Living In Costa Rica – How Expat Friendly Is Costa Rica Really ?? Here's The Truth!

Living In Costa Rica – How Expat Friendly Is Costa Rica Really ?? Here's The Truth!

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Living In Costa Rica – How Expat Friendly Is Costa Rica Really ?? Here’s The Truth!

Dreaming about leaving the country you currently live in?
Are you researching info about optional countries and Costa Rica is on that list?

Covid has changed a lot all around the world, and with my video, I would like to highlight how expat friendly Costa Rica is and why.

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Living In Costa Rica – How Expat Friendly Is Costa Rica

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  1. We thinking to move to Atlanta or Rosca rica .. I have 10 year olds daughter. Do you know where best for school? Love your blogs. Xx

  2. Im moving to Costa Rica once i graduate to start teaching! im super excited but nervous because im moving completely on my own across the county. Any tips?

  3. Do you know where in Nicoya Peninsula has a community that non-Spanish speaker can survive better? I am considering retirement in Costa Rica, but very concerned about my ability to communicate in Spanish (I don’t know Spanish at all)

  4. do you know a good place I can star to find a trustworthy lawyer to help me become an expat in Costa Rica?

  5. What’s your connection with Costa Rica? or do you have a specific question, let me know below 🙂P.S. 📚 Get a Copy of my E-BOOK ‘7 Steps To Move To Costa Rica’.
    🙏🏻Thanks for watching and your thumb up & and share if you like the video!!! x Muriël🙋

  6. We are looking for a place to spend January or February. We would like to be close to the beach. Where should we look?

  7. I think if you could create a perfect video it would be a video explaining the basic cost of living there with details of the cost of rent and an idea of ​​the cost to create a house as your property. How much does the food cost, such as milk, fish, chicken meat, rice, potatoes, etc.? How much is the electricity bill, the water. How much does a car cost. Make a list of all the details, make a great video since you can’t find one like that. And how a foreigner can earn a living there. then create more content, on an adventure with animals, talk about how
    How perfect your life have been there ect, and it is difficult to find a woman there ?

  8. Hi Muriel, thanks for the video! I’m looking to relocate to Costa Rica for 90 days at the beginning of May. I’m an online working professional who needs a good/reliable internet connection. I’d like to rent a small place 1 bedroom place on the cheaper side and I’d like to be close by to a good hospital in case something were to happen to me. Based off of what I’m looking for, I wanted to ask your opinion on the best area for me to spend my time/money in. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  9. Vacation is great, to purchase a land or property need to get in touch with a trusty company or person, lawyer,. Look for the pro and bad; as in everywhere need you to have intuition . 30 years ago was almost a Paradise however people from some neighboring countries have been moving and brought crime and drugs. Just look for the nice and safe areas

  10. Thanks for your channel. I’m from Australia and like the idea to live in Costa Rica! I have a good job in IT industry and was thinking to move there to work and live!

  11. I hear that Costa Rica extended the visas during Covid, which must have come in very handy for those that were used to doing the border runs.
    We have been living in Nicaragua since the start of the pandemic. Costa Rica was supposed to be next on our list, so it’s good to get some insight into this beautiful country. I love where you decided to film this – so lush and green and it seems like the people that pass you on the street are quite friendly as well 😀

  12. Thank you for this helpful video. Do you have to do a covid test when you do the visa run in Panama or Nicaragua?

  13. Hi Guys!.. my wife n I r looking to at least live in Costia Rica six mnths a yr, not sure if we wana move full time or not because it seems when people get to old they always come home🇨🇦 because of health. My wife is dual citizenship of USA/ CANADIAN I’m a CANADIAN we have income from USA pension n Canada we have 7 digits in funds. Do u have a email or phone numbers to contact THANKS CHEERS TIM&CAROL!.✌ oh were also Harley riders r there motorcycle dealers ships there?

  14. Hey Muriel, I’ve been wondering about the process of becoming a resident and recently I read about the need for us to prove we have all the required vaccines. I dont have covid in mind. Can you shed some light onto it? How was your experience in that matter?

  15. Great info. Thank you. Did you make the video as mentioned concerning kids and school? Very interested in this topic as that would be the deciding factor. Thanks again

  16. What an amazing video. For us the big question will be affordability. Two kids. One is 8 and one is turning 3. Are there english schools? Are they affordable? Is housing expensive? In terms of dollars how much are we looking at to survive as a family of 4?

  17. I have been scoring the internet for info. My soul needs Costa Rica. I have dreams that I’m there 😊

  18. Hi Muriel! This is the first video I see of you, but I loved it, thank you!!! Being in Nicoya Peninsula, where do you go to the doctor? Do you think there would be a market for a (good) homeopath? 🙂

  19. Hi
    In Jan we are thinking to go see properties in Alajuelo. One of my concerns is education. I have a 7 month old.
    Thank you.

  20. My maternal grandmother was Costa Rican. I was born next door in Panama. Seems like Costa Rica may even be a better option for retirement. What’s your take?

  21. I am thinking of moving from South Africa while I work remotely in the U.S. I am a little hesitant since I will be making the move alone as a 28yo female. Your video has really helped i.t.o getting some good "real" information. Thanks for the video! It has helped me decide to make the move and give it a go.

  22. Thank you for the refreshing and positive view of Costa Rica! I’m 52 and single and starting to think about where I would like to retire abroad. Costa Rica was on my list although I’ve never been there. My plan is to start vacationing in some of the places I’m considering, over the next few years, in order to help make my final decision. I subscribed to your channel and am looking forward to watching more of your videos. 😃

  23. I am 77 and thinking Puerto Rico as a US citizen and am looking to rent a apartment for around $350 where I do not need a car. and live on $ 1,300 a month. My needs are small, is that possible ?

  24. Do you need a Visa from Europe is there restrictions such as a criminal record ? Asking for a friend…thankx

  25. I lived in St Kitts in the West Indies for 2 years as an expat and I am looking into eventually moving to Costa Rica to live. I am from the US. I enjoyed your video! Thanks for being so informative.

  26. Hello Muriel. I am Maria from Argentina. I really hope to meet you personally. I am arriving in Santa Teresa next January planning to invest there.

  27. Hey Muriel!! Thank you for the video it is awesome and really informative! I have a question though… If you do not work remotely and would like to live and work in Costa Rica as an ex-pat do you think that’s possible and do you recommend it?
    I work in Hospitality and Costa Rica is full of breathtaking hotels, so I’m considering moving and finding a job there.
    All the best, Francisco!

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