(Mini-facelift) Macs Lift Surgery – Plastic Surgeon, Costa Rica

(Mini-facelift) Macs Lift Surgery – Plastic Surgeon, Costa Rica

In this video a leading plastic surgeon from Costa Rica talks about macs face lift surgery. It is also known as s-lift face surgery, soft-lift face surgery and minilift face surgery.

Mini-facelift surgery or the MACS lift is a less invasive facial cosmetic surgery when compared with the traditional face lift surgery (full face lift). MACS lift is also known as minimal access cranial suspension lift and it is performed using local anesthesia.

San Jose, Costa Rica offers an affordable cost of mini facelift surgery. Other than Costa Rica, Mexican cities like Cancun and San Lucas can also be considered for a low cost and quality plastic surgery.

Please click on the above link for more information on Macs lift surgery or mini face lift surgery by plastic surgeon in Costa Rica.

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