Modular Apartment Buildings | Modular Construction Forta PRO

Modular Apartment Buildings | Modular Construction Forta PRO

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Forta offers advanced off-site modular construction with a focus on the medical industry and residential building projects.
We manufacture highly functional modular systems, suitable for the construction and development of buildings of various classifications, including multi-story residential buildings, hotels, medical facilities, clinics and many other applications of construction.
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  1. Two questions :how long it took to construct each flat/block at the factory from the time of order?
    Secondly :how long it took to put all the flats/blocks together at the site?
    Also how long did the additional work take such as installing insulation at the external walls and other interior work? On average of course, unless you have the details.


  2. But where there is a strong wind and unstable weather? The rain is horizontal sometimes in my town. Must be very rainproof.

  3. Hello, How do I be contact with someone to design the biggest project in Africa for modular homes and better living?

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