Low Cost Dental Tourism Vacation Costa RIca – Teeth Implant & Crowns

Low Cost Dental Tourism Vacation Costa RIca – Teeth Implant & Crowns

Thanking her faith & God for life changing dental vacation trip Charessa shares about the sequence of events relating to her cosmetic & implant dentistry mouth restoration trip. She had single stage dental implants & crowns & bridges. Also root canal. The dental implant center in costa rica provided an all inclusive package that included hotel pickup & drop, dental treatment, dental surgery costa rica and more.


  1. Beautiful smile! The dental surgeon did wonderful work.
    I’m considering dental work in the future, but I’m reticent to go to Costa Rica. I’m leaning toward South Korea.

  2. My U.S dentist told me to never have dental work done in Mexico because of all the screw ups he has seen. My friend had dental work done in Costa Rica . Returned with dental problems, and was told by three U.S dentist that three implants would need to be removed that is how screwed up they are . All of it has to be redone in the U.S. So, did she really save any money by having work done in Costa Rica?

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