Looking at ACTUAL Property For Sale in Costa Rica

Looking at ACTUAL Property For Sale in Costa Rica

We look at property for sale in Palmares, Costa Rica. The first property was way overpriced at $40k per 1/4 acre, but the second wasn’t bad. We really want something a little higher elevation which will cost less and be a little cooler.

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  1. I get you can’t blame the guy but your realtor sent you in his direction? that seems like the realtor is not acting in your best interests.

  2. So you paid $500 for a residency card , does that give you permanent residency or just for a certain period of time? $40,000 for a full acre is outrageous to me, $1000-$1500 an acre is more like it. .

  3. Can you get records of what other properties have sold for recently to locals ?
    Definitely a good idea to rent for a while to check things out more.

  4. I hear the weather in Costa Rica is perfect all year round, is that true? I’m in California, its way too hot for me in the summer time. Are you guys planning on living off the grid? When you do finally make the move to Costa Rica, I’d love to see vlog about your life there.

  5. So awesome to see the adventure unfold! Would love to see what you all use to learn a language, your process for that and the outcome.

  6. Hi Mike and Lauren, I’m costarican, to be honest with you land in Costa Rica could be easily that expensive but indeed many people could try to cheat you because you are foreigners, If you need some local help don’t hesitate to write to me.

  7. I am tired of the gringo price gouging. My girlfriend (that was born in CR) and I are looking for a rental before buying. When i call i am given a rental price of $2500 USD !!!! She will then call the same place a few days later. She would talk to them in Spanish. She is given a rental price of $1200 USD. hhm…yea…

  8. are you guys getting excited? I know you haven’t yet found a property that fits yet but I can imagine you are feeling closer than before!

  9. You might try Fluenz for starting out learning Spanish, I have Fluenz French and feel like it is very intuitive as well as using sentence structures you are likely to use early on. Wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t good Spanish language courses in your area for less though.

  10. I’m kinda glad you guys are back in the states, you weren’t posting enough while you were in Costa Rica!! How dare you dial back while on vacation!

  11. I’m just here watching woodworking videos, seeing you get a nasty kickback on a table saw, thinking how I wouldn’t really appreciate getting that kind of hit to the nose, then suddenly you’re just around the corner. Welcome to Costa Rica.
    The "gringo tax" is real, no doubt, but we locals pay way more than we should for everything to start with. Go tool shopping, if you haven’t, a reaction video would be appropriate entertainment.
    Seriously though, if there’s anything too tico for you guys to handle and I can help I’d be happy to. Except for language teaching, just not my thing, but for Spanish I’ve heard duolingo and Pimsleur compliment each other nicely. You’ll need more than a little slang to survive around here though.

  12. I m interested to move to costa rica is there any way I can communicate with you so I can get a better idea about the land cost and construction cost thanks waiting for your responce

  13. Somehow I am really intressed what you are doing but when I have watched your videos 80% feels like waste of time.. not to be insulting but to give feedback. Hole costa rica trip in one video maybe better

  14. also try not to look american when you visit, by speaking Spanish and looking like you’ve been here a while(not asking what city is i the horizon, if you had visited many times you would have known) you can get a way more reasonable price

  15. markets you should go in costa rica:
    Mas x Menos
    Pali (for basic things)
    and Dont go to the automercado is way to expensive

  16. You guys are so adventurous! I definitely think that being conversational will help with driving the price down. At the same time, I encourage you to learn to speak the way the locals do. I lived in El Salvador for 2 years and they way they speak Spanish is very different from Mexico, US, etc. Pick up on the small things they do and those little things will make you seem local a lot quicker.

  17. Wow, this was so fun to watch, thanks for taking us along. Please let us know what you are going to use for learning Spanish. We are trying Rosetta Stone because I thought that was supposed to be the best but so far it doesn’t seem that great. We are now thinking about Udemy (we learned about Udemy from taking your Youtube class). TFS!!

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