Modular Home from Start to Finish

Modular Home from Start to Finish

http://www.AllAmericanModularLLC.com One of our modular homes, is a ranch style home, manufactured by Skyline in Woodland, California.

$85 per square foot (excludes all onsite costs/construction costs)call 209-744-0400 for more details.

The video shows all phases of the building process – at the factory and on site. Meet our customer and join us at the final walk-through.

Modular and Manufactured Green Homes for California.

13631 Montfort Rd.
Herald, CA 95638
Phone: 209-744-0400


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  1. How much cheaper are modular homes to an on site build?Whereabouts in the building process are you getting the saving by comparison.

  2. I can’t wait to the day I purchase my manufactured home I spoke with someone and they said that you can always upgrade to a larger home and you can use your trailer that you already have to make that upgrade to make it into something great and luxury down the road

  3. where do i go to find costs? it all seems like a great idea, but how do we know what we’re working with when I can’t seem to find on their website, any prices at all.

  4. stick built on concrete foundation acting as you own general contractor you can build it for $0.45 per square foot the rest is their profit (Contractor profit is typically 50%.)

  5. Woooow, I love it! This is the most beautiful modular home I’ve ever seen. I would like to know the total  price and if you deliver to Massachusetts…..Thanks

  6. Great video. I love the introduction as you show the construction crew laying the foundation.
     I think this is a part that’s often overlooked.

  7. What zoning do I have to have in order to put the  modular home in California?  Do I have to change zoning from R1 to M?

  8. me and my husband got one build 2500sf and it was not that high far as in price we love it they are build to last now but they are cheap you can go get a 3 or 4 bedroom homes for last than 80k if I could rate the company I would give them 5stars

  9. If your firm covers both Pennsylvania & Vancouver B.C. you will have a new client. Just firming up some property closings…. I will be in touch.

  10. Hi ! I’m Christy I have been a quadriplegic since I was 18 I’m 39 now. I live in a single wide trailer . Do you make homes for people in a wheelchair ?

  11. I love the green features of your homes. Can you build tiny mobile homes as well with the same features?

  12. Interesting. Here in Germany/Europe, you have to give customers in the construction industries at least 4 – 5 years full warranty – by law. And if there are major (hidden) failures in the construction, this adds up to 15 years and more.

    Thank you for this short video!

    Greats from Dresden, Germany!

  13. Great video for those not familiar with how modular homes works. 
    Would love to chat about the industry sometime if you guys are available. 

  14. I have to agree with Tinker Bell…The dark wood cabinets and everything else that is dark wood doesn’t look to good.  If it were a few shades lighter then it would be nice, in my honest opinion. 

  15. It is just a trailer but they put on a foundation. He says it is down on the ground but there are three a three steps behind him so it is 21 inches above the ground there.

  16. Way too expensive per sq. ft. You can buy a home already on the market for way less. Unless you want to live off the grid it just doesn’t make sense to me.

  17. People should really look into building there own house , it saves probably 50% . Modular homes always seem nice till you learn about structural insulated panels low cost, higher strength, quick build times and high energy savings .

  18. The cost, well our modular home builder in southern Illinois charges $85 sq ft $95 sq ft for basement foundation, everything included turn key. They can make cape cod, ranch and two story styles. If I every get to build my own home this is the option I will go with.

  19. Can you guys build in Nevada? Oh and can you build a separate room, with no interior walls, meant for a dedicated home theater? I really "REALLY" want a dedicated theater room so can you do that???

  20. Realy nice house, but i just need to ask: why do all doors in US and many other countryes open innside ? Im from Norway and all doors here open outside coz of fire safty and its also very hard to kick in a door that opens out. Enyone ??

  21. How much did this home cost to build not including land and foundation cost? Just the actually home we are seeing in the video.

  22. Have you heard about – "Shuzman Awesome Container Homes" (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 built an excellent shipping container home with it. 

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