Living the Good Life in Costa Rica – The Zen of International Living #1

Living the Good Life in Costa Rica – The Zen of International Living #1

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In the first episode of The Zen of International Living, Jessica Ramesh chats to Kathleen Evans about her life in Costa Rica, and her journey to get there.

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COSTA RICA: Monthly Cost Of Living🇨🇷

In this video we’ll break down the average monthly cost of living in costa rica for you guys. We’ll show you the difference in living a lower key lifestyle and also if you are monetarily well off.

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  1. Hey I know you guys are renting, but I wonder if a filter system that could make your water drinkable would save you some money and hassle in the long run?

  2. Lots places 1 bedroom small kitchen area no ac or wifi and cost is 250 u.s not 500 lmao.. people losing there minds.

  3. This was awesome info! We have visited a few times and are planning a move in the coming year or so. Samara will be our starting point and has set the bar for us to explore other beach towns of Guanacaste. 🙂 Thanks and Pura Vida!

  4. Love your videos! Got to have my ac.. lol The AC bill of $120 isn’t high compared to So Cal. Please do more of these tours too of residential opportunities by city? A sampling. Thanks for keeping it real. What about hot showers ? Do you think you’ll be staying on ? We plan to move down after a recon mission.

  5. Have you opened up a Costa Rican bank account ? Maaaannn …the fees when taking money out !! How are you guys handling that or what did you both do as far as when it comes to getting your money out from the ATM?

  6. I am a student of BAK College. The recent paper competition gave me a lot of headaches, and I checked a lot of information. Finally, after reading your article, it suddenly dawned on me that I can still have such an idea. grateful. But I still have some questions, hope you can help me.

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