest CAfe almost every Sunday. real estate agent,living overseas,international living,Travel Costa Rica NOW,best Costa Rica information, relocation tour, Costa Rica info, gringo life. Free info. ins and outs. Breakfast with michael alan every Sunday at 9. Showing you inside Costa Rica is what Travel Costa Rica NOW is all about.

Travel Costa Rica NOW is a travel agency. Whether you want to vacation in Costa Rica or live in Costa Rica- GO to http://TravelCostaRicaNOW.com FILL OUT the 4-minute form and we will see what we can do to help you. Travel Costa Rica NOW is like you having BEST friends who live in Costa Rica, who know Costa Rica, totally hooking up your Costa Rica vacation.

Comments/Questions, thinking about moving to Costa Rica- info@travelcostaricanow.com Hope to hear from you soon. pura vida.

Here’ just some of the areas gringos eat pancakes and bacon on Sunday’s and buy real estate, beach properties, property, houses, land and businesses in Costa Rica- playa, La Fortuna, Nuevo Arenal, El Castillo, Tiliran, San Ramon, Grecia, Atenas, Tamarindo, Samara, Nosara, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Montezuma, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Uvita, the Osa Peninsula, the areas outside San Jose- Escazu, Santa Ana, Heredia. This is the short list of areas gringos buy real estate in Costa Rica. The BEST places are usually ‘just’ outside the places I just mentioned… lol.

I hope you ENjoYed this video, ‘Living in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Sunday in La Fortuna Learn the In’s and Out’s of Life in Costa Rica FREE!’ and hope to see you in Costa Rica very soon. From all of us at Travel Costa Rica NOW.com Pura Vida


  1. Hey Michael, coming your way. Hopefully you’ll have breakfast this Sunday at Rain Forest and we will see you there. M & K ❤

  2. Hello & enjoy your breakfast! Is that Choco place still closed, it was when we visited last month? What do you normally eat on a daily basis if this is a cheat meal?

  3. So they have seen you for multiple weeks/years and still act like they don’t know you at all? I wouldn’t expect them to roll out the red carpet, but thats strange behavior.

  4. Michael I’ve been following you since like 2015. Moved here September 2017. Been here ever since finally coming to La Fortuna for the first time most likely very soon. Maybe will bump into ya

  5. I will be hitting the Rainforest Cafe the next time I am in town, for sure, but unfortunately it won’t be on a Sunday morning.

  6. Hey mike love all the videos, we will be in La Fortuna from the 24th to the morning of the 27th we are getting married 🤘🤵🏻👰🏻‍♀️, we will for sure check out that cafe. Pura Vida

  7. Well you sold me on it! Those pancakes look wonderful. LOL I was in La Fortuna on Monday. Might visit again soon. We’ll definitely have to check out that cafe.

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