Modular Buildings Tutorial in Blender 2.92 | Polygon Runway

Modular Buildings Tutorial in Blender 2.92 | Polygon Runway

Let’s use array modifier and some quick randomization technique to quickly create a simple low poly city scape in Blander 2.92
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Download the scene and texture for free on Gumroad:

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Tutorials playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLndvTk6JOzUdgiEawLqGBKmJbH_Ijt9IV

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Isocam Addon: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m642luyqwnnkl6t/isocam.zip?dl=0
To install the Isocam addon, open Blender preferences, go to Addons and click the Install button on the top side to navigate to this zip file. After that just activate the addon with a checkbox.

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  1. At 12:45 change the video playback to 0.5 and mute the audio as well to follow along and keep up. He will not explain anything else after that time.

  2. Some shortcuts give me all these different options. For example pressing ctr + A to apply a modifier will give me so much options to apply. I’m not sure what to choose 🙁

  3. If you’re having issues with the inset to create the windows just follow his tutorial as instructed, alt to select the entire row and select the bevel option instead of the I inset option. You will still get the windows result and a cool geometric shape and effect. Happy blending!

  4. Thanks again for the commentary tut! Quick tip for roofs: there is an end cap feature in the array modifier, which will automatically place an object on top of the building. If the roof objects origin is at the bottom then it will work flawlessly in my experience. For some reason I couldnt get the start cap to work properly, I’m not sure how it calculates the offset.

  5. Help
    When you add array modifier , then the upper part (windows) get duplicated , but in my case both upper and lower parts get duplicated .

  6. 13:38 You can’t do 90° rotations on elliptical buildings, but how about scaling by -1 (reflection) along the X or Y axes to break things up?

    Also, if the buildings were initially circular, you could do rotations first, before squashing them into an elliptical shape.

  7. I struggle with tutorials but i liked this one a lot its a great tutorial video and you’ve now got me thinking about lighting and stuff.

  8. I’m a great follower of your channel. i have recently started learning blender and your tutorials helps me a lot. Thanks Polygon Runway Brother. keep up your good work.

  9. bro shortcut ctr R , and my object not selected and my cut object select all object. time ctr R 2:57

    Please help my question!

  10. Really great tutorial, but at 6:21, I followed everything before correctly but whenever I press "I" it doesn’t make the window shape, it makes all the highlighted squares smaller or bigger all together (if that makes any sense). Any tips?

  11. pretty cool content !
    but my computer cannot achieve the render lmao, or very noisy even with denoiser, i am disapointed.

  12. love ur videos. u always do everything super efficiently by using cool tricks, and u make so complicated models look easy to build

  13. Can someone help please. When i press L it selects the whole row but without the windows. Can anybody tell me why this is happening? 11:39

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