Medical Tourism Costa Rica

Medical Tourism Costa Rica

Medical Tourism in Latin America is fast growing due to the close proximity to the USA & many eco-tourism opportunities. Costa Rica is leading the Medical Tourism growth due to high-quality health care, a very less crime rate & western friendly tourism infrastructure. Although most medical facilities are run by the government, there are some high-quality JCI accredited private hospitals in Costa Rica that are leading the medical tourism trend. San Jose, Costa Rica is not only the capital of the country but also the primary medical tourism destination in Costa Rica. Medical vacation, surgery trip, health tourism, Overseas Treatment, medical outsourcing, are all terms that describe medical tourism. Surgery packages that include logistics – hotel, travel, logistics, recovery resort stay & more can save about 60% of the USA medical costs. Dental Tourism or Dental Vacation is one more area where people travel abroad for low-cost treatments. Medical Tourism Facilitates medical treatment in India, Mexico, Belgium, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Guatemala, USA & Costa Rica.

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