Living in Costa Rica & Raising Kids – 4 Simple Ideas

Living in Costa Rica & Raising Kids – 4 Simple Ideas

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Many people dream of living in Costa Rica and starting a family here – if you are considering raising kids here, I’d like to give four simple ideas to start out with.

My wife and I are extremely fortunate to have two beautiful boys, Jonas (5) and Daniel (3), who were born in Guanacaste. So far, the boys have enjoyed a spectacular upbringing in a loving culture that cherishes kids.

If you plan on raising kids in Costa Rica, I’d like to give just four simple ideas to think about as you consider whether Costa Rica is the right place for you to become an expat family.

For us, it has been the perfect home – but it is not right for everyone, especially for some kids who are thoroughly accustomed to their way of living, their social scene and the culture of their home country. While parents might dream of moving to Costa Rica, for children it might not be the right fit!

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This is your time to ask anything you’ve been wondering about? Have you been considering moving to Costa Rica, but not sure about Costa Rica’s economy, their rules, or if this is the country for you?

We moved to Costa Rica in November 2013 and we’ve lived and traveled over most of Costa Rica. While we DO NOT KNOW it all…we have a lot of experience to share with you.

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
Allen Rich

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  1. Great videos! We are American expats living permanently in the Czech Republic and want to stay in Costa Rica in January and February 2023. We would like to find a local person who would help us with finding accommodation for maybe three 2-week stays, mostly on the west side. We don’t drive, so we’d need to have conveniences in walking distance or someone to drive us around. Could you recommend someone? I speak some Spanish. Thanks!

  2. So, my family and I are planning on moving to CR for a few months. What areas do you recommend for beginners-:) we’ve been to Tamarindo area and found it expensive. What are your thoughts? Were on low budget but want to explore it for residence option.

  3. Galoper are good trucks but you are correct parts and maintenance is a problem and the bad road conditions do a lot of damage on the suspension.My self Iike a truck that dont look to nice and take me where I need to go and dont have to wory to much about been stolen; is better and safer to look broke my opinion

  4. MY ADVICE after living in CR for 5 years: BEFORE "selling everything & moving", take a break and come to CR for a month or 2. Rent a place in an area you like, and LIVE your normal life – go grocery shopping, do the things you normally do. AFTER 2 months, assess your feelings about living in CR permanently. YOUR "GUT" will tell you – YES or NO.

  5. Allen/Rebecca….. have always enjoyed your video/information on Costa Rica. I subscribe to your channel. I have a question for someone (like me) who would like to live in Costa Rica for a year as a trial. Must have a return ticket to enter Costa Rica…. correct? If you stay for more than 3 months, what do you do with the return ticket? What is your advice on purchasing a return ticket? Do you simply not show up to your return flight or is there another way to do it? Thanks Carlos

  6. Wow! Look at you two go! All those views…you’re gonna have to hire someone to help you! Go Allen n Rebecca! Can’t wait to come down n visit …but it looks like I better hurry up tho b4 all your new recruits buy everything up! Soon…Until then…Lori (runaway)

  7. Starlink satellite internet: from what I’ve heard, Spacex plans to offer service to the whole planet, and the way they are deploying satellites is similar to how a mesh globe would be constructed with hundreds or even thousands of hoops staggered and spaced gradually until the entire globe is covered. The northern areas got the first of the hoops, or orbits, and the equator, where CR is located nearby will probably be some of the last orbits to be covered, but Elon has promised coverage even if a bit watered down, for the entire planet by the end of 2021. My estimate is that they are laying down the orbits for satellite sets a bit sparsely, and will continuously add more closely spaced ones, and service will only improve as time passes and they build up the constellation. I would not underestimate the number of expats from around the world who come to CR looking for a place off the grid where they can enjoy its natural wonders, but at the same time will be thrilled to be able to connect to the world fast and lag free. Also, let’s not underestimate the purchasing will of ticos, who are known for spending generously on technology at the expense of more basic needs.

  8. Upe come from the old colonial Costa Rica (Catholic ) where that people said — Santisima Virgen de Guadalupe , So that upe is the last three words from Gualalupe … Dont saying the long sentence !! Mostly the people in the country sides area use that Upe ! Not in bigger towns because the people there have a bell or noise dogs or security cameras. Who knows !! …hope this help !

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