Living in Costa Rica – My summary after 15 years here!

Living in Costa Rica - My summary after 15 years here!

Living in Costa Rica – My summary after 15 years here!

Living in Costa Rica – My summary after 15 years in the country.

In this 10th episode of TRIAL Costa Rica Adam talks about his own experience of living in Costa Rica and highlights some of the tips from the last 10 episodes!
Originally from Devon, in South-West England, Adam has lived and worked in Costa Rica since 2006, following his graduation from Plymouth University studying Photo-media & Design Communication.
He has always aspired to travel and document his experiences on film.
This become a reality shortly after starting with the Namu Travel Group back in 2008 where he began to cover Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama as a creative director. He is based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Explore more on living in Costa Rica: https://bit.ly/trial-cr-ep10
To get in touch with Adam directly: adambaker@namutravel.com

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0:25 Introduction
1:20 If you are relocating to Costa Rica – visit first. Tourist Visa info
3:30 The costs of living in Costa Rica
3:50 Rental costs in Costa Rica
5:05 Grocery costs in Costa Rica
6:15 What’s your average monthly spend in Costa Rica?

6:50 Practice your Spanish, get by in English.
7:25 Embrace Pura Vida, be prepared to be patient!
8:30 Get out and explore! Travel the country.

Presented by Adam Baker
Produced by Tempest Pictures

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  1. I’d love to see this video redone without generic advice for viewers and just YOUR personal summary sharing YOUR personal experiences, opinions and wisdom.

  2. Great tips! I would maybe disagree with your opinion about "learning Spanish". If you only stay at very touristy places you are going to be fine without Spanish. Everywhere else you will be alone. The average Tico doesn’t speak English. Also, your experience will be very different and you’ll never really feel at home here.

  3. Good videos but after watching a few, look into getting a new mic 🙂 the audio need to be a little more vibrant and clear. Great videos tho

  4. Hola costa Rica,es caro y hay un poco menos de delincuentes que en otros países,pero es hermoso,y Pura vida??

  5. I think if you could create a perfect video it would be a video explaining the basic cost of living there with details of the cost of rent and an idea of ​​the cost to create a house as your property. How much does the food cost, such as milk, fish, chicken meat, rice, potatoes, etc.? How much is the electricity bill, the water. How much does a car cost. Make a list of all the details, make a great video since you can’t find one like that. And how a foreigner can earn a living there. then create more content, on an adventure with animals, talk about how
    How perfect your life have been there ect, and it is difficult to find a woman there ?

  6. If I stay there for a couple of months, can I manage without a car? using only public transport and private drivers? where would you recommend I look for rent?

  7. Hey mate I strongly recommend you invest in a lapel microphone can get them really cheap now – it will turn your videos into a masterpiece. Thanks for the effort

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